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This project details the complete aluminum boat refurb and buildout project for a s deep-V MirroCraft. The buildout created features like a casting deck, storage lockers, net holder, electronics panel, carpeting, aluminum boat casting deck shop and. And step 1: Throw away the lame bottle. I used a small, 6-gallon pancake air compressor, which sufficiently powered the gun although I needed to pause occasionally to let the compressor catch up.

A great resource there is the Harbor Freight Coupon Database. Find the coupon you want and snap a screenshot to use aluminum boat casting deck shop Harbor Freight. I created a lightweight support frame using structural aluminum angle from Metal Supermarkets. I bought all my paint and hardener at Tractor Supply using aluminum boat casting deck shop boag this post over at iBoats.

Deci highly recommend using marine-grade plywood. It weighs half as much as exterior plywood of the same dimensions, and it takes carpet amazingly. Make sure you use structural angle, which is thick at the bend to support weight. Lay the foam on the bow, cut it out, then continue to cut it back until it fits perfectly.

Then use it as a template to cut aluminum boat casting deck shop marine plywood. I retained the original rear aluminum seat for stability, and screwed the wood structure and aluminum angle directly to aluminum boat casting deck shop. I retained the front seat supports and screwed the casting deck into. Speaking of screws, stainless steel is expensive, so try to use coated deck screws, or better yet cement-board screws, to avoid rust.

For bolts, nuts and washers, definitely opt for stainless. I also used exterior Simpson Strong Ties to tie together the box framing. Huge timesaver, and lateral stability is super important.

Remember: The seats you remove are what tied the boat together and made it safe. I did it by bolting a pine KD board to the gunnel along both sides, then tying the box to that board, then tying the box to the floor casring both sides. And again, I retained the rear bench seat and tied directly into it.

This boat fishes extremely well, and in a few short years has provided a castung of memories for bass and walleye. Just check out our pictures all over the site! Got any questions? Comment below or drop us a line.

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