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15 Best Steamboat Buffets in Singapore [] - Best In Singapore The buffet time is limit to 90min per table and the tablet will automatically reject order after 55min. We couldn't order the fruit platter through the tablet and have to order manually.
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The spacious arrangement of the long tables allows people to seat together, making it the perfect place for large group gatherings. Most of the popular barbecue and hotpot ingredients can be found on these two shelves located at the back of the restaurant. The shelf on the left contains various vegetables, mushrooms and meats. The shelf on the right contains various balls, noodles and fresh fruits. You can Steamboat Buffet In Bugis 40 also order additional meats, cold dishes, staple food such as rice and noodles and drinks from this menu.

You can make your own dipping sauce concoction from the 16 sauces available. The Seafood Platter comes with 5 big prawns, 4 pieces of scallops with garlic sauce, 5 mussels and a flower crab. The Lamb and Streaky Pork are not as thinly-sliced as I would have liked but at least they are fresh. The Fat Cow beef slices are draped on a Barbie figurine like a dress, which is really cute. The ingredients are fresh and plentiful and there is space for large groups of people.

Another seafood worth mentioning is the crab. I could see layers in the flesh and it was firm to touch but succulent and delicate as I bit into it. As expected, it was sweet and non-fishy. Even though the crabs were smaller than the ones at zi char stalls, it was incrab-dible nonetheless.

I have always eaten lala with sambal sauce served in hawkers so this was a refreshing change. The scallops were garnished with a small heap of diced garlic and that added that bit of oomph without stealing the show.

The scallops were juicy and a tad chewy. It is similar in texture and taste to prawns, except with a less bouncy bite and lighter in sweetness. I thought the seafood was all pretty fresh until I tried the bamboo clams. I squirmed in my seat after tasting the fishy flavour of it while chewing on its rubbery texture. The good thing is there were only two of those so we still had a pile of the seafood we liked. The broth was highly concentrated in the flavour of all the crustaceans with a hint of garlic and parsley.

There were also some veggies like corn in it that helped to add more sweetness. It was so good we refilled our pot thrice!

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