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Sail to power converts: Yacht owners explain why they moved to the dark side

There are sailing boat vs yacht 100 kinds of people in the world: motor boat people and sailing yacht people. At least up until very recently, sailboats were seen as for the adventurous, those willing to sacrifice luxury for an experience out on the seas, whilst motor yachts were seen as the easier and Speed Boat Sailing Yacht 01 much aycht opulent option.

However, technology has apparently now come to a point where new sailing yachts can be as comfortable and luxurious as their engine-run cousins, leaving the yachting community sailing boat vs yacht 100 reconsider which side of the sailing yacht vs motor yacht debate they stand on.

When you look at power vs sail, you see that the type of people that motor yachts appeal to are inherently different to sailors. At Oyster we work with incredibly experienced interior designers to create a space which is perfect for lounging, entertaining and enjoying � a home away from home � and from that point of view our sailing yachts are definitely on a par with with motors.

We also have all the latest technology onboard, from televisions to audio equipment and anything else you could possibly want, as we know sziling some of our sailors will spend months on board and we want sailing boat vs yacht 100 make it as Sailing Boat For Sale Yacht Young comfortable as their land-based homes.

Every part of our vessels have been carefully considered and designed with luxury in mind. They tend to go up and down the South of France, off to the Caribbean where they hop around islands, and some might go off to do further exploring.

But sailing is a different thing, more off the beaten track. But I think in terms of quality of spaciousness and a feeling of luxury, our sailboats have it nailed. Yavht and This is something we talk about all the time � if someone today wants to get into saiiling, and they reach the level to buy a motor boat or an Oyster, or indeed another sailing yacht, what makes them choose between motor yacht vs sailboat?

I think what it boils down to is that people look at motor vessels sailing boat vs yacht 100 recognise that there is less skill involved comparatively to operate. I think this is probably the main thing that pushes people towards motor boats, though maybe sailing yachts also have a rough-and-ready perception, whereas motor boats seem sexier, faster and relaxed.

Whilst our smaller boats can accommodate just one crew member, our bigger models � so the Sailing boat vs yacht 100, and the � all have room for a full professional crew onboard. This means sailing can be just as relaxed as for an owner and their guests on a motor yacht, but with the opportunity to learn more as you go sailing boat vs yacht 100 and escape to more exciting unexplored destinations.

As sailors we get to explore the farthest corners of the earth, experiencing incredible natural beauty every day. We have the ocean to thank for being able to reach these locations, and it is only right that we protect our seas and the surrounding environment as much as possible. However, we try to go beyond the normal power vs sailing boat vs yacht 100 advantages. At Oyster we are currently in the process of making sailing boat vs yacht 100 owner regattas greener, working with the Sailors for the Seas Clean Regattas programme to ensure our sailing events are sustainable.

We are also always looking out for further opportunities to make our luxury sailing yachts more eco-friendly with new power sources vw. I 10 we could even take people who fall firmly on the side of motor in the sailing yachts vs motor yachts debate, put them on an Oyster and they would immediately see all the incredible benefits of sailing.

Learn more on oysteryachts. I found my passion for the big ones in at the age of I have grown up with sailing since a little child. I have an education in Business Informatics and specialized in digital media solutions alongside luxury yachts like Online-Marketing, User Experience Design et cetera. More about yachtemoceans. In Sailing Yachts. The requirements for sailing yachts vs sailing boat vs yacht 100 yachts are different, and the functionality of sailboats has typically constricted their design.

Do you think the new luxury appeal of sailing yachts will convert even more people into being sailors? So is Oyster aiming to convert motor yacth fans to the brand? Interviewer: Colette Flowerdew-Kincaid Learn more on oysteryachts. Discover more luxuourious sailing yachts. Oyster Yachts Sailing Yachts. MM � Best price charter yachts. YachtAid Global is a non-profit organization which delivers aid through a zailing yachting community.

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For a brief capsule summary of each, be sure to check out his website. The list is hardly definitive. There are plenty of good boats that arent featured, and some Boat Sailing License 100 of these would be ill-matched for the wrong sailor-Kretschmer clearly pointed this out during his talk. I like how the list presents a good cross-section of the various shapes and sizes for a boat in this category.

For example, Kretschmer includes the Prout Snowgoose and Steve Dashews Sundeer 60, boats that, notwithstanding their successful record at sea, fill an outlying niche. If I were going to expand the list, one of the heavier-displacement microcruisers like those I blogged about would be a nice addition.

Although I would be wary of promoting even the most formidable of this breed as well-suited for a serious ocean, John Neale of Mahina Tiare Expeditions includes one of them, the Dana 24, on his own list of recommend cruising boats. Neales much broader list of boats is accompanied by a very helpful discussion of design elements to consider.

What got me thinking about formidable cruising boats was our series of reports o n sailboat construction , focusing specifically on structural details. A few years ago we touched on this subject in our Mailport section, encouraging readers to suggest their own nominees for a list of what we called at the time, tough boats, vessels that were built to take a beating, requiring minimal care and upkeep.

Id be interested in hearing of other nominees for this list, or other good resources for sailors looking for a short list of good offshore boats.

The best line Ive heard in a while on this topic came from Steve Callahan, the author of the survival classic Adrift , who gave a presentation at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show.

When I asked Steve, who has sailed extensively on both multihulls and monohulls, what type of boat he preferred, he said, quite seriously. Well, at the end of the day, the best cruising boat is the one that you are on. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Practical Sailor. Life Jackets for Active, Racing Sailors. Folding Oru Opens Horizons.

Please note: the maximum hull speed isn't the average sailing speed. It's the upper limit in theory - read on to learn more. The third and perhaps most obvious factor of course is wind direction and speed. If you plan a large voyage, for example, an ocean passage, make sure to check the dominant wind and direction for your time of year.

You want to make sure to have as much downwind as you can get, and a favorable current as well. This is why most sailors choose to go eastward instead of westward when sailing the world. If you want to know why going eastward is smart, I encourage you to read my previous article on sailing around the world here.

So imagine you need to get to dock in time. It's 50 miles away. You need to arrive at hours. It's currently hours. Would be handy to know at what speed you need to sail to make it in time. Great, we have a good general idea of what to expect from our trustworthy vessels. If you want to go deeper, you can try to calculate the maximum hull speed of your own boat. Calculating the maximum speed is actually very simple.

Now is the time to get out your calculator. You calculate the maximum hull speed HS by taking the length in feet lwl , get the square root, and multiplying it by 1. A displacement hull has a maximum hull speed. Hull speed is a theoretical speed that tells us what the maximum efficient speed is. Everything above that speed costs a lot more energy. If you power your boat by engine, you can exceed the speed by pushing the hull over your own bow wave this requires a lot of horsepowers though, and it isn't good for your engine.

If you're sailing instead, you can exceed your hull speed with the help of the weather. Let's call these surfing conditions sounds good. This might happen to you when you're sailing downwind and the current pushes you forward simultaneously. This helps you to overtake your own bow wave. If this happens, the wavelength gets longer than the hull length: the water can't get out of the way fast enough. As a result, the boat starts to plane, increasing water resistance at the front.

Congratulations: you're surfing on your own bow wave. The increase in speed won't be mind blowing however about 1 knot. The truth is: a displacement hull is bound to its speed. It just costs to much energy to propel it through the water. It's made to cut, not steamroll the water.

Because of this, they can cover quite a bit of distance. What distance are we actually able to cover with conservative speeds? The average sailboat covers a distance of roughly nautical miles NM , at a speed of around 4. This equals miles or km. Most sailboats cover anywhere between NM per day. This means that a fast sailboat in ideal conditions can cover more than miles.

However, anything over NM is uncommon. We usually only see cruising speeds that high in races. How fast can a sailboat go under power? JUPITER was conceived as one of the first sailing yachts to be capable of continuous circumnavigation with an eye to comfort while on board. Her first transAtlantic took place in She is capable of taking her owners and guests to the most remote locations in full luxury. She has rounded both Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope and is at home in tropical or arctic conditions.

With all this, she was designed and built to be a joy to sail and a luxurious home away from land. Link to Listing. Go to Top.

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