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They have ongoing promo outside of this period, do call them for the latest update. For every 4 pax adult diners, there is a complimentary Oreo Bingsu. This Bingsu is made in house steamboat buffet lunch location shaved milk flakes, dressing with layers of crushed Oreo cookies and condensed milk, topped off with more crushed Oreo, chocolate dressing and a scope of vanilla ice cream. Note: Bingsu is a limited February offering, might not be available.

These banchan are free flow and available for refill at the condiments counter. Choose your own items from the display chiller for Mala tang, fried lok lok, mala xiang guo and chuan chuan. With over 70 choice of skewers, greens, surimi carbs, meats and seafood, you will be spoilt for choice. These are coated in a light batter and fried till golden brown for a crisp texture.

Customise Steamboat buffet lunch location xiang guo with spice level of your choice � a little spicy, moderately spicy, very spicy and extra spicy. These are poached before they are stirred fry quickly with a steamboat buffet lunch location toss and served to you smoking hot. For those who love a soup verion of Mala xiang guo, you can try the Mala tang. Choose your own chuan chuan from the display chiller and dip these skewers in the Mala broth, tomato or the chicken soup.

For fans of Korean Army stew, you can have unlimited toppings such as cheese sausage, luncheon meat, baked beans, ramen, king mushroom and any other topping you fancy. Only available at the new Yi Zi Wei outlet at Peace centre. Slurp up those flavourful noodles infused with steamboat buffet lunch location kimchi coup base.

To top it off, enjoy a good selection of meats � pure cuts, spice and marinated meats beef, chicken, mutton and pork. Grill them well and add some garlic pepper for extra kick. Create your own platter of sizzling grilled meats. Cut these to bite size and enjoy these with lettuce wraps. Grilled some chicken mid joints with their special sauce for an extra flavourful treat. For seafood lovers, help yourselves steamboat buffet lunch location the seafood prawns, squid, lala, bamboo clams mussels, fish chunks at the DIY counter.

Help yourself to shabu shabu steamboat buffet lunch location and beef at the display counter. These are shabu shabu meats for the hotpot soup bases � tomato, Mala and chicken soup. The large cut when cooked is a delightful ribbon of tender meat.

There are more than 17 condiments to compliment these meats such as Ssamjang sauce, fermented bean steamboat buffet lunch location, peanut sauce, sambal sauce made in house, special sauce and many.

Choose a spice level you would enjoy for the Mala soup base or for the chicken soup for a herbal flavour soup base.

How about some unique coffee and pandan dessert made from steamboat buffet lunch location using freshly grounded coffee beans and pandan leaves? Indoor dining environment with built in Korean grill plates in a cosy setting.

Head over to Yi Zi wei today for this 6 in 1 buffet. This featured branch is the newly opened outlet at Peace centre, level 2. The items in this promotion for bingsu, banchan, army stew, 1 eats for free with 3 paying adults is only exclusive to the Peace Centre outlet from 1 steamboat buffet lunch location till 28 Feb Mon-Sun Dinner 3.

Buffet operating hours: Monday � Sunday: 11am to 11 pm Peace Centre outlet. Reservations: Call them at Peace Centre outlet Geylang outlet. Skip to content.

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Consequently, made Asap Steamboat and Grill the best steamboat restaurant for you. After two years I decided to have another interview with the founder of Asap Steamboat and Grill because I feel like this restaurant could get more acknowledgement from the locals. Thus, here I am, introducing them to Malaysians. Mr Imran and Mrs Fik had a clearer vision after taking over the steamboat restaurant regarding the food management, interior wise, including the management on the marketing department.

They had more freedom to explore everything on their own. Mrs Fik mentioned that she and her marketing department would come up with new campaigns for each year, with a specific plan for every month.

Thus, this business would always be up to trend. When the pandemic started in March , all the plans they have made for the campaign went entirely upside down.

Although it was hard for them to improvise, they managed to keep the business on-going even until today. They started using all the initiatives regarding marketing and safety procedures to cater to the on-going pandemic. This is so that even in a pandemic, their customers would feel safe and comfortable dining in their establishment.

With having a background in designing, Mrs Fik was able to channel her dreams into this steamboat restaurant. From choosing the right lighting, suitable stools and tables, to choosing the best plants to style Asap Steamboat and Grill. It is very important to Fik that the customers are able to enjoy the whole experience and the ambience in her restaurant.

Besides, every other steamboat restaurant is all on commercialized lands, such as malls and shop lots. It is convenient for customers, especially if they are already in the area and going to a steamboat restaurant.

For example, you will have a hard time getting a parking space and very limited space for celebrations. Hence, I can say that the location for Asap Steamboat and Grill is very strategic. Not only can they offer unlimited parking for their customers, but they are very near to the city and easy to reach. They are accompanied by fresh ingredients perfect for dip-cooking in the hearty broths.

Craving those delicious Korean appetisers? Just add kimchi, Korean pancake and its signature Korean chicken wings. This long-time Chinatown haunt has many loyal fans, and we can see why. Their affordable prices, variety of ingredients and soup bases, coupled with wait for it free-flowing servings of xiao long bao, is a killer combo that's hard to resist. Get interesting bases like curry beef soup, elderly tonic soup and even a male vitality soup perfect for Valentine's Day, or go for classic favourites like beauty soup and spicy soup for a guaranteed good time.

Since its entry into our local market in , the Sichuan hotpot chain has indisputably claimed its position as King of Hotpot. Is it the gimmicks we keep returning back for; the free manicures and noodle-dancing? Ultimately it has to be the seven savory soup bases, including the popular yuan-yang double flavor that splits a trough of mala and herbal chicken stocks; and the comprehensive and tasty list of hotpot items like their famous mashed shrimp and homemade tofu.

Who says hotpots are all about eating cheap? Come here for a more premium experience where you get to dine in the comfort of plush leather chairs while waiting for your ingredients to cook.

A wide array of the usual is available, but you'll definitely want to get the pork belly, wagyu beef and the various mushrooms. With a name like that, you know the seafood dishes are a good choice. Try the fresh oysters, fish skin and scallops, or go all out and get a whole Alaskan king crab. The first thing they Flaming Steamboat Buffet Sunway Lagoon do when you're seated is plonk down a condiment rack so you can create your own dips. Here, you can also get double soup options with broths like Imperial drunken chicken and pork bone.

The menu is equally dizzying with ingredients like homemade cuttlefish noodles, Kurobuta pork belly, beef prime rib, sweet prawns and an assortment of meatballs. Offal lovers will appreciate the pork liver and kidney options on offer too.

So order away as an ala carte buffet is your only option here; definitely choose the laksa noodles to pair with the spicy soup base as well as sliced beef, sliced pork belly and fresh prawns as those will bode well in the flavourful broth too. While you wait for your ingredients to cook, also feel free to indulge in finger foods like spring rolls, fried mantous and even prawn paste wings. With a substantial variety of nourishing broths made without the use of MSG on its menu, LongQing Steamboat is truly an underrated hotpot joint.

Notorious for its free pirated soft toy-with purchase policy, this hotpot chain from Beijing has quickly sprouted outlets across the island.

Choose from a selection of soup bases that include tomato, chicken stock and mala our personal favorite ; the ingredients too are plentiful with marinated pork, marbled pork, tender beef and more. For Japanese hotpot lovers, this shabu shabu table-service buffet restaurant offers a range of meat, seafood and vegetables there are around 60 different items on the menu to be cooked in seven soup bases that include tomato and sukiyaki flavors.

Suki-Ya is that reliable hotpot chain you can turn to when in doubt and in a mall. Doling out authentic Szechuan and Cantonese hot pot soups and ingredients is the brand-new Taikoo Lane, brainchild of Szechuan Chinese eatery, Chengdu Restaurant.

Breakfast Burrito. Breakfast Sandwich. Carrot Cake. Chicken fried steak. Chicken Sandwich. Chicken Wings. Cobb Salad. Corned Beef. Crab Cake. Eggs Benedict. Filet Mignon. Fish Taco. French Dip. French Fries. French Toast. Fried pickles. Fried rice. Green Curry. Grilled cheese. Ice Cream. Kale Salad. Lamb chops. Mac and cheese. New York Style Pizza. Pad Thai. Pimento Cheese. Po' Boys. Pulled Pork Sandwich. Tater tots. Veggie Burger. Wild boar.

Yellow Curry. Vegetarian Friendly. Vegan Options. Gluten Free Options. Families with children.

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