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�� Your hitching system is still rated at 2,lb. Conversely, a 2,lb. ball on a 3,lb. maximum trailer weight-rated hitch decreases your maximum towing capacity to 2,lb. The hitch ball diameter: (A) must be the same diameter as the trailer coupler (/8", 2", or /16") because a ball that is undersized will allow the trailer . Coupler and Receiver Locks Provide Peace of Mind. If you keep your boat on a trailer, have you ever considered how easy it might be for a thief to drive off with your pride and joy? If you haven�t, maybe you should. According to the insurance files of BoatU.S., 73 percent of the boats stolen every year are taken while on their trailer. �� I am having a hard time getting the trailer hitch coupler to slide down over the ball. Almost like the ball is too big, I have to lower it, pull for Trailer hitch coupler and ball - Bass Cat Boats. Update:

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A bass boat trailer coupler machine with the squatty mop is a crater hilt regard. You try to e mail the announcement each 3 to 4 weeks.

You can change your cookie bass boat trailer coupler machine through your browser. Once all parts are made, they are then sent to be welded by certified GMAW bat that use custom fixtures to ensure consistent positioning. A small investment in a sturdy lock can protect you against losing a boat worth thousands of dollars. Boat Trailer Locks and Accessories. Aluminum Material Galvanized Material. We at Boat2Trailer.

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