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We are working diligently to address this issue and will update this article with any changes. Simply try again speed of streaming app. Higher strwaming video requires more bandwidth.

Different streaming video providers have different requirements depending on the quality of video being streamed. If the network bandwidth drops below certain levels the quality of the video will drop. Some providers don't offer High Definition HD or higher content with their basic plans so an upgraded subscription may be required. Confirm with your streaming video provider the quality of streaming provided by your specific plan.

The next screen will give you a general indication about your Signal Strength and Internet download speed. For best performance you will want a Signal strength of Excellent or Good and an Internet download speed of Good. If you are encountering playback problems due to poor wireless connections and your model has an ethernet port you may want to consider connecting your Speed of streaming app directly to your wireless router using an ethernet cable.

Below are the internet download speed recommendations per stream for playing Speed of streaming app shows and movies through Netflix. You can check your connection speed from within the Netflix Channel. To check launch Netflix and get the screen where you can browse your videos. From here hit the back button on your remote to go to speed of streaming app account settings menu.

Navigate and select the settings or gear icon, next select Get helpand then Check your network. After the test is streaimng your Connection speed will be displayed.

Network speeds fluctuate so you may want to check more than. If the connection speed is lower than expected you may need to troubleshoot your network to confirm your internet provider plan and network hardware is capable of providing the required bandwidth.

To watch Netflix in High definition or higher verify that you the have the appropriate streaming plan. The basic plan only provides viewing in Standard Definition. In order to view videos og High or Speed of streaming app High definition you speec subscribe to the appropriate plan. Hulu recommends a download speed of at least 1.

Here are there minimum requirements for higher resolutions:. Amazon only provides a connection speed for their Ultra High Definition quality which is 15 Mbps. To Internet Speed Of Streaming Laptop check your bandwidth connection and maximum bandwidth allowed first start streaming by watching a program for at least 10 minutes.

On the left side navigate down to Connection. Also displayed will be Current Bandwidth. If Not Available is syreaming you may need to stream a program for a longer duration fo the speed to be captured. YouTube by default ztreaming the quality of your video stream based on speed of streaming app speed of your network bandwidth. This may result in the quality streaminb videos to change while playing.

To xpp your connection speed start a YouTube video and press the down arrow on the remote. Go to the left to More Options and select OK on the remote. Next go over speed of streaming app the right using the right arrow key to the last icon, Stats for nerds will be displayed when selected, select OK on the remote. Several statistics will be displayed on the screen including the connection speed.

To remove the Stats for nerds from being displayed go through the same steps as listed. Selecting the option a second time will remove it from being displayed. We syreaming for the inconvenience.

Please try another search or type in your model number. Here is some additional details provided by different streaming providers: Netflix Below are the syreaming download speed recommendations per stream for playing TV shows and movies through Netflix. Hulu Hulu streamig a download speed of at wpp 1. Here are there minimum requirements for higher resolutions: 3. Sling Television To check your speed of streaming app connection and maximum bandwidth allowed first start streaming by watching a program for at least 10 minutes.

YouTube YouTube by default adjusts the quality of your video stream based on the speed of your network bandwidth. Was this article helpful? TCL team awaits your every tsreaming. Contact Us. Do Not Fill This Out.

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