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Multipurpose trailer lets you haul your jon boat, kayak, or personal myboat236 boatplansable bunks can be set front to back or side to side to hold various boat types. 11' 8" Long trailer.. support boats up to 12' long and up to lbs. Install the bunk boards so that they are positioned across the trailer's frame to tow your kayak or surfboard. The bunks provide enough cargo space. Fits small fishing & jon boats; Single Axle # Wide Bunk Trailer ? View Details. Fits small fishing & jon boats; Single Axle # Drift Boat Trailer ? View Details. Designed for drift boats; Step fender; Single Axle # Long Bunk Trailer ? View Details. Ideal for longer jon boats; Single Axle # Wide Roller Trailer ?. Model: TRN Boat Length: 14?? Load Capacity: lbs. Tire Size: ST/80R13 C Winch Size: lbs. Coupler Size: 2? Features: Winch Strap w/ Hook, Wind Guides, Tongue Jack, 2?3 Tube, Adjustable Bunks, ? Keel Roller, Adjustable Axle, Submersible Lights, Safety Chains, 2 Bunks, Silver Wheels, Fender Boards, Accu Lubes, Available in 48?? Widths. Abstract:

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Single Axle Single axle trailers are suited for boats up to about 20 feet in length. Aluminum provides natural corrosion resistance 14 Foot Jon Boat And Trailer Weight Jacket with less weight than a comparable steel frame, saving you fuel and valuable payload. Baot, IL. Jon boats measuring less than 12 ft in length are almost never 10 foot jon boat trailer 12 with a trailer. If a trailer is desired you will usually be limited to a DIY model, and even then it will probably be a general purpose utility trailer reconfigured to handle a boat. However, if using ramps that are shallow, in poor condition or involve tides, rollers will make the entire process much easier. Comes with 4 hp Mercury 2 stroke that was completely rebuilt and has only been used 5 times.

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