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Center Consoles - myboat009 boatplans If you�re in the market for an entry-level bass boat with all the features you need to get the hang of bass fishing, you�ll like what the SeaArk BC has to offer. It features a degree all-welded aluminum hull design, which works like a charm to cut through the water effortlessly for increased speed with less drag.

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Right now I will sell at a reduced price and YOU can have that fun and save a few bucks. If I take the time to put my labor into it the price will go up significantly. You are getting a whole boat package Didn't really find any with this much included but I think the price is fair based on what I saw.

I think you will feel the same way. This is a great package, just clean it up and start fishing. I can sell it for less, but the 9. That motor cranks, everything moves, waiting for you to add gas and start. If you want to buy that motor in addition to the whole package then let's talk We can hold this for a few weeks but expect that the new owner will be picking this up within a week of purchase. It is also for sale locally so I may remove this listing at anytime if it sells locally..

I will include TWO new Alumacraft vinyl side labels that are close to the originals ones that are long gone now. These are normally placed at the rear of the boat on each side.

The boat width is 54" at the widest point and runs that width for most of the length. The overall length from bow to stern is 14'. You get it all, tow vehicle and gas can not included. The blue trim paint is chipping in most places and my "plan" was to either repaint or remove. I also found a nice Aluminum "deOxidizer" online that can restore this boat to shiny new.

Overall the boat is OK, but a little work and this survivor will look good as new. If I don't sell before my projects run out this year then I will restore it myself, and of course the price will be adjusted as well. Your chance to get it at a great price and have some fun right now. Note: I also have the rear drain plug for this rowboat as well, those normally get lost along the way.

This allows you to store and still drain rainwater away, which is why it's not in the boat. Trailer looks to fit this boat well, and has a ratchet crank for help in loading as well as lighting that does work.

The plug for the lighting is a 4 prong inline style and has been wrapped with tape to protect the wires I did try the tilt bed, and that does work fine, with a chain lock. The overall length of the Trailer is 16', tires are a good, ready to tow home and start going to your favorite fishing hole. Crank winch works well, both ways I do have a manual for the motor , and a few extra carb parts that were in a box of accessories when I got this boat. The motor appears to be from the late s or early s based on what I see online about this manufacturer.

I do not have any gas cans, haven't tried to start it so leave that all up to you. Original Maintenance Manual Included as well as some parts still in original packages. Appears this motor is owned by Mercury but may also use Yamaha OB parts as well. Folks, This is a nice highly desirable boat motor and nothing makes me believe this one won't start right up given fresh gas and a little cleanup.

This motor is clean inside, hope the pictures show that. The motor gas tank smells ok, it is empty, the hand crank turns, all knobs work fine, would most likely start if it had fuel. This one has 40 of Thrust and features the larger "weedless" design propeller package.

This one is battery operated and works well. Mounting Clamps are good, nice addition to this package. So you have 10hp to get you there and this little gem to start trolling for the big ones. There are two oars but the oar holders that drop in the boat mounts are not there. Oars are wood and Featherlight brand with nice grips added, they and in decent shape but older.

It's a pretty nice package, I've cleaned out what I could here and you get everything boating related Please review all photos, ask questions if needed and bid to win. We spend a fair amount of time learning about each piece as needed and research prices on this site as well as other online sales venues. Our auction listings will all start at fair prices and if we place a Buy It Now value that is also fair based on prior sales.

Back Research. Reviews Boats Engines and Parts. How-to Maintenance Buying and Selling Seamanship. Back Services. Boats PWCs. Boats for Sale View All. Or select country. Search Advanced Search. Personal Watercraft for Sale View All. Featured Jon Brands. Save This Boat. Lowe Roughneck SC Lowe Roughneck Pathfinder Crestliner Retriever Jon Deluxe Crestliner Retriever Jon Lowe Roughneck Big River Crestliner CR Jon Wide and durable, this small fishing boat simply gets the job done.

Lowe Roughneck Waterfowl Tiller Request Information. Thanks We have sent your information directly to the seller. Request cannot be completed You may have entered incorrect information or the server is temporarily down. Sort By Filter Search. On the Water. Boat Buyer's Guide. Your Search Clear all filters. Most bass boats come in two flavors � aluminum and fiberglass.

Aluminum bass boats are generally cheaper than their fiberglass counterparts and tend to be more forgiving when bumps, knicks, or other mishaps occur. However, one drawback is that they tend to ride rougher and, given their lightweight nature, are likely to get blown around by the wind quite easily.

So, you get a much smoother and faster ride compared to aluminum vessels. This information Center Console Aluminum Fishing Boats Review is usually indicated in the boat specs. Super-light hulls will give you the speed you crave, but at the expense of a smoother ride. Their performance also tends to decline when the boat gets weighed down with fishing gear and other accessories that you bring with you on your fishing expedition. As a result, the boat may end up developing stress cracks over time.

Take your time, compare the different models, and make sure your preferred boat features align with your specific angling needs. Happy fishing! Are you looking for the best trawlers? Check out our top picks. Categories : Boats.

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Best Budget Choice. Skorpion 17 Check Latest Price. Best Overall Choice 1. Best Premium Choice 2. Best Budget Choice 3. All in all, this is the perfect beginner boat for anyone who wants to take up bass fishing.

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