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Sign In. Back to top. View in: Desktop. LSU Football Schedule. Sign In Register. Outdoor Board. I am looking to buy a ft beater skiff for reds, trout, bream, and some light bass fishing. Will be doing some floundering also at night with lights. May use it to duck hunt, but not a reason to buy. River camp, etc. This is not my primary boat, just want a small skiff for ease of use with one or 2 kids, with one friend, or by myself. Also want an easy travel boat to pull down the road.

I've got a decent amount of experience in both but never owned an aluminum boat I've used in salt routinely. I'll also have a 20ft fiberglass bay boat that's why I'm leaning Aluminum.

Replies Options Top. Personally I would go with fiberglass. Think it would be quieter for what you are looking to do. Replies 0. If I went with aluminum, it would have to be an all-welded one and not one put together with riveted seams like some of them are. I am looking for something similar and have been drawn to the stumpknocker and griff craft models for what you are describing. Member since Jan posts. I've got a little 14ft aluminum that I have specifically for doing the above.

It's sole purpose is to fish marsh and dock lights in the area. It's great and I don't worry about it getting dinged up. It's old and ugly though. ETA: I think you'll find many more options in that price range for aluminum as well. I had a 16 ft Carolina Skiff when my kids were small that fit your description. Tough boats ask the crabbers. Not as hot as aluminum in the summer. Not as cold as aluminum in the winter. Beat the hell out of you in rough water, just like an aluminum.

Definitely quieter to fish out of than aluminum. Heavier than aluminum but not too heavy. Find an older one that just has bench seats, no console, tiller steering and it should be in your price range. Campagna skiffs, fiberglass, are very popular for inshore on the MS coast.

Replies 1. Is a J16 really that much quieter and easier to ride in a very light chop than aluminum? I'm thinking they are pretty equal really? The benefit to aluminum is the weight here too. So that's pointless I think. I'd like something small enough to fish bream and bass in 20 acre ponds and small rivers. Again for a beater skiff, I'm thinking that's a heck of a deal and I can't come close to that with fiberglass.

Again my biggest issue, and I clean boats well after use is using an aluminum heavy in saltwater. PocketLab Nicholls St. Fan Thib Member since Sep 41 posts. Pull the carpet off the trailer, put some teflon pads or plastic decking boards on top of the wood on the trailer and rinse it off when you're done.

It'll outlast you. You can find a 16' aluminum boat with a 25hphp tiller handle all day on Louisiana Sportsman for your price range. No problems with saltwater except make sure you have a good trailer. Page 1 of 1. Latest LSU News �. LSU Drops Game 1 vs. Vanderbilt, Sports Lite Center Console Boats Small Zero �.

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