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Aluminium sailboat Munson Aluminum Boats - Custom welded aluminum boats, landing craft, workboats, patrol boats, fire boats, passenger boats, dive boats, research boats, fishing boats, boom boats. While the Higgins Boat's displacement hull was made. of wood, Munson Hulls are high-speed planing hulls that are welded from 1/4" plate aluminum. They reach. HYPER-LIFT � HULL The Xpress Boat Hyper-Lift� hull is a marvel of engineering excellence, providing a lightning fast hole shot, unbelievable turning and a smooth steady ride. The beauty of the exterior belies a tough all-welded, all-aluminum foundation that is the keystone of the Xpress Boat line. Alumaweld has done it again! The Talon is the perfect combination of serious fishing performance and affordability. The 18' with the 14� bottom is designed for outboard application. The Talon is another reason Alumaweld is the leader in heavy gauge, all-welded aluminum boats.

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4 All hulls will be assembled of wooden or fiberglass or the multiple of wooden as well as fiberglass or the reduction of fiberglass as well as enamel frothquieter.

The boat has been designed to provide the quality that is expected from Alumaweld at an affordable price level. Critical boat control, perfect balance and a boat that responds immediately to your commands at the trolling motor.

Depending on where you're from it may be called, "free drifting", "side-drifting", "dragging", "rolling shot" or "boon-dogging". These techniques that require critical boat control, perfect balance and a boat that responds immediately to your commands. Wide tackle trays are perfect for storing rods. The forward fuel tank position enhances the Free Drifter's balance which is essential for proper control and the open design allows complete freedom of movement for casting.

Call it what you like, but free-drifting is here to stay and has exploded in popularity. Alumaweld worked closely with some of the top experts in the field to create the ultimate ride for the application. The response? A tailored design and new series appropriately named, the Free Drifter. The Adventurer provides the versatility of a jet or prop application. Allowing you to cut through chop and yet the ability to use in a jet application. High sides, along with a wide coaming, provides stability while standing fighting that record fish.

The Adventurer maintains benefits that are standard, including locking electronics box, hot tub, washdown and a large fish box with a thru hull drain. In addition, it has the Tuff Dot interior coating for the toughest usage. It's got exceptional storage, large rod lockers and two roomy livewells. Both professionals and amateurs alike will appreciate everything this boat has to offer. The Edge Sport provides the ultimate on water experience by flawlessly combining fishing Aluminum Hull Boats Used Item and fun with room enough for the whole family.

Skillfully crafted to comfortably include recreational amenities while maintaining the unparalleled angling experience you expect from an Alumacraft. All the fun in a smaller package, the Edge Sport comfortably fits seven passengers and effortlessly provides a great on water experience.

Specifically designed for families who enjoy both fishing and water sports, the Edge is proof that you can have it all. While great things can come in small packages, it's no secret that bigger can just be better. The Competitor models make sure of that. Measuring 8-feet wide and nearly feet long, this is a sizeable boat that packs a sizable punch.

Built with tons of storage space, huge livewells and our signature 2XB performance, the Competitor refuses to compromise. The Competitor Shadow models make sure of that. Having an exclusive shadow interior matched with a black hull finish, this boat throws some serious shade at the competition. Built with tons of storage space, aerated livewells and our signature 2XB performance, the Competitor Shadow stands out in a sea of sameness.

Not too small, not too big; this boat is just right. Ready for the pros and ready for you, the Competitor models are decked out with the features you want and need, like spacious storage, a built-in cooler, lighted livewells and top-of-the-line textured gunnels.

Get out there and let everyone know you came to win with the Competitor From large lakes to your local favorite fishing spot, the Shadow series is sure to be the talk at the local bait shop. A sleek and fearless warrior on the water, the Competitor models mix confidence and efficiency in the best way. A sleek and fearless warrior on the water, the Competitor Shadow models mix confidence and efficiency in the best way.

Powerful performance with a compact design. The Competitor series redefines efficiency. The Competitor will give you a fishing experience that puts the competition to shame. Go Welded Aluminum Hull Boats Size anywhere and do everything. The Voyageur bestows all the spacious comfort of a huge fishing rig in a foot outfit.

The Voyageur is ready for you to explore and discover, all while making the bigger boats jealous. Historically setting the standard. With all the right features, the Classic provides just the experience you want.

On top of easy towing and fantastic performance, the foot outfit is equipped with tons of storage and amenities. Perfect for family getaways or going solo, the Classic consistently sets a high bar. Its streamlined design, top-of-the-class features and effortless maneuverability allow you to do exactly what you think it would: escape.

This series' easy-to-tow size lets you get on the water in a hurry without sacrificing the amenities you love. Standard features like extra-large side rod holders, a huge lighted livewell and downright impressive storage space keep this light package in line with the heavy weights. These Alumacraft All Welds are the perfect all purpose boat and when it comes to a goose hunting boat or a duck hunting boat, the name Waterfowler Series speaks for itself as the ultimate waterfowl boat.

Built to last and at the head of the class with an industry leading aluminum boat design. Weighing a mere and pounds, these all purpose utility boats are easy to move and even easier to get launched.

From fishing to duck and goose hunting, the Alumacraft V-Series is a must have addition to your lake shore. Put the competition on watch. With 18' and 20' options, the Bay series gives you enough space to do whatever it is that you do best.

Designed to execute in and around intercoastal waters, these boats offer a smooth ride and easy handling. In case that's not enough, a shallow draft gives your experience limitless possibilities. Beyond versatile. The Pro series allows you to go anywhere you want in a fast and proficient ride. Exceptional storage space, rod lockers and one roomy livewell let you haul all you could need and more in an excessively impressive boat. Suitable for professional and personal needs, the Pro Series effortlessly executes above the rest of its class.

Bass beware. Well done! This boat is powerful, fast and handles extremely well. The layout of the X19 Pro was well thought out. Below the front and back decks, there is plenty of storage for us to have all of our fishing gear on board and keep it all organized. Another great layout feature is that the wires and wire channels are run in a way that make it easy to quickly install and remove electronics. Next on my list of favorite features would be the SeaDek flooring. SeaDek is incredibly easy to clean, very durable and feels great to stand on.

I will never go back to carpet in a boat after having SeaDek. Thank you Xpress for building superior boat! Good question.

In the winter of Chris Wells called me and asked if he could bring a bass-pro to stay with us and do some pre-fishing for an upcoming tournament.

I agreed and a couple weeks later my wife and I hosted James Niggemeyer for a long weekend. I spent a lot of time picking his brain about fishing and the whole world of tournament fishing was opened up to me.

Several weeks later at his insistence I marshaled my fist event. I was hooked on tournament fishing from that point forward. However, as soon as I walked in the front door there sat a new sleek black Xpress X That thing looked great. As I spoke to the sales team about the many other boats I kept going back to the Xpress. I found an article about aluminum vs. I think that James Niggemeyer was the one to get me to pull the trigger on the Xpress.

Based on where I live and fish, along with the cost, there was nothing better. The X19 was a great boat for me to cut my teeth on and after a tough first year of learning all about tournament fishing. I was feeling confident. In my second year I won my first tournament and finished regularly in the top 5.

I was ready for a bigger and faster boat. I had also been saving, knowing this was going to happen. None of them impressed me to the point that I would ever consider giving up my Xpress. So, in the summer of I ordered my X21 Pro with almost everything I could order. The speed. The handling. The storage. The ride. The deck space. The price. To me nothing compares.

It seems like every time I hit a local ramp people have to come look at it and ask questions. Then to watch Xpress start fielding a team of pros really excited me and after meeting the guys I could see just how special the company of Xpress was. They treat these guys like they are a part of the family. Would I like to be a part of this family? Truth be told, I already am. XpressBoats WeBuildXcitement.

View Series. Learn more about the Xpress Difference. Xpress Boats has the right boat for every need. Locate a Dealer. Request a Catalog. Darren H. The top three features I value are the accessory rail system, for which I ordered the convenience station that is perfect for a drink and a box of shells when hunting.

The second feature is the paint. It looks great and holds up when running flooded timber and marsh. The third feature is the weight. The boat is incredibly light, which makes it easy to trailer in windy situations. I found this boat online and showed up the next day to look at it. They helped me every step of the way and were extremely easy to buy from.

Every department ran like a smooth oiled machine there. Cameron O. Tim D. Daniel R. Phillip I. Lonnie H. Mark A. Paul J. Andrew T. Dino H. Matt M. Mark C. Grant A. Steve J. Gary M. The first feature we love is that the boat floats in just inches of water, which makes it nice in shallow creeks. The second feature we love is that whether we are in rough water or calm water, it handles almost the same and no one wants a rough riding boat.

The third feature we love is that how skinny it will run right off the market without a low water pickup. If you can see water, without a doubt you can run it. Awesome people and great customer service! Ryan A. Paul E. Bradley C. Mandy B. From going miles offshore to a few reefs or head to the mangroves. It handles pretty well in foot waves too. James T. Joe G. Previous Next. Digital and hard copy versions available. Get yours today. Get a Catalog.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our models or products. Ask a Question. My kind of morning commute. Our very own Jason Christie is going Facebook Live. Follow on Instagram.

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