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Sep 23, �� The photogenic pair have just landed a million-dollar luxury yacht deal, which will replace their existing boat, known as La Vagabonde, from February Scroll down for video. While we�re certainly open to any serious offers, the most important thing to us is knowing that she�ll have a good home. We Boat Sailing Lights Reddit believe the yacht alone is worth somewhere around $, NZD � $, NZD (Approximately $, AUD � Sailing Boat For Sale Yacht Young $, AUD) and we�ve already received an offer near this range. BOAT LIFE: Arriving in the Caribbean ????[#] March 30, Our Family Reunited after 16 Days at Sea![#] March 30, Check out our Patreon page Eagle 525 Sailing Boat For Sale Facebook for more information: OUR NEW SAILING GUIDE IS AVAILABLE. $49 USD. � Sailing La Vagabonde. Web Design by Jake Lorraine.
We are an Australian couple with the dream of circumnavigating the globe by sail boat initially having no clue of how to sail. We have now sailed over�����������: 1 ���. No, I didn�t have rich parents who bought a boat for me to sail around the world in. For eight long years, I worked offshore on oil rigs and in the mines of Western Australia, saving every dollar possible to be able to afford a halfway-decent Yacht. Yachts are cheaper to buy in Europe than in Australia.� It�s what I gathered by early just prior to buying the boat. I bought �Puer Apuliae� now named La Vagabonde), a Beneteau Cyclades with hours on the engine from three arguing Italian businessmen. They told me they couldn�t get enough business for it to charter because of the financial crisis. The engine hours agreed with that account and some locals whom I met concurred also so I agreed to buy pending Yacht Survey. The Actual Cost. Welcome Olympic Sailing Boats on board La Vagabonde! Join us as we sail the seas around the world. This is what � Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu for the past four years have been sailing the world and documenting their travels on their YouTube page, Sailing La Vagabonde. Learn More. Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu for the past four years have been sailing the world and documenting their travels on their YouTube page, Sailing La Vagabonde. Sailing La Vagabonde. February 8 at PM �. Join us for an up and down few days.

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