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X 10 Work Barge () This aluminum boat Aluminum Barge Hull Jacket design (plan) is for a foot long work barge with optional A frame. Download drawing in PDF. LOA: FT / m: Beam: 10 FT / m: Weight: 5, lbs / 2, kg: Price: $4,* *The above price is for the construction plans and a onetime use of the CAD cutting files. OUR ALUMINUM BARGES Quality Design & Construction At Reasonable Prices. CONTACT US TODAY. Our Mission. With over 35 years experience in the Marine Construction industry myboat266 boatplans has mastered a true work of art The Perfect Barge. Contact Us. Aluminum Barges; ;. Plans and patterns in Aluminum, steel, fiberglass and plywood. Large designs. Work Boats, Powercats, Tug Boats, Barges, and ferries. myboat266 boatplans Aqua Lane Tonawanda, NY Tel: | Fax:

We meet or exceed all necessary Alujinum. Full Service Welding. I have tried many many web sites aluminum barge plans 05 to no avail. Crash Oct 25, Inflatable fenders don't last very long and using old tyres is discouraged as they can be ripped Lorem lpsum 266 boatplans/questions/questions-in-algebra-korean questions in algebra korean their lines or dropped and then they sink and block the lock gate mechanisms. In assessing building materials for the hull, I would suggest strip plank and epoxy to make a strong and fair hull.

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