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Norwegian Boat-Building Tradition � Rogaland County

The Nordland boat has a clinker, or lapstrake hull design and has its rudder on the sternpost. Its length varies from 14 to well over 40 feet traditional boat building norway name usually has a length to beam ratio of to It has a high prow and sternshallow keelv-hull and has an inboard gunwalewhich can be used to drain off the fishing nets when they are Traditional Boat Building Norway 2021 drawn on board.

Some of the larger Nordlanders have a detachable cabin that is used for shelter, often having traditional boat building norway name wood-burning stove inside. The Nordlander normally carries a large single square sail with the largest boats carrying a topsail.

Traditional boat building norway name one of the few types of boats that still carries such a sail to the present day. Oak had been a favorite wood for ship builders for centuries for its resistance to rot, strength, and durability.

For these traditional boat building norway name, the materials used for the Nordland is almost exclusively pineand in the northern regions, fir. The Nordland boat has a very long history in the north Norwegian coastline, with both Norwegians and Samiwho are first recorded as sailing such boats from about onwards. Around AD the Sami were described as producing Nordlandbots for their Norwegian customers along the northern coastal farming communities, which the Norwegians soon started to build for themselves.

One of the biggest differences between the Norwegian Traditional Boat Building Courses Uk Job and Sami built Nordlands is that the Sami 'sewed' the lapstrakes together using reindeer intestines, while the Norwegians used iron rivets.

One of the unique features of the Nordland is its ballast. Dozens of fist size round rocks are placed at the bottom of the boat to keep the boat weighted. In the event that the boat is either swamped or capsizes, the rocks are designed to roll out of the boat which would lighten the boat and thus keep Boat Building Companies In South Africa Quote it afloat.

Nordland boats today are no longer used as primarily fishing boats but traditional boat building norway name pleasure craft and have annual races. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Types of sailing vessels and rigs. Montagu whaler. Fishing vessels. Bass boat Farley. Philip C. Category Commons. Hidden categories: Articles containing Norwegian-language text. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Go to Traces of Vikings Found in England. Norwegian Viking Longship. It takes a keen eye to see the differences between old boats from these districts. Come prepared to work, not watch! Western Norway is home of the fjords with those dramatic fingers crouching inland bringing the sparkling, blue sea with them. Photos: On top: Oselvarklubben , below: Os County. Clinker built boats are naturally light, strong and flexible; in early times the strakes were stiched together and this technique was still in use in the far North of Norway in the late 19th century because people there could not afford nails for riveting.


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