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Featured Moomba Boats for Sale | Moomba Wakeboard & Ski Boats | OnlyInboards Moomba boats have a long history of offering great performance and on-water fun at more palpable price points. For the brand has stepped up in a big with by offering a new flagship model, the Makai. It is Moomba�s biggest boat and borrows proprietary tech from big sister Supra, making it a must-see for those needing or wanting a bigger. We have a Moomba Mobius LS - It has been a good boat for us - only one hose has blown on the engine. We have close to hrs on it. Since it is a cross over boat the wakes at slower speeds and 15, 22 OFF aren't the greatest, but it is doable. Live for the life in a Moomba wakeboard boat. Affordable, capable & stylish, these boats offer top performance at a great value. Learn more here.
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If you want an advice, if you surf definitely take the pro ballast option or wathever they call it the biggest fatsac option. For a moomba If you surf all time it's a must. I had a outback and I was really happy with it. Never had big issue in 8years. Several neighbors have mondo's, mojo's and craz Everyone seems happy. I see plenty more bu's and tige have issues on the lake. They are simple boats and it's not always a bad thing! No computer screen, that a pos for me. Less electronic issues with years.

And the only competitor is pretty just Axis since you can't have a MB. And definitely go for a Moomba over axis. Much more quality for the price but that's just a personal thought Pos and cons - very well built for the price - good overall boat - don't expect a crazy pro surf wave but a good resonable wave that all the family can enjoy.

I don't really see cons due to your budget, sure for someone with a 23lsv wakesetter or a G25 moomba are "cheap" boats with no confort and style. But they definitely does the job like you said dealership should be a priority. Nearer the better, try to see if the service is good too.

Really important. Pretty all brand are good at some points, they all gonna "do the job" we expect making. Personal'y I'll take the closest dealer, see if they have few service guys, how they deal with issues and see what brand they're selling Good luck! My buddy has a Mojo with a darn good wave. I've liked Moomba for a long time. Their boats usually give a lot of bang for the buck. Should post this on the Moomba forum ffs. Not sure why you think the Moomba forum is dead?

The Supra forum? But Moomba? Will surf awesome with upgraded ballast no matter what boat you get you will need to upgrade to larger bags, don't even bother with the "pro" version or whatever upgraded ballast they offer. Fit and finish is great, upholstery is holding up great, no rips or tears or stains.

No major Are Nordic Boats Good Quality problems, everything has been minor. Basically my only gripe is the size. Once my buddy bought a 23' I realized just how small my 21' boat is, it's crazy. His handles chop 10x better etc. It's all relative to budget and what priorities you have first? A good dealer should help you sway your decision if you're on the fence about anything. So here is my advice.

Moomba is excellent if weighted properly. I have friends who have moombas and a lot of them complain about the warranty or that they cant get it to surf that easily. Once they have taken the time to add a lot of extra weight its good. Don't count out the suck gate, the nauticurl makes a huge difference. Even on boats that are very expensive with out surf gate. This past weekend two moombas really struggled to get a wake, they didn't have the surf gates and once they added nauticurl it helped.

Now second thought, the dealership here has told us they came out with a new better surf model. Its a lower cost boat too. Its a the Moomba max. Its a big boat as well. You might want to do research on that. From the sound of it it might be my next upgrade. Third thought. I will probably get crap for this. Most boats you can get to be Are Moombas Good Boats 2019 good surf waves, but don't use your hole budget on just the boat. My friends always used the mass production boards, once they tried out the better boards, doomswell, chaos, soulcraft then have been hooked.

Highly recommend you asking about the Moomba max, if the guy is right they took all the errors in the mojo,mondo,xlv and create this one. Take a read on this thread, AutoWake 2. This thread explains how it works and what it does from the lead engineer at Moomba. The new Max is an upsized Helix Are Starcraft Fiberglass Boats Good which is an excellent surf boat in its own right.

If I was in the market for a new boat right now this is definitely worth a test ride. Make sure to see AutoWake 2. Have you looked at adding the GSA surf system to your X2? I think your will be very disappoint going from your X2 to a Moomba. Even going from the x2 to a 14 Mojo would be a huge upgrade! With an emphasis on HUGE! Few Tige dealers up north there. Rock solid surf boats Any new Moomba I would argue would be a higher quality boat compared to your X2.

Simple as that. Last edited by xstarrider; at PM. Originally Posted by davez Like swatguy said. Tige are great cost effective boat too, if you pratically just surf you really should take a look at them. Good boat for the price, more stylish and surf system amazing. Little more expensive then Moomba tho, but definitely worth. Even my Mondo with manual flowsurf and 's in the lockers is killer. Love the boat for the price. Everything I need for a great summer of good surfing!

Look at moomba max. It has potential to embarrass some really expensive boats if wave and wake is main goal. I would definitely consider looking at a tige. The tige Z3 and Z1 are the best surf boats for the price, judging by wave and interior quality. I got to ride behind a Moomba mojo, this weekend. It was really good. It was model.

The wave was excellent, the driving experience was very simple. I like how simple it is compared to the k boats.

Simple ballast, simple cruise control, simple dash. However, I been getting some runs behind a Malibu 25 lsv a buddy has. Nothing I have ridden compares to the wave. It is by far the best I have seen.

I also rode behind enzo, great wake. I think if you get a little older it will be in your budget. Don't count out the Moomba max, Wake tractor 3, and the axis t I have yet to ride behind them but the people in my area with these boats, have some of the best photos of some amazing wakes. Sadly all the wakes are regular side, I ride goofy, so I haven't seen those waves HA. Hey Hunter, Where in WI do you live and which dealer are you thinking of buying from?

If it's Fort Fremont Marine, you will not be disappointed! Moomba's quality have risen dramatically over the past years! I really liked the Mojo for both wakeboarding and surf. The space on the interior didn't even feel like a 20 footer, it felt like a ft boat. Wake was very predictable, smooth transition and clean on the top. I haven't ridden a Max yet, but seen it in person.

It's suppose to be a larger version 23ft of the Helix, so I can't wait to get a pull behind it. Good luck! Seems like a good dealer. Still on the fence but becoming more interested. The only way to know is to test. I know one guy who just brought a new Malibu end of last year listed , got it for He got it bc it was way nicer then supra and Moomba. I was teaching him how to set the boat up and all and perfect the wake, he then realized when I told him about prop rotation, he bought the boat that has the best goofy side, he then later said he could have gotten half the price for a Moomba and be for the correct side he and all his people ride.

Test one out! Also, from what I been told this weekend from many people who own Moomba, is if you have any problems what so ever, the owner is incredibly awesome and hands on and has gone out of his way several times to help people. To make sure that they have a great experience even if the dealerships don't. That right there should tell you a lot about Moomba. Just fill Ballast and go. Definitely the best bow out there for the money. The finish of this boat is by far better then any of the others.

We love our new Moomba Makai we purchased this year!! Such a great boat and experience from Marine Products Pro Shop!! Has more that enough room and storage. We are so happy with this boat and its performance. Loving our new Makai.

Love the fit and finish and working everything is a breeze. Size is perfect to have a few families join our family of 6. Throws out a great surf wave and dialing everything in is very intuitive. Our dealership experience could not have been better. The crew at Marine Products has gone above and beyond! Jeer Oaks and Justin in service have made owning a Moomba a pleasure! This boat has been awesome and throws massive surf waves.

The only downfall to this boat is the instrument screen size. SC could have upgraded the screen like all other boat models. Supra, Malibu, Etc. I have owned a moomba mojo, just sold it and got a Makai. The shop replaced the sensor , no charge, and we were on our way. I've never had a more dependable boat. All of my friends that have other brands a constantly taking their boats in for repairs.

We just broke in the Makai a few weeks ago and it is a dream. Tim Frederiksen. Vinny was awesome! I would recommend seeing him before making a new boat purchase. Hez, Nick and the whole team are great!

Our family is loving our Moomba Makai! In our search for a boat we found it difficult to find something that fit everyones needs in the family Slalom skier, advanced wakeboarder, and beginner kid wake boarders and found that the Moomba line perform very well in all categories! Nicholas P Jun 29, Just bought a new Moomba Makai and I have to say, it is a beast!!! The color scheme is spot on. We got the black cherry flake with red and black gel. The interior is brown and red.

This boat is sexy. Moomba nailed it when they made this boat. My previous boat was a Supra and I loved that boat as well. Made by the same company of course. But after looking at the Moomba and the price, the choice was easy. Salvador M May 08, Looking at the different boat sizes, prices, and functionality we finaly decided to go with the Moomba Makai, yes it's a big boat but when you get our family of 5 and all the other guest that come along it is so roomy and it just works out for us.

We can still spread around and not have to be all bunched up. The boat is beautiful and we hope to have many memorable moments with family and friends. Thank you Gaileys Marine and Moomba boats for making beautiful vessels. Moomba Makai is the perfect surf boat for a large group, with loads of room for the crew, great interior finishing and solid surf wake. For more information, download our full spec sheet below.

Build Yours. Make It Your Own Boat Features Every Moomba is hand-built in Maryville, Tennessee with an industry-leading set of standards and a stable of premium options at your fingertips. Standard Wireless Bluetooth Remote Enjoy the freedom to control your audio entertainment from anywhere on your Makai with the wireless bluetooth remote. Optional Premium Wetsounds Audio Get closer to your favorite music with the Wetsounds Premium Package which includes bow speakers, sub, 10" tower speakers, and syn amps.

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