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Chinese New Year steamboat & hot pot delivery for your reunion dinners
Xiaocaoxiang Steamboat Buffet Singapore. Buffet Restaurant. Coca Restaurants Singapore. Hot Pot Restaurant.� will be a year full of hope and joy! Start planning your CNY reunion dinner or meals now. We are now taking orders for CNY ! myboat125 boatplans Is the season of the year again!. Cheapest steamboat buffet: $ at Shabu Sai (all outlets except Orchard Central and Eastpoint). Wherever you go, opting for a weekday lunch buffet will save you a lot of money. All-you-can-eat hotpot buffets are typically expensive on weekends. For weekend hotpot buffets, even the more affordable chains will set you back $35 to $40 (after taxes). Cheapest collagen steamboat: Flaming Steamboat Buffet Sunway Lagoon $ for weekday lunch at Danro Collagen Hotpot by MOF. Offering a quality steamboat buffet in a uniquely fun manner, La Jiang Shan Hotpot deserves to be the top-ranked steamboat buffet place on our list. In similar fashion to a conveyor belt sushi joint, you�ll find the same conveyor belt experience at La Jiang Shan hotpot. As you constantly fish out items from the conveyor belt, this means that you will never have to stand up to get your food. If you have a soup base that only you in your friend group enjoy, you will be able to dine to your own preferences at La Jiang Shan Hotpot. As everyone gets their own individual pot, there is no need to wal.

They are tasty, substantial, and easy to prepare. Moreover, the entire hot pot affair is an uplifting one, offering an unparalleled sense of togetherness and communion between diners. Many restaurants are currently offering home steamboat delivery options, to replicate the authentic hot pot experience right inside your own home. For families who prefer to avoid the festive crowds and dine with ease in the quiet confines of their living room, here are our top picks from Oddle Eats.

Also, remember to look out for more CNY menus and take advantage of early bird offers , Oddle promo code discounts and credit card promos!

As its name suggests, you can achieve sublime health and beauty with each steaming pot of soup at Beauty I n The Pot. Pick from six sumptuous types of nourishing soup bases, each promising to deliver a flavourful treat with abundant benefits.

Their team of chefs have meticulously selected the choicest ingredients that perfectly complement each of the soup bases. Each set comes with an electric pot and condiments. Only available for orders placed for 29 Jan to 28 Feb Each set comes with a stunning array of premium seafood including bamboo lobsters, Pacific clams, Tobiko Prawn Paste, oyster, sea cucumber, and scallops. Only available for orders placed for 04 Feb to 28 Feb Pickup and island-wide delivery services are available.

Valid on all orders with a min. For orders fulfilled from now till 15 Feb Limited redemptions available. The Little Sheep Hot Pot has always prioritised the use of natural and healthy ingredients in their menu. Its unique pairing, exceptional broths and superb ingredients are what ranks Little Sheep Hot Pot a notch above the rest.

Choose from four delicious soup bases: the signature white soup, spicy mala soup, tomato soup and mushroom soup. Its signature Shabu-shabu dish is a must-try and goes extremely well with the meats served. The set includes two soup bases, beef short plate, pork collar, chicken, cheese balls, udon and claypot noodles. Islandwide delivery and pick up available. The set comes with spicy broth, chicken broth, pork broth, U. S premium beef, Tong Xin style beef, chicken shrimp paste drumstick, fried tofu skin, Hong Kong noodles and more.

Best Eats See All. Ramadan 11 halal eateries that deliver a feast for your Iftar evenings. Now Week Month. CNY Hot Pot. Dawn Beverly Wong. Eat your way to beauty with these delicious hot pots from Beauty in The Pot. Sliced Spanish pork collars make an indulgent treat for the family! The Prosperity Hotpot Set comes with a generous portion of the freshest Pacific clams.

Affordable yet scrumptious hot pot choices from Suki-Ya. Type to search or hit ESC to close. See all results. Remember Me. Sign In. Enter username or email.

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