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Small Boat Sailing | ����� Jun 18, �� Hallberg Rassy are known for being heavy, sturdy, seaworthy boats. This video shows Hallberg Rassy 48 Elysium in heavy weather off Cape Gris Nez, northern France in . 9. Sailing Doodles. The Sailing Doodles are currently on a month sail from Vancouver Canada all the way to Thailand with their two full-sized Labradoodles named Maverick and Goose. Follow along with them as they sail down the west coast of the USA, down .

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Here is one of our most popular videos, rounding Cape Horn in Storm Force 10 conditions�. Hallberg Rassy are known for being heavy, sturdy, seaworthy boats.

The yacht seems to be handling well, able to use a Raymarine lineair autopilot depsite the conditions. This compilation is from the BT Global Challenge round the world race, a crewed race westabout the prevailing winds in one-design steel footers. This footage shows some of the weather they experienced and what the crews endured � and watch out for some footage of the race leaders fighting it out under trysail during a severe storm in the Cook Strait in New Zealand.

Single-handed sailor Berthold Hinrichs sailing in Hinlopenstretet. It is the km long strait between Spitsbergen and Nordaustlandet in Svalbard, Norway and can be difficult to pass because of pack ice.

Then they had to do boat repairing jobs to save enough money to sail again. Now they are still sailing around the world on a budget and working along the way to make ends meet. The idea of buying a yacht and sailing around the world was dreamt up by Jackson when he was traveling globally to compete in sailing regattas.

So they bought Finding Avalon in Croatia in the middle of She is a 38ft Elan Impression from and a former charter boat.

Jackson and Xanthe have traveled to many rather incredible places along the way. The GoSea family has three people and two pets, they share 28 feet of space as they embark on a mission to see as much of the world as possible. After Renee and her husband entered their mids, they realized they were completely exhausted with corporate America.

Something definitely had to change. So, they sold their house in Texas and bought a sailboat, regardless of having no prior sailing experience and set sail with their 4 kids. Meet Jeremiah, Brittany, and their kids! Designed with a hand-laminated fiberglass sloop, the Catalina The centerboard model is designed with a powerful sailplane that remains balanced as a result of the fiberglass centerboard, the stable hull form, and the rudder. It also comes with a tiller extension, adjustable hiking straps, and adjustable overhaul.

It's important to note that these are standard equipment in the two models. As far as the keel model is concerned, this is designed with a high aspect keel as the cast lead and is attached with stainless steel keel bolts, which makes this model perfect for mooring or docking whenever it's not in use.

In essence, the centerboard model is perfect if you'll store it in a trailer while the keel model can remain at the dock. All in all, the Catalina This is certainly a great example of exactly what a daysailer should be. There's no list of small, trailerable, and fun sailboats that can be complete without the inclusion of the classic Hobie This is a durable design that has been around and diligently graced various waters across the globe since its debut way back in in Southern California.

In addition to being durable, the Hobie 16 is trailerable, great for speed, weighs only pounds, great for four people, and more importantly, offers absolute fun. With a remarkable figure of over , launched since its debut, it's easy to see that the Hobie 16 is highly popular. Part of this popularity comes from its asymmetric fiberglass-and-foam sandwiched hulls that include kick-up rudders. This is a great feature that allows it to sail up to the beach.

It's equipped with a spinnaker, trailer, and douse kit. This is a high-speed sailboat that has a large trampoline to offer lots of space not just for your feet but also to hand off the double trapezes. Designed either with keel or centerboard models, the M is more stable than most boats of her size. This boat is small enough to be trailered but also capable of doing moderate offshore passages. This small sailboat is designed with a masthead and toe rail that can fit most foresails.

It also has enough space for two thanks to its cuddly cabin, which offers a sitting headroom, a portable toilet, a pair of bunks, a DC power, and optional shore, and a proper amount of storage.

That's not all; you can easily raise the deck-stepped mast using a four-part tackle. In terms of performance, the M is one of the giant-killers out there. This is a small sailboat that will excel in the extremes and make its way past larger boats such as the Catalina It glides along beautifully and is a dog in light air, though it won't sail against a knot wind, which can be frustrating.

As a versatile daysailer, Norseboat This small sailboat perfectly combines both contemporary construction and traditional aesthetics. Imagine a sailboat that calls itself the "Swiss Army Knife of Boats! Whether you're stepping down from a larger cruiser or stepping up from a sea kayak, the unique Norseboat It has curvaceous wishbone gaff, it is saucy, and has a stubby bow-sprit that makes it attractive to the eyes.

In addition to her beauty, the Norseboat This is a small, lightweight, low-maintenance sailboat that offers a ticket to both sailing and rowing adventures all at the same time. At about pounds, it's very portable and highly convenient. Its mainsails may look small but you'll be surprised at how the boat is responsive to it. If you've been looking for a pocket cruiser that inspires confidence, especially in shoal water, look no further than the Sage Designed by Jerry Montgomery in , the Sage 17 is stable and should heel to 10 degrees while stiffening up.

And because you want to feel secure while sailing, stability is an integral feature of the Sage This is a sailboat that will remain solid and stable no matter which part of the boat you stand on. Its cabin roof and the balsa-cored carbon-fiber deck are so strong that the mast doesn't require any form of compression post. The self-draining cockpit is long enough and capable of sleeping at 6 feet 6 inches.

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