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DS15 being built from a kit by Hunter Gall. Didi being built from a kit by Mike Vermeersch. A pre-cut plywood kit will speed up your project, saving time measuring, drawing and cutting woodn.

You can buy from any wooden jon boat kits 4000 listed on our kits pagewhether you are in USA or. They cut, wooden jon boat kits 4000 ojn ship to your location. CLC will not quote you to supply a kit for one of our designs, you must order from us. Wooden jon boat kits 4000 down to woden kits and prices. Shipping costs are dependent on the choice of kit and delivery location.

We show estimated shipping prices to the lower 48 states of USA next to the kit price as a guide and will obtain an accurate shipping price to your location. We will email the final amount to you and await your approval before we process the payment and order. Kit prices do not include plans. They are separately priced and you must have bought plans before we will instruct CLC to cut your kit.

Go to our plan pricelist to order plans. Click the link for each kit to woofen what is included. Actual cost will depend on your location and jkn size of the kit. It will be emailed to you for approval before wooden jon boat kits 4000 the order. Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull, seats, daggerboard and rudder. Click to see contents of kit. Plywood bulkhead kit comprises all plywood bulkheads and transoms for both hulls.

Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull, deck and rudder box, jigsaw-jointed. Kit 2 also includes extra wooden jon boat kits 4000 for radius. Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull, seats and rudder cheeks. Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull, seats and skeg, cut from 4mm plywood. Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull, decks, bulkheads and seats, cut from 6mm and 9mm plywood.

Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads, jigsaw-jointed. Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels goat hull, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads. Wolden kit comprises all plywood panels for hull flat surfaces, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads, as well as additional plywood for the radius skin. This kit can be supplied with standard 6mm hull skin or optional 9mm. Plywood kit 1 comprises all plywood panels for hull flat hon, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads, jigsaw-jointed.

Kit 2 also includes extra plywood sheets for radius. Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull flat surfaces, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads, jigsaw-jointed. Excludes strip cedar cabin roof. Four wioden options offered, with choices of 9mm or 12mm hull skin and with or without extra plywood to jkn the radius hull skin.

All include all pre-cut panels for hull flat surfaces, deck, cockpit, major bulkheads and backbone, jigsaw-jointed. Kit 1 is with 9mm hull skin. Kit 2 is with 9mm hull skin plus extra sheets for radius. Kit 3 is with 12mm hull skin. Kit 4 is with 12mm hull skin plus extra sheets for radius. Two kit options offered. Kit 1 comprises all plywood panels for hull flat surfaces, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads, jigsaw-jointed.

Kit 2 also has sheets wooden jon boat kits 4000 6mm plywood for boatt the radius area of the hull skin.


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This saves money and time for you plus eliminates the problem often created by trying to get a large truck to a residence. Especially if you live in a rural area like I do.

We work with the boat designer for any modifications that this might require from their original plans. Plans for most of our boats can be purchased either with our kits or through Duckworks Boat Builders Supply. We do include information for piece locations to ease your construction. As mentioned above, we will have fiberglass and epoxy kits for our boats that can be shipped to you or you can order specific items for yourself.

Duckworks is your best source for fiberglass and epoxy as well as various hardware items you may need for your new boat. Chuck and Sandra are very helpful folks and have built many boats themselves.

So they know what you are accomplishing and will help in everyway they can. John Owens C. Free up your hands while sailing � the fantastic Tiller Clutch.

Our Facebook photos of current work are here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What type of boat Ricardo? John did the bottom this way also, but double diagonal format here is optional as well. Note husky stringers and adjoining motor beds bolted along the inside of these. Hull was bored for shaft while upside down. Note how all surfaces are coated with moisture-inhibiting epoxy. You could also convert your own automotive motor to marine use if you like.

The vertical rod is for an optional lifting eye; another will be installed aft. Note that the transom is not just a slab of flat plywood � plans include easy methods for making the authentic curved type without grief or hard work.

A builder can display a lot of creativity in this area with wood staining, seam caulking, hardware placement, etc. Looks just like the classics of the past, but without the headaches. Plans include a resource list where you can locate authentic hardware and other specialty items. Comments are closed. Connect with us:. Customer Builds. The line will act as a guide for the placement of the sides, front and back of your boat.

Next, temporarily fix the poplar stock along the line and onto the bottom with screws. This will be removed later before being permanently fixed in place. Using a pencil, trace the poplar stock to form the glue alley. The glue alley is used to mark the area where you will place your glue to hold the ribbing in place.

Like the poplar stock Aluminum Jon Boat Kits Zip Code used Complete Rc Boat Kits 6.5 for the ribbing you now need to temporarily screw this piece evenly over the seam. You will also remove this later before replacing it permanently. Once in place trace the front and back edges on the boat floor to marks its position and form another glue alley. Again, you will use this glue alley as a guide when putting down the glue to affix the seam-piece in place permanently. This is the glue alley. In this glue alley you will add polyethylene glue.

Before adding the glue run a wet rag in-between the lines as polyethylene glue is activated by water. Add plenty of polyethylene glue to the glue alley between the lines in a zig-zag fashion. Once the glue is in place, you can permanently fix back the ribbing by screwing it in place every 6 � 8 inches. The combination of glue and screws will give it a string hold.

Now remove the seam-piece that connects the front and back and repeat the water and glue process. Screw back into place. The curve shape of a Jon boat enables it to cut through the water and you have already made some preparations to create this when you glued Luan and birch plywood together to form part of the boat bottom.

If you want to add a Plexiglas window to the boat floor follow the additional instructions in the video below. Therefore both the starboard and the port sides of the boat will made from a combination of two pieces each as shown below.

To build the sides measure and use a table saw to cut the plywood into sizes that match the floor of the boat. You will need to cut into a curve shape the front pieces of each of the sides as you did previously with the bottom. To do this set the starboard side piece next to the boat and trace the shape of the boat onto the inside of that side piece.

This will allow you to cut the side into shape where the curve is. Use a jig saw to cut along the line so the side piece now matches the curve of Diy Jon Boat Steering Gmbh the bottom of the boat.

Attach both sides with water and polyethylene glue. Then starting at the bow screw each side into the ribbing making sure the side stays in place by using a clamp. Ensure the sides are square to the bottom before attempting to attach the prow. If they are not adjust them with a clamp. Wet the area and glue, like you did with the sides, before screwing the prow to the front of the boat.

If you have decided to add a Plexiglas window to the bottom of the boat then it is at this stage you must complete that job before moving on. If you are not putting a Plexiglas window into the bottom of the boat just move on to the next step. Be are that because we are placing the foam inside the boat it will not give it extra buoyancy when in use as outlined here. The purpose of this is to help the boat float should it take on too much water and begin to sink � thus giving you more time to react, ensure crew are safe and to remove expensive equipment.

Then attach the foam using construction adhesive and screws. Make sure the surface is level by adding strips of Luan plywood to the ribbing. The deck will cover both the ribbing and the foam board for a more aesthetic look.

Install the decking by placing Luan plywood on top of the boat. Trace along the underside of the Luan at both sides and then cut it to size. If you have decided to put a Plexiglas sheet on the bottom of your boat remember to also measure and cut out that shape.

Use construction adhesive to attach the cut Luan plywood sheet to the boat floor and staple into place. Like you did with the prow cut a sheet of plywood to size and then use water, polyethylene glue and screws to fix in place.

Measure, cut and tack two pieces of wood for each side to conceal the joint between the front piece and the back piece of the sides as shown in the image below.

Skiffs are a preventative measure that protects the boat hull from sustaining damage while docking at a rocky beach or when it hits obstacles in very shallow waters.

The skiffs run along the entire length of the boat from the stern to the bow and usually number from 5 to 6. As these are designed to help protect the boat from rocks and other debris they need to be made from a hardwood. Oak is ideal. Then measure and cut to size the skiffs from solid oak stock. Just a few inches in width is enough. Attach them with water, polyurethane glue and exterior screws.

If you have placed a Plexiglas window on the floor of your boat be sure to place the benches at an appropriate distances from it so as not to obscure the view. Obviously your boat will need seating but you will also want to include a front compartment for storage.

Start by cutting 2 side pieces giving them a 45 degree angle at the ends. Attach to the sides of the boat using a cleat.

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