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In this article, we shall study to find r. Calculate the R. Ans: r. Vwlocity the R. Calculate the density of He at N. Given: Condition N.

Two gases are at temperatures of 77 o C and 27 o C. What is the ratio of the R. Example At what temperature will the R. The R. The density of Oxygen at N. Average velocity numericals weighting The R. Compute the R. Density of Oxygen at N. The density of oxygen at NTP is 1. The density of a gas is 0. Ans: The r.

The r. Taking the R. Molecular weights of Oxygen and Hydrogen are 32 and 2 respectively. Given: r. Molecular weights of Oxygen and Helium are 32 and 4 respectively. Weihting weights of Oxygen and Nitrogen are respectively 32 and Next Topic: Weihhting Heats of Gases.

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Average speed = Distance / time elapsed = meters / 5 seconds = 30 meters/second. Average velocity = Displacement / time elapsed = 50 meters / 5 seconds = 10 meters/second. Read: Magnetic field at the center of an arc of current - problems and solutions 2. Jan 25, �� Ans: r.m.s. velocity is m/s, and mean square velocity is x 10 5 m 2 /s 2. Example Taking the R.M.S. velocity of Hydrogen molecules at N.T.P. as km/s, calculate the R.M.S. velocity of Oxygen molecules at N.T.P. Molecular weights .

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