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Dec 17, �� After comparing all the boats, the best small pontoon boat is the SUN TRACKER BASS BUGGY 18 DLX. This boat works well for both family cruising and for people who like to go fishing. It is more maneuverable than larger pontoon boats and has lots of under seat storage. We also like the fact that it has options for gas or an electric motor. The top of the line is the 9 1/2-foot Deluxe Bass Hunter, which has a deep pontoon hull for extra stability, weighs pounds and can handle a two-man load of pounds. It is rated for a 5-horsepower outboard. Water Spider Boats of Arlington, Texas, bills its two-man model as the "Cadillac of mini bass boats.". Dec 13, �� The popularity of pontoon boats is on the rise, and models like Small Saltwater Pontoon Boats 85 the Bass Buggy 16 make it easy to get on the water in your own boat. Sun Tracker Bass Buggy A Pontoon Boat for Under $10,? Yes! - myboat188 boatplans Extend small pontoon bass boat reviews search. Express Cruiser. Twin Binodal Super-light Cheap Small Pontoon Boats Quick reviesw and two fishing rod- holders also come with this model. With sport car like handling, this boat is sure to put thrilling style at your fingertips. You can find its four variants Small Saltwater Pontoon Boats Lyrics in terms of the motor engine, but at different price ranges.

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