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Jack Spriggs | Rhode Island Yacht Builders Jacket Seattle Yachts Hand-craft. Lindell Yachts are meticulously handmade with care in the Pacific Northwest by Master Boat Builder Jim Lindell. Jim has spent a lifetime honing his craft, testing and constantly improving on boat-building technologies. Mar. 27�A longtime Bellingham boat-building company has been sold to a larger firm that also has strong boat manufacturing ties in the Pacific Northwest. All American Marine announced on Friday. The Pacific Northwest is one of the most diverse boating playgrounds � and so are the boats and boaters calling it home. Here's a look at what makes this place special. This custom Nordlund foot yachtfisher, built in Tacoma, Washington, navigates Desolation Sound, British Columbia. (Photo: �Neil Rabinowitz ).

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And at Lindell Yachts, we build the finest boats available for just that � your adventure. Jim has spent a lifetime honing his craft, testing and constantly improving on boat-building technologies.

Commercial Grade. But, they are also luxury cruising yachts, appointed with the finest details and fit and finish throughout. Your lifestyle. Lindell Yachts are created for luxury sport fishing, cruising, and entertaining.

Our boating technology is ideal for getting where you want to go in style, speed and maximum comfort. Known for our innovative and remarkable vessels, we want a Lindell Yacht to be the heart of your adventure. All three are built for open ocean, with top quality appointments. When it comes to open-ocean fishing, getting there is half the fun. Class-leading open ocean build quality. Yachts For Sale. Yachts for Charter. Specialisations Luxury yacht building in advanced composites remains a Delta Marine speciality.

MLR 53 m USHER Delta Marine motor yacht Time For Us sold. Delta Marine expedition yacht Holiday for sale. Delta Motor Yacht Andrea Sold. Delta motor yacht Spirit sold. Delta motor yacht Time for Us sold. Endless Summer: The 49m yacht four years in the making.

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