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03Kitchens at Leekes71 Introducing wood effect kitchen cabinets will provide a natural addition to your space. Available in a variety of styles and textures, contrasting materials can also be incorporated to add interest. WOOD EFFECT KITCHENS A wood kitchen has been a firm favourite for many years. These kitchens offer warmth and charm and evoke an inviting feel � which is great if your kitchen is also the main social hub of your home. A play kitchen for kids is an excellent toy they can play with for years. A smaller, kid-sized version of a real kitchen, a play kitchen often includes many different elements, such as a stove, sink, fridge, microwave, cupboards and counters. It�s meant to mimic the adult kitchen kids are used to seeing their parents cook in, and provide them. Updated:

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Photo: Pieter Estersohn. Our kitchens are manufactured in Germany to the highest standard. Price Estimator. The wood effect kitchen door is engineered by pressing a pre-finished, textured laminate onto a synthetic core substrate. It is also hard-wearing, robust and a practical option for everyday kitchen use. Meeting current demand for modern wood kitchen accents, Kitchen Revolutions have an extensive range of wood kitchen finishes to suit all different spaces, wood Chris Craft Boat Models Wooden 01 effect kitchens 01 and budgets.

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