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Get your MAC today! Find a Dealer Featuring the GY. This means less overall HP required and better fuel savings. Power options are either single or twin outboard installations. Fern Scout Cutter The new roto-moulded 17ft Sea Scout Cutter The new Sea Scout Cutter design is based on the original wooden cutter with great effort going into retaining the features of the existing cutters but introducing new and advanced At first glance it looks like a fibre glass boat, yet it's resilient enough to handle the hard knocks.

It's also a lot lighter so you'll need less horse power to Looks and handles like fibre glass, yet it's lighter than aluminium, so you'll need less power to make it go; And it's easier to tow.

With a bimini and clears, it With the bow entry, the MAC can handle the rough seas. Boarding the from the stern MAC Fisherman The favorite with families and good fishing buddies that's built to take you to the good times and back again.

What other 'Cuddy Cabin' design these days is surrounded with buoyancy like this? So it's the perfect fishing The pontoon-style sides make it remarkably stable in big seas when you're The deep V-Hull provides uncompromising dry and smooth riding. Clever under floor storage and large With room for crayfish, crab pots or all the dive equipment you need, this boat has a very open plan for maximum usable space. Easily maintained, this The MAC Fisherman is stable, safe, easy to tow, launch and retrieve, Gumtree Small Fishing Boats For Sale Video white providing a soft quiet ride 'second to none'.

MAC Boats have not compromised on the MAC Sport This model is ideally suited for first-time family boating needs, with the added feature of high sides providing security when in a heavy sea and with a young family on board. Pontoon boats are unbeatable for stability and All the MAC Hulls are extremely soft riding and track true MAC The MAC has a shallow draft making i a great lake or estuary boat that will also hold it's own in rougher conditions and goes like a rocket.

The convenient forward steer position and windscreen makes it a comfortable dry boat that You're in the driving position of the jet ski, Small Jon Boats For Sale Near Me Qt yet with the stability and maneuverability of a boat. Then, when you're done Small Boat Sailing Videos 4k zipping around or jumping waves, there's room for MAC Forward Steer A great lake boat,estuary boat or tender that can take the occasional hard knock against jetties, shores and rocks. This convenient forward steer position makes it really maneuverable and leave plenty of room for friends MAC Dinghy Love me tender.

This handy pontoon boat is built to carry your mates and your gear. It's easy to manoeuvre, with plenty of buoyancy. As a tender it's light enough to tow along or toss on the deck.

As a fun boat it can be easily You can easily transport a MAC on a roof rack, camper van or even carry it up the beach. It's ideal for rowing or The side and stern seats are fully sealed and filled with foam providing masses of reserve buoyancy.

There is an MAC Sailing Dinghy The MAC is styled as a traditional clinker build dinghy for sailing The un-stayed mast is in two sections which when dismantled, will sit inside the boat. The boat can be prepared for sailing in 15 minutes. The MAC The MAC is an idea l 'step-up to the next Comfortable and fun to sail.

When capsized returns upright easily and with very little water. Available in bright safe colors. Each boat Mac boats are world leaders in fully rotational molded polyethylene boats and have an extensive range from 2. The boats are virtually indestructible, almost unsinkable, and maintenance-free with around five times the impact strength of fiberglass. Put a pedestal and seat at the back, another opposite side midships.

Had a custom bow-rail made for it, what a fishing machine it is. Very balanced and planned very well. Awesome boat! About Boats News Find a Dealer. Mac Boats Fast. Leaders in marine action craft. Contact us. Find a Dealer. View the fleet. Leaders in Marine Action Craft Watch the video.

M arine A ction C raft. About MAC. Find a dealer. View the boats View All. Sail Boats. Our international dealer network will help you. Latest news.

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