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Kencraft boats for sale
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Fish Here. Forum FAQ. New Forum Posts. Kencraft boats. View previous topic :: View next topic. What is everyone's opinion of the sea king boats?

Are they a good buy for the money? What about the ride? Thinking about a Has anyone got any bad experiences to tell? Is 2 's enough or would 's be better? I'd like to have a 26' but with fuel going up I may stay in the big 23' class. Oh yeah, I'll be running quite a ways, I gotta likin to stream fishin.

Thanks for your time. I liked them when I went and looked at them a few months ago. I think I liked the old challengers better, but that personal opinion. I looked at the 23' about a month ago at Anglers marine and I thought it was sweet. It had 2 Suzuki hp 4 strokes. That boat can hold up to hp. The only thing I don't like about mine is that it don't have a full transom with a bracket like the 23'. The only thing I didn't like about the 23' was that I can't afford it! Posts: Location: Kill Devil Hills.

One of my good friends has a 21' and loves it. A great boat for the money. Much better fuel milage due to hull design. There are plenty of them out there on the market still under warranty for much less then a new 23 Sea King. You will not get a better boat for the money. It is one of the biggest fishing small boats on the ocean.

I may not be at the fishing grounds as fast as others but, I can fish about any sea in the same rough waters as a 30 ft.. As for engines do not under power, this is a heavy boat. Extra power also saves fuel.. Any or Kencraft owner will recommend at leaast 's.. Miles Kencraft Challenger I heard the 23's ride good. Never riden on one.

Tony you need to call me. I have a simple fix for it. Theres not many short boats that ride good in a chop and I know of some high dollar long ones that don't either. An Angler For Christ. Trim tabs are a must!!! The one I fished on had lbs of sand in the front compartment and it didn't help.

The one thing that did was putting wedges in the motors. You are right about one thing, once you get there it is very stable and fishes great. Yep, if you weigh it out you spend more hours fishing than riding and the comfort of your fishing time will out weigh the ride. As you and I both know there are new boats out there that don't do either well. Miles you are right about less deadrise fishing better, I have a c hawk and would love to find a 26' but need a "head" for guests.

What size motors you got? Are they 4s or hpdi's? How many mpg you get? Seems like all the great deals are within a few thousand of what I can get a new boat for. All yamaha of course. I have driven the 21ft kencraft or sea king, it's a great boat.

I would venture to say that now with fuel as pricey as it is this is a better option than a 23ft. It sure is pretty sitting in his driveway. Not sure if he can afford to run it right now without a second mortage. I like my 21 ft hydrasports. It is a little beamier than the kencraft and does not ride as well. Love the fuel burn with it, though. I am considering repowering mine-I currently have twin Bombardier Evinrudes models.

I want to get 1st hand feedback that the four strokes will not be too heavy or effect the ride of my boat. Thanks in advance. My engines are hpdi's. I to would be interested in the 4 stroke weight issue. The one thing I like about KC's is that you get your moneys worth in space.

This is due to your feet are able to go up under the gunnels, utilizing floor space, and its safer for balance. Due to not having european transoms you get a true usable measurement. A 23 boat with a european transon and a pull pit is only a 19ft boat in my way of figuring. This is not to bash anybodys boat, just my opinion. The I had was We have a with twin Yamaha 4s and had one last year with s. I spoke with Hydroactiv on Saturday about our set up.

Great riding hull with good economy but like someone else mentioned this is a heavy hull so economy may not be as good as some others.

However, the ride will be at least as good as a few others and better than most others in the class. I don't think there is another 23 can match the storage of this boat. Let me know if there is any interest. Chip or Chad? Reelscreamer check your pms.

Offshore Bob. I was going to re-power my Challenger with a 4 stroke and had the same questions. I called Ken and asked the man him self and he told me not to do it. If I did put a 4 stroke on it I would have to add lbs to the bow to make it ride right.

In the case of twins I would suggest you get 2 of your larger fishing buddies and have one of them sit on each motor, this is how much more weight you would be adding. I just repowered my with Optis had EFI's. Haven't run it hardly at all since the repower but already tell via the Smartcraft guages that fuel ecomomy has improved dramatically to well over 2 mpg with full tanks and 3 people on board going 34 knots 3, rpm.

WOT was I'm running Mirage Plus Like I said, haven't really had the chance between, weather, work and honeydo's. Hope to go fishing soon and get some 'real' numbers and a box full of fish. Miles, our last year had s and we did not have a weight issue. We did add a little weight in the anchor locker to reduce the need for tabs but it was not significant.

We had done the same on boats without 4 strokes just toying for the best possible set up. The boat with s should easily get to the mid to upper 50s. As you know the hull is not designed for top speed as the primary factor which is fine by me. The with s is a little overkill but it sure is nice cruising at without putting it to the pins. Hal, your new set up is the best we ever had in terms if fuel mileage. Yes, even better than the 4 strokes.

Hope it does the same for you. ReelScreamer wrote: Hal, your new set up is the best we ever had in terms if fuel mileage. You think I oughta try the 19" Pitch props?

Main point:

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