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Jan 08, �� For this reason alone, it is likely someone somewhere will always be building wooden cruising boats, and that other people will always be sailing them. Plank-on-Frame Construction. This is the most traditional method of building a wood boat. The principle is . The keel is the backbone of wooden boats. It connects to the stem at the front and back of the boat. Keelson The inside part of the keel is the keelson. It helps make the boat more rigid and strengthens the connection of ribs and other parts of the boat to the keel. Knee A piece of wood connecting and supporting two parts roughly at right angles. Conclusion:

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It takes a lot of space to loft. Clnstruction purpose is to stabilize and create lift on a deep vee hull when under power. All that leads to a fully assembled, wood boat construction terms 201 complicated structure, that is more woood to the craftspeople who are working in such a curvy wonky world. Most often located on either side of the keel, running as far forward as possible. Has a main aft of the mast and a triangular sail jib forward of the mast, usually attached to the forestay.

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