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Aluminium Boats For Sale | Boats and Outboards

Aluminum fishing boats are more affordable than fiberglass boats and often aluminum row boats for sale used 60 much less in comparison of similar sizes.

Typically used for freshwater fishing, this style tow easy to trailer and launch, and is more durable to withstand damages. Maintenance for these boats is simple, requiring just a quick rinse and scrub after use. What are aluminum fishing boats? Aluminum Fishing boats are small, trailerable vessels usually used for boating pursuits such as freshwater and saltwater fishing.

These types of vessels aluminum row boats for sale used 60 vary in size, with the smallest current boat listed at 13 feet in length, to the longest vessel measuring in at 28 feet, and an average length of 18 feet.

These boats are built by a wide variety of boat building companies with hull types aluminum row boats for sale used 60 deep vee, modified vee, flat, pontoon and other designs. Boat Trader currently has 3, aluminum fishing boats for sale, including 2, new vessels and used boats, listed by both individuals and professional boat and yacht dealers across the country.

Some of the most notorious designers of aluminum fishing boats currently include: Tracker, Lund, Lowe, Ranger and Xpress. In the past 30 days, the aluminum row boats for sale used 60, most-viewed aluminum fishing boats brands on Boat Trader were Alumacraft, Crestliner, Boata, Lund and Tracker.

Models with more power can handle motors up to horsepower, while more economic utility models may have as modest as 20 horsepower engines on them although the average engine size is HP. Aluminum Forr boats are popular for their shallow draft and average beam, characteristics that make these boats a favorite for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Aluminum Fishing boats are also popular boats for rivers and lakes and other shallow fresh bodies of water. From our current listings, the average number of passengers that aluminum fishing boats can hold onboard is 5 people with a maximum of Boat Trader App Find your boat today.

Known for light weight, aluminum construction. Clear All power-aluminum. By Zip. Zip Only 10 miles 25 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles Any Distance. New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. North Dakota. South Carolina. West Virginia. Price Drop info. Power-all-power All Power. Aft Cabin. Aluminum Fishing. Antique and Classic. Cargo Ships. Center Console. Cruise Ships. Cuddy Cabin. Dual Console.

Express Cruiser. Freshwater Fishing. High Performance. Mega Yachts. Motor Yachts. Power Catamarans. River Cruiser. Saltwater Fishing. Ski and Fish. Ski and Wakeboard. Sport Fishing. Sports Cruiser. Sail-all-sail All Sail. Center Cockpit.

Deck Saloon. Personal Watercraft. Pwc-all-pwc All PWCs. Small Boats. Small-all-small All Small Boats. Dinghy Power. Dinghy Unpowered. Rigid Inflatable. Tender Power. Obats Unpowered. North River. Fuel Type. Hull Type. Engine Type. For Sale By. Private Sellers. Viewing 1 - 28 of 2, Length: Longest. Recently Updated: Oldest. Distance: Nearest. Distance: Farthest. Length: Shortest.

Offered By: Everett Bayside Marine. Offered By: Y Marina. Offered By: Happy Days Boating. Offered By: Private Seller. Aluminum Fishing boats Aluminum fishing boats are a,uminum affordable than fiberglass boats and often weigh much less in comparison of similar sizes. What are the best aluminum fishing boats?

How much do aluminum fishing boats cost? Why are aluminum fishing boats popular?


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The port box features a livewell below, and the starboard box has storage below. Deep V all-welded hull design. Make Grumman. Model Deep-V. Shalimar, FL. Harwood, MD. Portland, ME. Cashion Community, TX. Fenton Twp, MI. Sarasota, FL. Fort Myers, FL. Alert Successfully Created. Save search. Boats for Sale Aluminum Deep V.

Category Fishing Boats Length Year - Make - Model -. Category - Length - Posted Over 1 Month. Category - Length Dealer POP Yachts ZIP Code. Very straight and built solid. They don't make boats like this anymore and good luck finding one In the appleton area as they are very rare. I have been restoring boats for a few years and this is a honest good deal. Willing to separate the boat and motor but would prefer to sell as a package.

The boat does have a shore lander trailer in good shape. Call or text with any questions. I have an extra set if merc controls that I will also throw in. I will also include a very clean sea king 40 hp runs fine.

This is a great package! Call or text six two four nine. This is not my first Bass Tracker restoration. So I am not an amateur. Officially her name is Hydra but technically she is Tracker 4.

I am a military Veteran, and then a 20 yr. Even though I gave that up professionally, I still dabbled in buying and selling cars and motorcycles as a hobby, always treating my customers like I wouldlike to be treated.

For the last ten years of my life I have been a 5th grade reading teacher where I taught Language Arts in title one inner city schools. Two years ago I had a neighbor down on his luck with a broke down Bass Tracker he was trying to sell.

My dad has a lake house with a three boat lift and at the time no boat. One thing led to another, I bought that boat, I fell in love with Bass Trackers and over the last couple of years, I believe that I have become a Bass Tracker expert. How did that happen?

One thing is for sure, these aluminum boats are works of art and when bass tracker makes them they put out the finest hull, in my opinion. Google: hp engine for sale, and see what they go for. This particular boat was just about ready to list when I was fine tuning the carbs and all of a sudden the side of the motor starts to glow red when finally a hole had burnt through the side of the engine. Apparently along the line someone had repaired a hole on the side of the crank case with JB weld and then sold the motor.

It held for a while, long enough to sell it to me. Currently that motor is being parted out on ebay, and that is why there is an Evinrude blue stripe along the side of this boat as it was to match that engine. It is in very nice condition, I repainted the skeg. The hood was discolored so I hit it with some flat back paint and it looks really sharp.

Since my old controls would not adapt to this engine, you also get a new out of the box Mercury remote control system with working tilt and trim buttons. It was designed to get you in and out of tight spots, and let you load and float in the shallows. A new out of the box fully adjustable transom saver takes away some of the stress from the transom while towing. This boat will float in almost no water. The hull is not just super strong it is super lite.

The boat hull inside and out was steam cleaned, filled with water to check for leaks, and then all debris knocked off with a soft stainless steel wire brush wheel, and lightly polished. That is why the hull looks new. I am very impressed with Trackers Hull. This one is especially neat as it has natural dual ambient live wells. Even though we are starting to get into the boat, I want to finish with me.

Number one, I do it right. This boat has been restored to better than Industry standards! No corners have been cut. Sadly she needs a good home with an aspiring fisherman because that is why she was built, with much love. When I got this boat 7 months ago, I was prepared to strip it, replace the floors, re-do the wiring, change fluids and hoses, carpet, repair welds all the usual stuff, when I realized I had a rotten transom, my heart sank.

The transom was replaced correctly once again using better than industry standards, the labor was intense and the formation of the new transom time consuming, however we can now say that your boat has a new transom that will outlive any of her future owners.

In addition all the foam that was originally in the boat, is back in the boat unless it was no longer serviceable, and it was then replaced with a suitable high tech product. The boats steering cable was shot so, it was replaced, to include the entire helm Teleflex system to include the steering wheel.

Two new bilge pumps were added. One is hardwired with an auto float and the other is manual, just in case. The boat has two new Ever Start Marine batteries. One dedicated to crank the engine and the auto bilge, and the rest of the electronics are wired off the other battery, everything has a fuse.

While, we are talking about wiring; all wiring is correct and professional. Aluminum boats are a bit special; all grounds must be run back to the battery or it does real ugly things to the hull of your boat.

There are no wires that run down the center of the hull allowing them to be submerged below water, like I see over and over creating magnetic fields and the decay of the aluminum. The boat is equipped with LED lighting above and below the deck.

The sound system is a watt, Pyle Marine sound system with waterproof speakers, resistant no radio or CD here just plug in your IPOD, Android or IPhone via the phone Jack, there is a place on the console that you can put your device into for water resistance while under way. I installed two 12V plug ins on the console if you need extra power. Up front there is a brand new MinnKota 45; not foot controlled, because I hate the cables and there always in the way.

There are some new pole holders on board, and both the front and rear navigation lights are new. The front and rear decks were Fiberglass gel coated and fibers glassed at stress points and are designed to outlast you. They will easily take a lb man or woman. While on the subject of the decks; my biggest problem when restoring a Tracker is getting the decks off. I will tell you now there are no hidden bolts on the Hydra.

The front and rear deck will come off in a matter of minutes, as was my design. Come on Bass Tracker! Stop screwing the decks down then carpeting over them. There will never be a stainless bolt or screw in standing water. There are no bolts or screws on the floor; I only use aluminum rivets so you can drill them out and get the floor up easily, no more dissolved screws with stripped heads for any of her owners to worry about.

If you have ever tried to get one of these floors up from the factory, or after Jim Bob got through with it, than you will thank me. Over the floor is an industrial strength rubber mat cut to fit exactly with a little rubber adhesive to keep it tacked down. The decks tops and bottoms have been designed to drain well. In fact the biggest challenge that I have seen and the biggest problem can come from the boats lack of an ability to drain.

Let me brag on my boats, they are designed to drain, however all boats on trailers need to have the front of the boat higher than the rear of the boat during storage. All Tracker mid floors, rot from the bottom up. Imagine a pool of water under a piece of sheet plywood under the Texas heat and couple that with old porous non tech Styrofoam that just holds the water like a sponge, and then it begins to swell with little room to escape, oooh then we get the mold.

Imagine a piece of foam the size of a cereal box that weighs ten pounds because it is alive. I have seen mold under floors and paneling that has made me run for my breathing apparatus. In fact if you are at all allergic and it kicks up around an old bass boat then you may now know why. My favorite test when buying a Tracker, is taking a 5 gallon bucket. Tilt your boat up so it will drain, now pour those five gallons along the inside of the front of the boat.

Now go to the drain hole, place the bucket there and see how much water you recapture. Did you get five gallons? Give it some time, not draining? Where did that water go? My boats pass the five gallon tests, over and over and over. All channels for drainage are clear, and I use foam that will not hold water when submerged. The foam is required for these boats; they provide structural integrity, and keep them afloat in the event they are capsized.

I solve that by drilling holes in strategic places. I have written Bass Tracker with images. I am sure I have forgotten something, but it is time to list it. The last one I sold on ebay sold to a gentleman in Alabama at this same price, and I will say that this is a nicer boat.

The trailer is sound. I replaced the wood bunks and rails and carpet, the tires are ok, they look new but in reality they need to be replaced. Most of us around here keep our boats in the lift. The spare is decent. I replaced the boat launch strap, new tail lights, new coupler and all of it works dandy, It, has a four pin tow wire plug. You can see in one of the pictures that I have two more vintage trackers inline that need some love so this one has to go.

I learned that at a Five Star Dealership I worked at for many years. Give them their money back. Buy it, you will love it! I am in Garland Texas, come by and take a look. I have pictures of the restoration that comes with the boat on DVD and are on a zip drive, I could possibly upload them somewhere for you. Nonetheless, you will receive the DVD. Also Included are all the instructions and manuals you will need for the sound system, fish finder, remote and trolling motor.

You must pick up the boat within that 7 day time frame. You will need your own Trailer plate. You may not borrow mine. If that is not possible you should not bid on this item. If you have questions ask now, not later. This boat is sold as is, where is. I am not a dealer, so I am not required to collect Tax or License. You will receive signed titles for the boat and the engine. Best wishes. Make Glastron Carlson.

Model CVZ Motor Yachts. Power Catamarans. River Cruiser. Saltwater Fishing. Ski and Fish. Ski and Wakeboard. Sport Fishing. Sports Cruiser.

Sail-all-sail All Sail. Center Cockpit. Deck Saloon. Personal Watercraft. Pwc-all-pwc All PWCs. Small Boats. Small-all-small All Small Boats. Dinghy Power. Dinghy Unpowered. Rigid Inflatable. Tender Power. Tender Unpowered. North River. Fuel Type. Hull Type. Engine Type. For Sale By. Private Sellers. Viewing 1 - 28 of 2,

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