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Kelowna Boats, �������: ������ ������ ����� ���������� Purchasing a boat doesn�t have to be so hard on your pocket. At West Kelowna Marine, we�ve got a wide range of options that fall within everyone�s budget. Take a look at our Stingray SC or Malibu VLX. Do you like what you see? Browse through all of our inventory online, and come to . Lowe was founded in to build high value aluminum boats and canoes to fit a family's boating needs. Since then, Lowe has created generations of family memories through great experiences on the water and has developed a reputation for building high quality, yet affordable aluminum boats and pontoons to suit almost any need. Kelowna BC Boat Sales, Service & Parts. Welcome to Atlantis Marine, home of the lowest prices on the best new and used boats in Kelowna and the Okanogan!. Our online inventory features our value pricing that takes the stress out of the negotiation process.

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Take your Lowe boat with you wherever you go with downloadable mobile and desktop wallpapers. Show your support for your favorite boat brand! Shop now for hats, jerseys, hoodies, shirts, gear and more! At Lowe Boats, we strive to keep your personal information personal, our policies simple and our boats the best in the industry.

As part of that commitment, we have recently updated our privacy policy. Expert American Craftsmanship in More than Models Whatever your passion is when on the water, Lowe builds the right boat for you.

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Fishing Boats Jet Boats 1. Pontoons Sport Boats 1. Tow Boats 8. Cancel Submit. David D. I noticed something a little different that suited my style of fishing. As time passed I forgot about that experience and got another glass boat. Afraid to go where I wanted to go on the water and the fact I could simply not get this boat into some areas I wanted, the search began for something 1980 Mirrocraft Aluminum Boats Instagram different.

My wife and I went to a boat show and she said this is what you need, in front of me sat the X21 Pro, then the memory came back to me from Guntersville.

I saw an Xpress in a spot I always wanted to fish but could and would not try to put the glass boat into. I said something to a friend and he told me to contact Dale Hightower who runs an Xpress X21 on the Bassmaster Elite series.

Dale and I met and went out on a local lake. Originally, I wanted something to get really shallow and around rocks, timber etc. What I got was a whole lot more. For me, the X21 surpasses every boat I have had, in every category. I run a family-friendly guide service and specialize in spoonbill from November until the end of February the rest of the year I chase crappie, white bass and hybrids. I chose Xpress Boats because of the great storage features they have on the boat compared to other aluminum boat brands.

I like the durable finish and cool touch feature of the extreme coat in the summertime. My H20Bay services up to five fishermen comfortably on a guided trip. I also like the bait well built into the front of the center console and rear livewell. I also love freshwater bass fishing in the spring time! The top features I love the most on my Xplorer Bass Series is the stability of the boat.

I have two boys under three and the way this boat floats is awesome. Second is the storage. My last boat War Eagle had no storage, so there was clutter with tackle and other things we brought in the boat for the day that would get in the way.

There is so much storage on the boat that it looks like I brought nothing out for a full day of fishing and family fun. The third thing I love is the standing space. The boat is super sturdy and well built! Last thing is the bench seat, which is very comfortable and a much better option than the 2 seat setup. Excellent boat all around that hits all the check marks. Well done! This boat is powerful, fast and handles extremely well.

The layout of the X19 Pro was well thought out. Below the front and back decks, there is plenty of storage for us to have all of our fishing gear on board and keep it all organized.

Another great layout feature is that the wires and wire channels are run in a way that make it easy to quickly install and remove electronics. Next on my list of favorite features would be the SeaDek flooring. SeaDek is incredibly easy to clean, very durable and feels great to stand on. I will never go back to carpet in a boat after having SeaDek.

Thank you Xpress for building superior boat! Good question. In the winter of Chris Wells called me and asked if he could bring a bass-pro to stay with us and do some pre-fishing for an upcoming tournament. I agreed and a couple weeks later my wife and I hosted James Niggemeyer for a long weekend. I spent a lot of time picking his brain about fishing and the whole world of tournament fishing was opened up to me. Several weeks later at his insistence I marshaled my fist event.

I was hooked on tournament fishing from that point forward. However, as soon as I walked in the front door there sat a new sleek black Xpress X That thing looked great. As I spoke to the sales team about the many other boats I kept going back to the Xpress. I found an article about aluminum vs. I think that James Niggemeyer was the one to get me to pull the trigger on the Xpress. Based on where I live and fish, along with the cost, there was nothing better. The X19 was a great boat for me to cut my teeth on and after a tough first year of learning all about tournament fishing.

I was feeling confident. In my second year I won my first tournament and finished regularly in the top 5. I was ready for a bigger and faster boat. I had also been saving, knowing this was going to happen. None of them impressed me to the point that I would ever consider giving up my Xpress.

So, in the summer of I ordered my X21 Pro with almost everything I could order. The speed. The handling. The storage. The ride. The deck space. The price. To me nothing compares. It seems like every time I hit a local ramp people have to come look at it and ask questions. Then to watch Xpress start fielding a team of pros really excited me and after meeting the guys I could see just how special the company of Xpress was. They treat these guys like they are a part of the family.

Would I like to be a part of this family? Truth be told, I already am. XpressBoats WeBuildXcitement. View Series. Learn more about the Xpress Difference. Xpress Boats has the right boat for every need. Locate a Dealer.

Request a Catalog. Cody N. Darren H. The top three features I value are the accessory rail system, for which I ordered the convenience station that is perfect for a drink and a box of shells when hunting. The second feature is the paint. It looks great and holds up when running flooded timber and marsh. The third feature is the weight.

The boat is incredibly light, which makes it easy to trailer in windy situations. I found this boat online and showed up the next day to look at it. They helped me every step of the way and were extremely easy to buy from. Every department ran like a smooth oiled machine there. Cameron O. Tim D. Daniel R. Phillip I. Lonnie H. Mark A. Paul J. Andrew T. Dino H. Matt M. Mark C. Grant A. Steve J.

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