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You can order your new pontoon boat according to your desires � there is virtually no limit for customer wishes. In the following paragraphs we would like to show you how flexible are pontoon boats by PEREBO and what advantages resulting from. By means of these modular plastic floats pontoon tubes in different trout fishing pontoon boat king and payloads can be builded very easy.

They have a high load carrying capacity, yet are surprisingly light. This becomes especially noticeable when the pontoon boat must be placed on a trailer. Last but not least, due to the shallow draught of the boatthere is a low fuel consumption of the engine.

If you are looking for a recreational pontoon trout fishing pontoon boat kingwe offer you for example this boat with a deck structure made from lightweight and durable GRP glass-fiber reinforced plastic. This material is particularly enjoyed by fisherman because it can easily be cleaned.

Of course you can alternatively choose a supporting structure of the boat made of classic materials such as aluminum or steel. In this case the boat deck is designed with wood or plastic planks. We are happy to provide trout fishing pontoon boat king new pontoon boat with accessories such as matching seat cushions, a railing or a bathing ladder.

The propulsion can take, for example, an ordinary petrol engine. You can also opt for an electric motor or pedal drive, of course. If you have decided to buy a pontoon boat, you have chosen a reliable companion for your trips on the water.

Finally, you will appreciate the large boat trout fishing pontoon boat king area that is often not available on other boats. These multi-purpose work boats are particularly suitable for the use in shallow waters! Due to the large deck area it's trout fishing pontoon boat king easy to transport of different materials and other goods on the water.

Among other things, they are used by construction companies for bridge renovations. Here, the on deck placeable scaffolding is very beneficial which allows works under bridges. Already in ordering of such work boatyou have the choice between different accessories. If you wish, you can order accessories such as a small hand winch or standing scaffolding � mountable directly on the boat deck.

All our pontoon work boats are available in different lengths and widths. Moreover, in order to use your pontoon boat for a long time, particular attention was given to a high resistance of the pontoon tubes to chemicals.

Therefore, your work boat can also be used in acid or alkaline waters. Please call us or send us an email for a non-obliging and free consultation.

We are confident that we can offer you the purchase of the right pontoon boat for your projects and requirements. Our work boats are DGUV tested regarding safety and health. Perebo develops, designs and builds trout fishing pontoon boat king systems, unique and innovative in design and combines therein architecture, engineering, research and development. So there is no interfaces-losses in complex planning.

We find the balance between time, quality and cost, the parameters of any project. Work boats � for construction companies, marina operators, divers trout fishing pontoon boat king other companies Pontoon working boats by PEREBO impress with their versatility and their easy handling.

Configure your own pontoon boat with help of our leisure boat-configurator. Configure your own work boat with help of our work boat-configurator. Accessories for Perebo Pontoon Boats can be found. About Perebo. Webservice: espiat.


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Rod holders are must have inflatable pontoon boat accessories. Multiple positing setting are more desirable. Make sure to check before buying! Safety first! Even if your desired pontoon fishing boat has a motor mount, be sure to check that it can accommodate your motor.

Many small one man pontoon boats can only handle a trolling motor of up to 3 horsepower, so do check the specs before investing. Lastly, make sure you check the dimensions of your pontoon boat. Ask yourself if it will easily fit in the trunk of your car, or whether it will fit on your trailer.

Pay attention to the sizes and make sure you can easily transport and store your new boat. Laws differ from state to state and we recommend that you check with your local authorities before launching your inflatable pontoon boat.

For example, in California, even sail-powered vessels over eight feet Wistar Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat-011 Key in length are subject to registration at the DMV. S Coast Guard. If your state requires that your boat needs to be registered with the Marine Board, you will need a title in order to get registered. Rules vary depending on your location.

Be warned though, in busy periods boat registration can take up to 10 weeks. Unpack your pontoons and carefully roll them out and unfold them, checking for any holes or tears in the inflatable walls. Be sure to unroll your pontoons out onto a clear patch of ground with no debris or sharp edges nearby. This will provide access to the inflation and deflation valve.

Some valves operate differently, but the majority of them have a spring and pin mechanism opens or closes the air valves. To inflate, push the spring inwards and turn the pin counter-clockwise. This should lock the valve in position, allowing air to enter but not escape. Using the correct sized valve adapter and either a hand, foot, or battery-powered pump, place the valve adapter into the end of the pump hose, and connect the valve adapter into the pontoon valve.

Begin pumping air into the pontoon until the pontoon is fully inflated. This should be at around 2. Different products have different specifications. Avoid exposing your inflatable pontoon boat to extreme temperature changes for the best results.

The colors must be highly visible and in contrast to the background color. Check the size of the battery box recess on your inflatable pontoon boat for an idea of what dimensions your battery needs to be. A lightweight volt trolling motor battery is powerful enough and light enough to power all one-man pontoon boats.

Most anglers recommend Minn Kota electric motors, especially the Endura Categories : Reviews. Thank you this has answered so many if questions, mo other single article has done I am choosing the xts classic.

Now looking for the best price. Thanks again. My husband and I love exploring the wild, so this will be an excellent addition to our current gear.

Your email Mini Pontoon Fishing Boat Mod address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Navigation Boat Safe. Best Budget Choice. Best Premium Choice. Best Overall Choice 1. Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat Check Latest Price Classic Accessories is a great go-to brand for outdoor vehicles and recreation equipment, and though the brand is more famously known for their outdoor furniture covers, they know a thing or two about manufacturing tough and durable pontoon boats.

Best Budget Choice 2. Best Premium Choice 3. Pros Three oar lock positions 2 year warranty Easy disassembly Adjustable seat mount and foot rests. Pros Spacious inflatable fishing boat 4 rod holders and mounts 2x padded swivel chairs 3 year warranty. Pros 5 year warranty Summit II valves Solid sewn seam construction Unique lean bar on the casting deck. Pros Thermo-bonded seams Four strong air chambers Accommodates engines up to 6 horsepower 3 years warranty.

How To Inflate A Pontoon Boat Unpacking Unpack your pontoons and carefully roll them out and unfold them, checking for any holes or tears in the inflatable walls. Inflation Using the correct sized valve adapter and either a hand, foot, or battery-powered pump, place the valve adapter into the end of the pump hose, and connect the valve adapter into the pontoon valve.

Pond King Ultra. Pond King Lil' Cruiser. Pond King Elite. Steel Docks. Deluxe Steel Docks. Aluminum Docks.

Floating Dock Kits. Honey Hole Spawning Discs. Honey Hole Nursery. Honey Hole Mega Nursery. Honey Hole Grass. Honey Hole Shrub. Honey Hole Tree. Honey Hole Brush.

Honey Hole Reed. Honey Hole Canopy. The Honey Hole. Honey Hole Dock Dropper. Honey Hole Value Packs. The slightly higher price tag stems from the padded swivel seat included with this option.

With an integrated anchor system, motor mount, extensive storage, and built-in rod holders and fly patches, this pontoon boat is truly equipped for virtually every style angler. Easy to transport off the water and highly capable on the water, the Colorado XTS is one of the ultimate affordable options for those seeking a full-feature inflatable pontoon boat. It is an excellent still water fishing vessel, as well as a highly capable alternative to a drift boat or raft for running rivers.

This is a full-size inflatable pontoon boat for two boaters or fishermen coming in at 13 feet long, 5. The Fish Cat 13 features a inch pontoon diameter, giving it an impressive load capacity of pounds, so you can bring all your gear and some with this workhorse. There is even an integrated lean bar for some assistance and support standing and fishing from the bow.

The frame is ideal for guiding clients or friends while fishing and the removable front mod can furthermore be modified to accommodate just one boater if you would prefer to take the Fish Cat 13 out on your own. Four removable gear bags provide plenty of storage for all sorts of gear, so this option is more than capable of multi-day floats and river trips if you want to cover some ground.

An optional motor mount furthermore allows you to add some propulsion if you choose to. Outcast even offers a limited five-year warranty on this boat so you can buy in confidence! This seven and a half foot long pontoon boat is impressively stable, featuring a mm thick aluminum floor that spans more or less the entire footprint of the vessel.

The four, rather than two pontoon design furthermore adds even greater stability, even suitable for two person use despite the shorter length. Between the four pontoons and the spacious dimensions of the deck, this option provides a ton of highly stable room for actively angling, sunbathing, and just hanging out!

It should be noted however that this boat has a max load capacity of pounds, so if you and your passenger are both on the heavier side this pontoon may be close to maxed out. Most impressive of all, this entire vessel breaks down into a remarkably compact carry bag that can even be worn as a backpack just 44 pounds for easy transport and storage.

Those who are relatively fit could easily pack this boat into more remote lakes and ponds in order to access otherwise impossible to boat on water, although taking the trolling motor with you on the trail is probably not all that practical! While this option is only really suitable for still water applications, the included value for the price point is better than excellent for those seeking a unique and highly capable fishing or pleasure boat.

AQUOS has designed this pontoon boat to be a clean canvas for you to customize and make your own. You can install upgrades and modify this one or two man watercraft to specifically match your fishing or boating needs, and at a laughably cheap price point.

The total weight is 44 pounds, and the entire vessel breaks down into a backpack-style carry bag for easy transport. It should be noted that the brand only includes one paddle and there are no integrated oarlocks. That being said, there is a motor mount for securing some propulsion which will enable you to zip around in this bad boy. This monster is The 94 by 51 inch aluminum floorboard schematic is super spacious, enabling multiple anglers to actively fish at once, or for multiple sunbathers to lay out to name just a few potential applications.

The brand includes a pedestal swivel seat and guard bars with this purchase that you can choose to utilize or not. The beauty of this inflatable pontoon boat is its ability to be modified and customized to your boating needs.

Constructed from military marine grade PVC, this is an exceptionally durable watercraft despite its inflatable build. AQUOS furthermore includes a 3 year warranty � a sure sign of a reliable product. Fortunately, there is an integrated motor mount for securing some propulsion!

Small, but ideal for the budget-conscious or those who need something extremely lightweight and portable. The DAMA Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Tube Boat is honestly more closely related to a fishing float tube than it is an inflatable pontoon boat, but we wanted to include it here for its impressive integrated features, portability and on the water comfort. This personal watercraft is 6. As far as float tubes go, this is an absolute Cadillac when it comes to the comfort of the seating, and the included accessories.

You can either row this vessel with the included oars, or kick it while wearing fins like you would a traditional float tube. An anchor system, rod holders, extensive removable storage bags, and even a detachable awning all add up to a highly equipped watercraft for the cost � far more capable than your standard float tube. DAMA has brilliantly included some built-in backpack straps to this kick boat so you can throw it onto your back and trek into otherwise difficult to access launch points.

The straps are then removable when you put in. Heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and rugged nylon tops have excellent puncture resistance and overall durability, so beating up on this float tube a bit is not an issue. That being said, this is still a suitable option for fishing moving water if you know the route and are mindful of the river conditions. While most inflatable pontoon boats are designed with fishing as a focus, there are a few models in particular that are particularly well-equipped for anglers.

With built-in features such as integrated stripping baskets, anchor and trolling motor mounts, rod holders and more, our top choices for angling are brilliantly designed for getting you on the fish. If you're simply seeking an inflatable pontoon boat for lounging, reading, or just drinking some beers with friends, there are some great available options that don't focus so much on integrated fishing features.

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