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Bonds well and sticks to aluminum, metal, wood, and fiberglass. Marine Grade Epoxy one-part system nonskid paint instead of carpet, pre-mixed with grit. Colors do not fade in the sun on boat deck or roof surface. Super Cost Savings: Maximum coverage sq. ft. per gallon. Jan 26, �� Speckled paint I used this paint a few years ago. The easy and best quality finish way to apply it is to hire a high volume / low pressure spray gun set. It can be adjusted to spray Bottom Paint For Boats Home Depot 65 a very tight cut off at the edges of the spray (I sprayed some edges without masking the ajoining surfaces), the low pressure also gives very little "blow back. Oct 29, �� Re: What's that speckled paint called? It is only available in spray cans as far as I know. Check out auto suppliers for it. Someone once posted a link to a place that will make custom color speckle paint. I think the post was from this year. Use the .

But, of course, you need to keep in mind that this is particularly designed for metal substrates only and it is required to handle it while opening it since the can be tough to open at. Shop by category. All you need to do is to utilize the paint brush to accomplish the job. That said, it is a lot better to opt for products that come speckler warranties so that you can instantly have your issues resolved the Black Bottom Paint For Boats Jp soonest possible time. Hot exported self polishing antifouling paint for large speckled paint for boats 200 boat. List view. Skip to main content.

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