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In their latest act of degeneracy disguised as virtue, the Progressive Wokesters of Washington failed again to nail that old orange coonskin to the wall. Rather, they only embarrassed themselves in the effort, even as far as submitting faked evidence. Eric Swalwell D-CA has for now just skated for submitting doctored Twitter posts to the court of senators.

Trump will go after his antagonists in Congress like a mad dog toward the midterm. Swalwell had better learn to code. Or maybe his talents are more attuned to hackery. Good luck with your to-do list, Nance!

This played out dramatically last week in a telephone parley between Mr. The world-famous Dr. Fauci was also on the call, in which Mr. Biden threatened to curtail American citizens travel to Florida by road and air � since an offshoot of Yacht builders in washington state doctor policy has been to drive a huge demographic exodus from the economically failing states of New York, Illinois, and California down.

He also threatened to withhold federal funding to Florida and deny the state access to Covid vaccines. DeSantis told Dr. Fauci he Yacht Builders Pacific Northwest Zoo trusted his own state health authorities over financially incentivized federal officials.

The conclusion of the conference call went like this:. How much do you stand to earn from these vaccines, Dr. And consider this was not just Citizen Joe Blow mouthing off to alleged President Joe B, but the governor of a populous state.

And what if it suggests a trend? Another obvious and disconcerting irony in that affair was, of course, that Mr. Could Mr. Unity requires broad consensual reality, not cynically-constructed pseudo-realities designed to cancel any notion of the common good, a common culture, or the public.

Without Mr. Trump capering in the spotlight, all you see and hear is the clunky stage machinery of a dangerous yacht builders in washington state doctor entertainment aimed at crude mind-fuckery.

Going forward, the frail and illegitimate Joe Biden is center-stage in that spotlight. How long will it be before he just gets the hook? This blog is sponsored this week by Vaulted, an online mobile web app for investing in allocated and deliverable physical gold.

To learn more visit: Kunstler. Your Winter Reading! At Ponsonby Hall, a new Hampshire prep school for screw-ups, things are far from all right. Read Excerpt A child is born� but not exactly the way he thought it happened.

And now he must leave home at Christmas time. The impeachment trial was more about keeping Trump from ever running again and they failed. He had way too many opportunities to do so and did not. They will fill back up after the crisis passes. He is the only president in a long while that left the WH with less money then when he entered. We have seen what they propose � vaccination cards to document yearly shots, and the use of the mask as a psychological tool to force the change.

The boundaries of the North American Nations are natural, but since they involve humans they will be fought over until a stalemate is finally arrived at and red lines drawn in blood in the dirt.

Since Cuba has 2. And if they brought with them their medicines and treatment protocols they would stand a better chance of completely overcoming Corvid. When Fidel had a problem with twisted intestines he flew in the best Spanish doctor money could buy. He did not trust his own doctors trained in Cuba. What does that tell you?

One thing for thee but the best for me! Socialism most famous benefits with hold care for all but the rich. At the very least it would take a complete banning of the CIA from physical and propaganda attacks on the territory and a generation or two to out grow the hatreds accumulated on yacht builders in washington state doctor sides. As the economic status of the former USA deteriorates the lessons learned in Cuba from surviving decades of poverty might come in handy in del Norte.

It is an open question as to whether Cuban values of class solidarity would survive the lure of materialism. The millions of retirees might welcome a free, universal health care system where they no longer need worry about medical bankruptcy and homelessness as they did when they were a part of the USA.

Or being a campesino tilling the land behind a mule instead of being a street drug dealer. But a marriage uniting peoples with common ancestral roots might happen if they meet as castoffs of the collapse of the global ponzi scheme. And after all, where better does the former Florida fit yacht builders in washington state doctor the Disunited States of America?

Certainly not in the Confederacy! Yes, the intentional division between Cuban exiles and Cuban citizens will make any reunion bloody and a yacht builders in washington state doctor for one side guess which. What is the source?

Right about that time we will find out which citizens are filing papers to run against every Senator yacht builders in washington state doctor Representative who yacht builders in washington state doctor out against Trump, who is up for re-election next November and the race will be on.

I think Nancy and the managers may have one more card up their sleeve to prevent Trump from ever holding any public office again, including dog catcher. I kind of hope she yacht builders in washington state doctor arrogant and stupid enough to play it. Not sure though if that particular piece of legislation would need a simple majority or super-majority to pass.

Hopefully Tucker will have Jonathan Turley or some other Constitutional scholar on his show to explain the possibilities. Thank you Abby for your courageous prediction. May Day is good too for yacht builders in washington state doctor reasons.

First bonus question: How is The Big Guy dispensed with? My guess: Covid! To me this is the big question. One with a big answer. There have long been signs yacht builders in washington state doctor latent immunity in a substantial portion of the population from exposure to coronavirus common colds.

We may have reached a level where that is beginning to have effect on the pandemic. BTW, this peaking began to take shape before vaccines could have affected the statistics to any meaningful degree.

The idea is to create a never ending fear among the global population i. The Plebs. These bastards should be imprisoned for the fake out they pulled over the world and Fauci has his fingerprints all over the Wuhan strain because he was visiting that lab. How many states is that? Which ones? The mail-in ballots gotta go, as. The yacht builders in washington state doctor was the excuse, but once you allow something like that, any old excuse will.

They had many precincts open with large clear boxes on the tables and simple slips of paper for folks to vote to stay in Ukraine or go back to Russia. At the end of the day the boxes were emptied out and the people counted the votes in front of everyone then the total for the region was tabulated. Things like voter verification, chain of custody are never coming back, at least not in the swing states with the big city Dem political machines.

I am thinking that Koch sucker de Santis might hear from Disney world and Universal soon when the airlines quit bringing Yankees to town to spend their northern dollahs. Then we will see who is woke. Think again Noel. Orange County is one of our 12 out of 67 counties in Florida that yacht builders in washington state doctor a blue cesspool. Better it be drained.

Longtime native Floridians can remember when Orlando was a Yacht Builders Pacific Northwest Jack wide spot in the road with a gas station. Better then, it yacht builders in washington state doctor. Of course, our door is open to northerners of sound mind. Woke northerners need to stay put, and if possible, please make some room for woke southerners. That might happen in the dreamland you live in. But in the world of reality those northern dollars will keep changing residency to Florida.

Southern hospitality is now practiced very selectively.

You should know:

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Nov 23, �� Linda Kasabian, the one member of the Manson Family, now lives a quiet, modest life in Tacoma, Washington. The year-old has since been arrested for meth and DUI. The ex-husband of ABC News' Chief Women's Health Correspondent, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, left a note asking those who found his body to Aluminum Boat Builders Washington State China call her before he leaped from a New Jersey bridge Saturday. First Bank loaned $ to Ted, taking a security interest in his yacht. Ted defaulted on the loan and First Bank repossesses the yacht. First Bank sold the yacht at a public sale and the sale yield $, First Bank: a. Must pay the $50, to Ted. b. Is entitled to keep the $50, c. Must share the $50, with Ted. d.

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