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Dimensions are for the sailing canoe with rudder. Leeboard should be around middle of the canoe if you are using paddle for steering. Fine tuning may be needed, especially if the hull quesions not symmetric.

If seat positions are not good for sailing gear, you can use stern as a bow. You need around 7 meters of rope 6 mm. The RoG is a no-compromise performance micro-cruiser. Make support for the mast step from four queshions aluminum profile, diameter is around 20 mm.

Aluminum profile can be any standard pipe you can find from hardware store. Flatten 4 cm wood Little Wooden Boat Plans Queens canoe plans pdf questions pipe end to correct angle to screw it to mast step and mast thwart. Drill 8mm holes for screws.

You need around 3 meters of the woo profile. Main dimensions for the rig: - Gaff lenght is cm - Boom Classic Wood Sailboat Plans Worksheet lenght is cm - Mast lenght is cm Maximum cwnoe is cm from Plywood Canoe Building Plans Canada the bottom to highest point of the gaff by ACA class rules Distance from center of mast to fron of sail shall be Dimensions of sail for ACA class are defined in class rules.

I would say that it is better to buy sail from wood canoe plans Free Yacht Plans Pdf Online pdf questions sail maker. See also sails page. DIY: Instructions to build your own sailing canoe. You can make mast from two 25 x 50 mm wood that are epoxied. Sand corners smooth. Make sure dood wood canoe plans pdf questions for a block is narrow enough to ensure that halyard do not enter to gap between block and its' hole.

Someone posted an alarming question as to paint color. Read on to find out more! Best regards, Jure. Could you provide more canoe plans? She's gorgeous, a floating piece of art!

Main points:

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