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Center console (British English: centre console) sometimes abbreviated as CC, is a type of single-decked open hull boat where the helm is in the center. There is a cabin on some models; these are usually located in the bow and hold small berths for sleeping. Small berths may also be located inside the console and under the deck of larger center console boats. An advantage of this type of boat, especially in fishing, underway, and at rest, is that person can walk all around the boat from stern to bow. See more ideas about center console boats, center console, boat.� Center Console Fishing Boats. Sea Ray Boat. SeaDek on a Sundancer by JetBoat Pilot - SeaDek Marine Products.� Boating and Boat Show Photos - 20 Bertram -reborn - After 5 months of work the family and I spent the weekend on the "new" 20 Bertram. This is the reason I discovered THT and thanks to everyone (whether you knew it or not) for all your helpful posts on fibergalssing, fuel tanks, rub rails, motor repairs, Cruiser Boat. Center Console Boats. An aluminum boat like the Bay doesn�t require a lot of power to yield great performance. Picking the proper bay boat is a tiny bit like picking the proper fishing tackle. A hybrid bay boat is, in addition, the toughest to select.� The side console provides you more deck space above a center console, but you do tend to find a tiny wetter from time to time. The front box may be used as dry storage or become a live-well. Prior to buying, be certain to inspect every compartment and possible storage location.

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Post by Sabs28 � Tue Apr 01, pm. Post by azzdoc � Tue Apr 01, pm. Post by kmorin � Tue Apr 01, pm. Quick links. Center Console - T-Top or Not Post by azzdoc � Fri Mar 28, pm I am preparing to buy a center console 20ft for multi-purpose BC coastal cruising with a heavy emphasis on fishing. I can think of benefits of a T-top including rain and sun protection, but can also think of hassles when fighting fish or trying to load awkward cargo etc.

I would like to ask experienced fisherman and center console users what they think of the pros and cons of a T-top, and also the pros and cons of a removable canvas type top vs the permanent hard tops. I would suggest you at least get a full wind shield with the T-top, like this But in your neck of the woods with the weather and rain y'all have I would lean more towards this But I would really want this Most who have them in the north country are hating life.

Trying to stay dry with all kinds of covers, canvas wings, home made doors, etc. Unless you are a big garage owner? But then again, I be a Pacific "southern Edition" Here, in my lifetime, the need for a cabin or t-top has never been an issue.

Firstly, we experience all four seasons here so when it is blistering hot or numbingly cold, we have other stuff to do, lol. Fished in every condition imaginable in open boats, within some semblance of good reason and lived to tell about it, lol. But tornado season isn't one to play with so we are very picky about when we go as best as possible, no need to risk life or limb for the pleasure of a few hours of solitude.

A bimini is my choice of cover and it works for here in the Deep South's prime time which is hot and humid. Gotta have air flow or else, lol. Taking a dip is part and parcel of fishing here so with water temps in the low 80's, a little 10 mph breeze can be a real blessing in those heavily covered Rivers we like to fish.

The bugs are always a nuisance but the breeze helps enough if the fish are cooperative. Ate the last of our stash of fish tonight so it is time to pack the freezer again! And if things work out, the first Week of May I might get to fish the Spring migration as it passes through the Emerald Coast. Ling are already being caught, a great sign! I only do what the voices in the Tackle Box tell me to.

Its a matter of attitude goes with latitude. Solid windshield, cabin sides and top are pretty much a minimum for a 'center console' this far north. You've got to give Captn' Dave some slack he doesn't realize living down there in the flying nak'd land of bikini's and cut off's that we're both in Alaska; but you're father from me than he is from New York!!

Real estate is not clear to those who live all crunched up together like they do in the "old country". A walkaround in a 20' is tight, but it depends on the crew you fish- one or two is one thing half a dozen is a whole different discussion.

Fighting fish over the sides is no big deal if you can walk around the helm but running in with wet crew is a one pneumonia risking proposition if they're standing in the wind and not in a dog house. Canvas can help but the three sides of a dog house will stop water, canvas- no so much. Re: Center Console - T-Top or Not Post by kmorin � Mon Mar 31, pm doc, here is picture of a 20'er LOA with a stand up dog house, the walkaround is not as spacious as a bigger skiff would allow, but it does work and the skipper is dry and so is the crew of two more.

The builder designed and built the cabin to be simply built and he built the skiff and cabin himself, so it may not have the look you'd want in your skiff- but the purpose here was to show a 20'er with a 'fort' as Captn' Dave of the FV Jettywolf calls any weather shelter. But this one works great and the skiff still hauls good loads of lumber laying the wood along the deck between the cabin and the topsides, outboard, in the walk way.

Re: Center Console - T-Top or Not Post by Sabs28 � Tue Apr 01, pm [quote]The builder designed and built the cabin to be simply built and he built the skiff and cabin himself, so it may not have the look you'd want in your skiff. Nice looking skiff. Is that a Bay Weld? I saw some of their stuff at the Anchorage Sportsman's show last week.

I''m not positive but his lines tend to be more full forward than Mr Hankinson's lines whose catalog if offered by Mr Witt's firm, Glen-L. The spoon of the Bay Weld outboard skiff is most often rounder and fuller and has a pronounced Plan View curve to the chines, and sheer, at least that's my impression, I've not looked at a lines plan to confirm those impressions.

I do consider Bay Weld the foremost Alaskan builder of welded aluminum boats. Last edited by kmorin on Wed Apr 02, am, edited 1 time in total. Reason: Location Correction. Secondly, I really dont see the benefit of a canvas t-top over a hard top. Last time I did one the canvas cost just as much as aluminum? But never had to replace the aluminum! Fishing in the northwest my entire life I cannot tell you how many times I have had several grown men all huddled in behind behind the windshield on an early spring fishing or shrimpin day.

Hard Top Windshield! Board index All times are UTC.


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