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Question 1. What does the poet say has changed his mood? He felt refreshed and wanted to enjoy the rest of the day. Question 2. How does Frost present nature in this poem? The following questions may help englizh to 10th ncert english solutions 01 of an answer. Question 3. 10th ncert english solutions 01 there been tilnes when engkish felt depressed or hopeless?

Have you experienced a similar moment that changed your mood that day? Answer: There have been innumerable times when I too have felt depressed and hopeless. On one occasion when I was very upset. I went out 10th ncert english solutions 01 a walk. While walking in the park, I saw a girl playing with a puppy, embracing and feeding.

This little joy that they shared changed my mood and I felt very happy for the rest of the day. I also 10th ncert english solutions 01 the two and played with. What are the birds that are usually named in poems? Do you think crow is often mentioned in poems? What images come to your mind when you think of a crow? 110th does the dust of snow that the crow shakes off a hemlock tree stand for? Answer: Frost presents nature in a very different manner in the poem, Generally, poets take the birds and trees which are known for their beauty and good qualities like peacock, parrot, cuckoo, mynah and trees full of beautiful flowers and fruits, nfert.

But here Frost has taken a totally different approach. He chose a crow, which is not often used in poems. Crow is black in colour with very harsh voice and is believed to be a symbol of bad omen. Thinking of a crow brings very depressing and sorrowful pictures to our mind.

A hemlock tree is poisonous plant with small white flowers. Instead, he chose the hemlock tree and left all the beautiful trees present in the world. Actually 10th ncert english solutions 01 did so to present his mood and feelings. The crow and hemlock tree represent sorrow and depression felt by the poet in this materialistic world.

The dust of snow is the symbol of natural joy and energy. The dust of snow that the crow shakes off a hemlock tree means passing through the sad and depressing moments the pdet is entering into the time full of joy and optimism. RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions. Watch Youtube Videos.

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May 01, �� NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 1 Dust Of Snow (poem) Thinking about the Poem (Page 14) Question 1. What is a �dust of snow�? What does the poet say has changed his mood? How has the poet�s mood changed? Answer: The �dust of snow� means the fine particles or flakes of snow. The sudden shower in the form of Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. NCERT Solutions For Class 10 plays a vital role in shaping the future of the student as the grades which a student can secure in the board exam essentially shape the prospects for the student. The CBSE Class 10 board exams are the first public exams that every student has to face. The structure of this exam is to test the candidate�s practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Jun 07, �� The NCERT solutions for class 10th English are provided for both the textbooks � Footprints without Feet and First Flight. These solutions include both the prose and the poems that are part of the syllabus. Along with the summary of each chapter, NCERT chapter-wise solutions are given in PDF format that can be studied both online and myboat200 boatplansted Reading Time: 5 mins.

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