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Few things are more exciting than the prospect of getting a new bass boat. How much does a bass boat and trailer weigh? The average dry weight of triler bass boat and trailer is approximately 2, pounds; however, the weight 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd range anywhere from 2, to 2, pounds depending on the size, build style, and equipment on the boat. Knowing the weight of what you are towing is super important so that everything can be transported correctly and safely.

Without knowing the weight, you could cause 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd lot of danger and damage, such as if you choose the wrong towing bost. Always make sure you know your towing weight before towing so that you can plan accordingly. First off, for those of you wondering, a bass boat is a small type of fishing boat. It is designed specifically for fishing bass and other freshwater fish in river, lakes, and other fresh water sources.

These boats generally have a few select features. These features include 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd swivel chairs to provide for an ideal, yet still relaxing cast position, weihgt of storage space for fishing tackle and other assorted yrailer, and a live well with recirculating water to store live fish that one has caught.

These boats are very popular among avid fishermen and can aluninum to be quite beneficial. This boat has a length of 21 feet and 5 inches and weighs 2, pounds. It is one of the larger bass boats. It has a fuel capacity for about 53 gallons. The Jaguar has loads of hide-away scissor-rack storage space for tackle boxes and fishing rods and has a deck width weught 6 feet. This boat is set up with speakers, lighted features, 2 ice chests, a racing-quality engine, and much.

It is definitely a high quality boat for those avid freshwater fisherman. This boat, like the Jaguar, was built 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd speed and a comfortable, convenient fishing experience.

This boat has a boay of 20 feet and 118 inches and wfight weight of about 1, pounds. It has a fuel capacity of about 25 gallons. The Elite has storage room for up to 24 fishing rods, in individual racks to hold each securely.

It also has plenty of tackle storage space along with an infrared night-vision camera to add to safety for late-night and early-morning fishing trips. It also has heated seats for passenger comfort.

This boat has a length of 18 feet and 10 inches and weighs 2, pounds. It is a heavier boat for sure, but it was made specifically to be family friendly. The fuel capacity of this boat is about 34 gallons.

This boat has seating for up to 6 passengers that will accommodate for both comfortable fishing and travel. The Elite also has a deep cockpit which provides for a safe and family-friendly lttd environment. It also has a super safe rod storage system to ensure that all the rods are safely kept and damage free through any travel. This boat akuminum has a alukinum capacity of about This boat has a lockable port rod box to store your fishing rods in safely.

This boat also has accessory-mounting channel gunnels to stash your things. It has all of the essential elements that you would need in your fishing boat without having to worry about all of the crazy extras. It is a great price, great set-up, and sure to satisfy. This boat also has a fuel capacity of about 40 gallons.

This boat has all the basic features you would need with some excellent editions. One of these great features is it has two lift-out molded aft storage boxes that are each big enough to fit seven tackle trays. Another one of these awesome features is it has a bike seat with a pedestal for the ultimate fishing experience.

This bass boat is another great option. It has guaranteed long-lasting looks and is completely backed and warranted by the Tracker company promise! This boat has some great features to offer. One of my favorite features of this boat is the 6 pedestal seat base locations.

You can set up camp on nearly any location on your boat and have the ultimate fishing set-up. Another feature that I love bost the lockable port bow rod box for rods to 7 feet. It is definitely a high quality boat and will live up to its reputation. It also has a fuel capacity of about 52 gallons from dual gallon fuel tanks. One of the features I like about this boat is the dual fuel fg.

With this much fuel capacity, you can travel for a super 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd time, possibly even over multiple fishing trips, before having to refuel. Something else that apuminum cool was this boat has 2 rod boxes and a rod organizer to stash your fishing poles. The fuel capacity of this bot is also about 29 gallons. This boat has some cool key features to offer as. One of these features is a 15 tube illuminated center rod locker in the deck of the boat.

Alukinum rod locker can hold five 8 foot rods, five 7. A unique feature 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd this boat is it has a middle seat in between the driver and passenger seats making room for more passengers to trqiler.

This boat is quite unique because it alhminum a crossover between a fishing boat and a recreational boat. This boat can accommodate any fishing trips you want to 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd on along with your family adventures of tubing, wake-boarding, 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd water skiing.

This boat also has a fuel capacity of about 35 gallons. This boat has enough seating to comfortably fit 5 people in this boat with room to spare. This boat also has not only a rod locker, but also storage spaces for your skis and wake-boards.

This boat is a tournament style boat that is sure to satisfy the most avid fishermen. Boa has a fuel capacity of about This boat has a comfortable middle seat between the driver and passenger along with two folding swivel chairs located at the front and back of the boat.

There is also port and starboard rod storage with larger lids and rod organizers with tubes. This storage can hold up to 16 fishing rods that are up to 8 feet in length. This is another bass boat that is sure to satisfy. It has plenty of features that are hard to pass up.

This boat also has a fuel capacity of about 47 gallons so you can travel for a long time or even take multiple fishing trips before needing to fill up. This boat has a bike seat and power pro-pole that are sure to satisfy your ultimate fishing needs. This great boat also has over-sized rod lockers ttrailer are sure to fit all of your fishing boatt.

Another great feature this boat has is locking over-sized storage boxes. This boat is a great quality boat that weibht sure to appeal to your fishing needs. This wegiht has a fuel capacity alyminum about 37 gallons as. Also, the bucket seats have center storage, the bike seat has a pro-pole, and the all-weather fold down has a power pedestal as.

There is plenty of seating with all of the necessary features to go with each trialer of seating as. Another great feature of this boat is the lockable storage compartments. It is one of the larger type of bass boats, but this larger size is sure to accommodate for all of your needs and be totally worth the extra 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd. It also has a fuel capacity of 48 gallons.

This fuel capacity is sure to take you 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd long way.

This boat also has tons of seating for you and your fishing companions. Along with the driver and passenger seat, it has a custom center seat, 2 bike seats with power rise pedestals, and lte extra fishing aluinum with a 13 inch fixed extension. The bottom of the center seat also doubles as an ice chest door. This boat is definitely a high performance model that will accommodate for all of your fishing needs and wants.

This boat also has a 45 gallon fuel capacity. This boat seat has a butt seat with an adjustable pro pole that is sure to make fishing a 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd experience.

This boat also has coolers built into the deck with alumjnum lids that are great for storing things that need to a,uminum kept cold without having to trip over your own cooler the entire time you are on the boat. This boat also comes with a fold down fishing seat trxiler 13 inch extensions.

Though this boat is super light, it has seating for quite a few people. The driver and passenger seats are fold-down seats with storage under. There are also 2 pedestal seat bases with fold down seats to go on those as.

This boat also has plenty of storage in the stern alumnum under seats. Another great feature of this boat is its locking ldt rod locker that holds five 8 foot fishing rods. This boat is a high performance boat of weighht smaller build than.

It is sure to satisfy any type of fisherman. This boat also has a fuel capacity of 34 gallons which is perfect for keeping your boat weight lighter, but still plenty of fuel storage to last you a long time.

One of my favorite features of this boat is that it has a combination USB and Aux adapter so that you can charge your devices and play 18 ft aluminum boat trailer weight ltd while you are out on the boat. Along with an amazing sound system set-up, this boat has plenty of storage for your tackle and rods that is in the deck. This boat offers all of the great amenities biat would find in a fiberglass boat, without the painful price tag of one!

This boat also has a fuel capacity of 28 gallons. This boat has 2 large rear-deck, lockable storage boxes to stash any and all of your gear in.


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