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Fishing boats are crucial to make fishing in deep water. The best fishing pontoon boats can provide you an awesome fishing moments during the fishing time.� Best Fishing Finder Reviews. 6 Things to Consider When Buying a Fish Finder. The latest Pontoon boat reviews featuring first look videos, tests, specifications, and information resources.� The Apex Angler Qwest is a hard-core fishing machine�one of the few pontoon boats around that can make such a claim. Read More. Advertisement. Reviews / Pontoon. Cypress Cay Cayman Video Pontoon Boat Review. Are you willing to purchase a Pontoon Boat? Then check out our complete guideline on purchasing the best Pontoon Boat from our own experience. Here we have reviewed our selective top 5 boat for make your unbiased compare!� That is why I am writing this review with profound information of 5 best pontoon boats from my experience. And also from the experience of my Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat Reviews Jazz friends. So if you read this article written on "pontoon boat review" I am damn sure you will find it easy to choose yours. What Is A Pontoon Boat? The most comfortable place to commence is with what a pontoon boat is. Generally speaking, it�s any boat with an outsized, flat deck that�s mounted atop two or more metal tubes called pontoons. Boats with three pontoons are sometimes called �tri-toons.�.

Classic Accessories. Inflatable pontoon boats are a wonderful choice of vessel for a wide variety of on the water applications. Depending on the boat frame and design, integrated features, and the pontoon width and length, these watercraft can be quite capable as fishing vessels or overnight pack rafts that can even be used for running rivers in place of a drift boat or raft.

Its shorter length and pontoon design make this a highly responsive boat when it comes to navigating moving water, so this is a great solo option for stream and river fishing. Coming in with a total weight of just 56 pounds and a load capacity of pounds, you can get this vessel from A to B with ease and launch it on your own without issue.

The lower weight capacity does, however, limit the gear load for heavy anglers and boaters. The seat height of the Streamer XL-IR has been designed in order to give fishermen some nice clearance above the water, so those casting a fly rod will have no problem with their back cast.

The Streamer XL-IR is furthermore compatible with a trolling motor for those who want some added propulsion. This is an easy to maintain pontoon boat option that more or less offers the same capabilities as the big boys. That being said, the impressive portability and ease of deployment of this boat is more like a float tube than a personal pontoon boat � and you can both kick this boat around using fins, as well as row it.

The Outcast OSG classifies as more of a hybrid between a float tube and inflatable pontoon boat than it does in either category � offering the best features of both worlds. Featuring a total weight of just 35 pounds and a load capacity of pounds, you can really gear up with this option without feeling bogged down. The IGSystem incorporates PVC sleeves with a movable base that can accept cargo pockets, rod holders, and anchors, so you have the option to keep this boat super minimalist, or to deck it out with features specific to your boating or fishing style.

The higher weight capacity of the Outcast furthermore makes it suitable for overnight river trips if you equip this vessel with the necessary storage system.

Coming in at eight feet long and about four and a half feet wide, this is a compact and highly portable pontoon boat compared to most other inflatable options. Featuring a total weight of 43 pounds and max load capacity of pounds, the Roanoke is easily transported and deployed on your own, so solo anglers and pleasure boaters will have no issue managing this personal vessel.

The seat furthermore sits nice and high to accommodate better casting ability and visibility for anglers. The height of the seat is at least designed for adequate on the water visibility and ease of casting. The integrated footrests, furthermore adjust to a wide range of leg lengths, so the frame accommodates boaters of all heights. All things considered, while the Roanoke is a simple, bare-bones option offering limited storage and customization potential, this is none the less a highly capable personal pontoon boat that will excel under the right contexts and conditions for both anglers and pleasure boaters.

No doubt an excellent value buy from Classic Accessories. This unit is nine feet long and about four and a half feet wide, featuring a total weight of The Colorado offers extensive storage and customization potential and a fairly large base-frame to work with, so you can do a lot with this boat.

This makes the Colorado a great inflatable pontoon boat for overnight river trips and multi-day floats. An innovative anchor system utilizes a fillable mesh bag and cleat and pulley controls and can be oriented on either the right or left side of boat, while an integrated motor mount allows you to attach some propulsion if you choose to. This makes the Colorado a great fishing option for both still water and rivers and streams.

Three oar-lock positions, an integrated rod holder fly rod compatible and built-in fly-patches add even greater versatility and function to this option � Classic Accessories has really hit all the bases with this one! It is built on the same base-frame as the Colorado and features the same dimensions and weight capacity, coming in at just a few pounds heavier 77 pounds. Storing, transporting, and managing this boat on your own is however made a whole lot easier with the addition of an integrated transport-wheel on the stern.

By simply unfolding the built-in wheel you can roll this vessel right down to the launch, and then back up to your vehicle or trailer once you hit the take out.

Storage includes 20 total pockets and two insulated drink holders as well as an additional rear wire basket that doubles as a battery platform. The main side pocket on one of the pontoons is furthermore removable in order to create a portable gear bag.

Classic Accessories has also included an integrated stripping basket with the XT that is also easily utilized or left behind � another brilliant biuilt-in feature for fly fishermen in particular. Another stellar value pontoon boat from Classic Accessories! The XTS, like the other Colorado models, is nine feet long and about four and a half feet wide, but weighs just a touch more than the other boats at 80 pounds.

The extra weight comes from the added transport wheel, integrated stripping basket, and padded swivel seat. The slightly higher price tag stems from the padded swivel seat included with this option. With an integrated anchor system, motor mount, extensive storage, and built-in rod holders and fly patches, this pontoon boat is truly equipped for virtually every style angler.

Easy to transport off the water and highly capable on the water, the Colorado XTS is one of the ultimate affordable options for those seeking a full-feature inflatable pontoon boat.

It is an excellent still water fishing vessel, as well as a highly capable alternative to a drift boat or raft for running rivers. This is a full-size inflatable pontoon boat for two boaters or fishermen coming in at 13 feet long, 5. The Fish Cat 13 features a inch pontoon diameter, giving it an impressive load capacity of pounds, so you can bring all your gear and some with this workhorse.

There is even an integrated lean bar for some assistance and support standing and fishing from the bow. The frame is ideal for guiding clients or friends while fishing and the removable front mod can furthermore be modified to accommodate just one boater if you would prefer to take the Fish Cat 13 out on your own.

Four removable gear bags provide plenty of storage for all sorts of gear, so this option is more than capable of multi-day floats and river trips if you want to cover some ground. An optional motor mount furthermore allows you to add some propulsion if you choose to. Outcast even offers a limited five-year warranty on this boat so you can buy in confidence! This seven and a half foot long pontoon boat is impressively stable, featuring a mm thick aluminum floor that spans more or less the entire footprint of the vessel.

The four, rather than two pontoon design furthermore adds even greater stability, even suitable for two person use despite the shorter length. Between the four pontoons and the spacious dimensions of the deck, this option provides a ton of highly stable room for actively angling, sunbathing, and just hanging out! It should be noted however that this boat has a max load capacity of pounds, so if you and your passenger are both on the heavier side this pontoon may be close to maxed out.

Most impressive of all, this entire vessel breaks down into a remarkably compact carry bag that can even be worn as a backpack just 44 pounds for easy transport and storage. Those who are relatively fit could easily pack this boat into more remote lakes and ponds in order to access otherwise impossible to boat on water, although taking the trolling motor with you on the trail is probably not all that practical! While this option is only really suitable for still water applications, the included value for the price point is better than excellent for those seeking a unique and highly capable fishing or pleasure boat.

AQUOS has designed this pontoon boat to be a clean canvas for you to customize and make your own. You can install upgrades and modify this one or two man watercraft to specifically match your fishing or boating needs, and at a laughably cheap price point. The total weight is 44 pounds, and the entire vessel breaks down into a backpack-style carry bag for easy transport. It should be noted that the brand only includes one paddle and there are no integrated oarlocks. That being said, there is a motor mount for securing some propulsion which will enable you to zip around in this bad boy.

This monster is The 94 by 51 inch aluminum floorboard schematic is super spacious, enabling multiple anglers to actively fish at once, or for multiple sunbathers to lay out to name just a few potential applications. The brand includes a pedestal swivel seat and guard bars with this purchase that you can choose to utilize or not. The beauty of this inflatable pontoon boat is its ability to be modified and customized to your boating needs.

Constructed from military marine grade PVC, this is an exceptionally durable watercraft despite its inflatable build. AQUOS furthermore includes a 3 year warranty � a sure sign of a reliable product. Fortunately, there is an integrated motor mount for securing some propulsion!

Small, but ideal for the budget-conscious or those who need something extremely lightweight and portable. The DAMA Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Tube Boat is honestly more closely related to a fishing float tube than it is an inflatable pontoon boat, but we wanted to include it here for its impressive integrated features, portability and on the water comfort. This personal watercraft is 6.

As far as float tubes go, this is an absolute Cadillac when it comes to the comfort of the seating, and the included accessories. You can either row this vessel with the included oars, or kick it while wearing fins like you would a traditional float tube. An anchor system, rod holders, extensive removable storage bags, and even a detachable awning all add up to a highly equipped watercraft for the cost � far more capable than your standard float tube.

DAMA has brilliantly included some built-in backpack straps to this kick boat so you can throw it onto your back and trek into otherwise difficult to access launch points. The straps are then removable when you put in. Heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and rugged nylon tops have excellent puncture resistance and overall durability, so beating up on this float tube a bit is not an issue.

That being said, this is still a suitable option for fishing moving water if you know the route and are mindful of the river conditions.

While most inflatable pontoon boats are designed with fishing as a focus, there are a few models in particular that are particularly well-equipped for anglers. With built-in features such as integrated stripping baskets, anchor and trolling motor mounts, rod holders and more, our top choices for angling are brilliantly designed for getting you on the fish.

If you're simply seeking an inflatable pontoon boat for lounging, reading, or just drinking some beers with friends, there are some great available options that don't focus so much on integrated fishing features. If you're a bare-bones fisherman who doesn't require a lot of gear or a pleasure boater who only ever packs a lunch, some water, and a book, then there are some brilliant minimalist pontoon boats that don't include all the bells and whistles.

While their inherent build is quite simple, there are some highly equipped, impressively designed inflatable pontoon boat options when it comes to integrated features. Adventurers seeking a boat for multi-day river trips and serious anglers requiring a particularly capable boat will be wise to check out some of these full feature options in order to satisfy their more gear-intensive needs:.

A frameless pontoon boat enables even greater portability and ease of deployment. While the lack of frame might make this style feel more like a float tube than a pontoon boat when it comes to responsiveness on the water, this style of construction is certainly easier to manage and maintain. The best frameless pontoon boats still position anglers nice and high above the water for effective sighting and casting, and offer adequate storage depending on what you're up to, so don't necessarily think of these boats as an inferior alternative to framed options.

The pros and cons of a frameless boat are specific to your fishing or boating style. Most inflatable pontoons are not all that suitable for white water applications, but that doesn't mean they can't handle some rougher conditions along your route.

Most brands do not offer a white water rating on their boats - likely to leave that determination up to the paddler because a boat's ability on the river has just as much to do with the person rowing as it does the boat! ALWAYS be confident in your rowing ability and knowledgable of the route and conditions before attempting to run rivers in any pontoon boat - while these boats are highly versatile in their applications make sure to learn your vessel's and your own limitations before embarking.

That being said, there are certainly some inflatable pontoon boats that are built with particularly resilient frames designed in anticipation of moving water. Our top picks for those who want to embark on river fishing trips and big water overnights include:. One of the most beautiful aspects of owning a pontoon boat is the ability to modify it and add accessories. These are highly customizable boats that you can truly outfit to match your needs and wants.

Check out a few of these potential accessories for some inspiration personalizing your own pontoon boat:. If you're seeking a personal fishing vessel that's easy to transport and deploy regardless of your strength or vehicle size, perhaps an inflatable pontoon boat is a bit excessive for your needs. Fishing float tubes are very comparable in their design and intended applications to pontoon boats, but are drastically easier to store, transport, set up and break down. Most pontoon boats are intended to be left inflated for the season rather than assembling and dissassembling every time you want to get on the water, so a float tube can be a superior alternative for those seeking a simple grab-and-go fishing vessel.

Check out our top list of the best fishing float tubes for the top available options. Inflatable kayaks offer remarkable portability for their versatile on the water applications.


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