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This website is now hosted gratis by oaksdata. Check out Dick's site for beautiful PT related artwork. Thanks Tom and Dick! Dick Washichek, also webmaster of The PT Boat Forum site, has went through the expense of buying and then having microfilm rolls of Elco drawings scanned in. I now use these drawings extensively in my work, they have helped greatly. Get them while available.

Some of the original microfilm was supplied by author and historian Dr. Al Ross. Al also creates accurate scale plans available here. Thanks guys! For the Elco 80', I created a guide to help locate specific drawings that can be found here.

If you are willing and able to help, there are 2 Higgins PT boat restoration projects that would be grateful to accept donations of funds and or time. PT and PT Check the web sites out and please help if you can. Congratulations Stu on another exceptionally fine PT model!

See the 3D Printed Parts page. They are available with the RSG retracting slide group cocking mechanism or the plain tube type, and with and without rear grips and trigger and safety.

Images of both types of cocking mechanisms added, see the part listing on the 3D Printed Parts page. This version has the RSG retracting slide group cocking mechanism, plain tube type coming soon. Versions with grips and triggers for deck guns coming soon. Most of the images are available in high resolution. Specific boats are listed in numerical order. A section regarding cleaning of Shapeways detail plastics has also been added. Thanks to Daniele Klay for sending the results of his bailer research!

It is available in a variety of metals from raw brass to polished platinum, with chain loops of 4mm, 6mm, or 8mm. Current parts are the PT towing bitt, the mushroom vent, and foot rail.

Thank you for sharing your build and research work again Stu! Also updated are the views on the day room cabin trunk page that include the mount starboard, top, and aft views. They were slightly too far inboard. All images were updated. Very well done Stu, your paint skills are impressive. Thank you for sharing your project with us! Only port and starboard views are up. Image size was enlarged. General web site design was cleaned up.

Thank you for sharing Stu! See the Helm page. It also lists some changes made to PT and The dimensional images found here are to help modelers create an accurate tribute to the boats and the men who sometimes gave up their lives serving on them, and to help preserve their history. They represent a best effort on my part, please confirm dimensions given here for yourself if errors cannot be tolerated.

Images are for non-commercial personal use only, please obtain permission for any other use. Number ranges for boats of this class, listed by production order, are , , , , , , and There were quite a few minor and major changes made to them including during production ranges.

Depending on available resources I'll try to include as many changes as I can. Please point out any errors you may find. Misinformation about PT boats is fairly common and something I don't want to be guilty of spreading.

While this site concentrates on the physical aspects of the PT boat, be sure to read the accounts on the veterans stories page and check other websites on the Links page to learn the stories of the men who served on them. If you have, or know someone that has, any PT related images or items that you or they would like to donate please contact www. They are dedicated to the preservation of all things PT. Even items like water damaged images can be valuable to history.

I would also be grateful for scans of photos or manuals. Patrol Torpedo boats were built during a war that changed the way of life for Americans virtually overnight.

The population was thrust willingly into a role of background support for the troops fighting overseas. Both had an iron will, given by Pearl Harbor, to do what was needed to defend their country. Both did without where they could so that resources could be directed to the war effort.

Rationing was in effect, the motto was: Use it all; Wear it out; Make it do; or Go without. Victory gardens were planted to help ease food shortages and its transportation load. Many manufacturers changed production lines, for example a can factory before the war now made depth charges. Meat, sugar, butter, coffee, and gasoline were some of the items rationed. The average driver was allocated 3 gallons of gasoline per week.

The Civil Air Patrol was formed to help guard coastlines. T hey were built almost entirely of wood. Raw materials were in short supply, especially those imported from regions under the cloud of war such as rubber and high demand materials like metals. One resource that America had plenty of at the start of the war was wood and they used it to best advantage in the construction of PT boats.

Although it didn't grow in the US, their Mexican friends supplied them with much of the mahogany used throughout the boat as well as many other resources. And they still help, they were one of the first to send aid after hurricane Katrina hit. I've seen questions about their true effectiveness but the Japanese had no doubts. From a captured report dated December 6th Since the beginning of the operation to take the island base of Guadalcanal in August , the enemy has used PT boats aggressively.

On their account our naval ships have had many a bitter pill to swallow. One destroyer and two submarines, for example, were attacked by them and sunk. Also, there are many examples of their having rendered the transport of supplies exceptionally difficult. The Allies priority was to stop Hitler so supplies could be scarce in the Pacific Theater.

Pacific crews became adept at flexibility. Sometimes whatever the crews could scrounge up ended up on the decks. Along with changes made by the Navy, an individual boat could look quite different at different time periods.

As the war went on, changes that proved especially effective were used on new boats coming from the factory. Update: Geary Sims let me know that the 37mm on the was ordnance supplied and an official install that hadn't happened yet. The crew lashed the gun to the deck because leaving it on the dock while on patrol was not a good idea. Per Geary:. Reference the 37mm gun: Doing extensive research on PT which also had the same 37mm gun, I found there Ship Boat 3d Model Windows are some myths.

It was an experimental mounting to see if the 37mm gun was effective against the Daihatsu barges. From conversations with Dick Keresey and some of the crew, Kennedy may have been the one who came up with the idea for the mounting. Secondly, the newer mountings were not salvaged from P's. The received one plus the roll-off torpedoes. The was slated for the mounting of the 37mm on her return from that mission.

That is why she had the lumber lashed to the deck. Didn't want to leave on the dock for it might not be there when they got back. Thanks Geary! Geary also let me know to be careful with references since some photos were doctored to remove top secret equipment like radar masts, and misinformation was also spread. You may be wondering why the crew put themselves into a position of delayed response by shutting down the outboard engines with the enemy close. It was because of the poor visibility, and the luminescence of the Pacific's waters when stirred by the props made them almost as good of a target as they were during the day.

At about on the 2nd, a Japanese Fubuki class destroyer, the Amagiri, loomed up from the darkness bearing straight at the Mistaken at first for another PT, it hit the in front of the forward starboard torpedo tube and sliced her to between the center and starboard engines.

It took 10 seconds to go from a quiet, albeit tense, night to being thrown into dark gasoline soaked waters with a huge enemy ship churning through them. Gasoline from the ruptured tanks burst into flames and burned two men, one of them badly. Two men were never seen again.

Marney, manning the forward turret, and Kirksey, whose position at the time of the accident is unknown. Luckily for the survivors, the Amagiri was traveling at about 40 knots and carried the bulk of the burning gas away with her wake.

After burning for 15 minutes or so, the fire went out and the remaining crew went back to what was left of the , the bow section.


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