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Plank-on-frame boats still have a strong cult following and a relatively large number of older wooden yachts are sailed and maintained by devoted owners. Some new plank-on-frame yachts are also built from time to time, and a few boatyards�the most prominent are probably Gannon & Benjamin on Martha�s Vineyard and Rockport Marine in Maine�even specialize in this sort of work.� Plywood construction does limit design options. Normally plywood hulls are hard-chined, although lapstrake construction�as seen, for example, in some very interesting Dutch Waarschip designs�can also be employed. The third major variation, cold-molded construction, is more properly described as diagonal-veneer construction. Hollow hull construction method. (Plank-on-frame/plank-on-bulkhead). "A ship with a wrong hull is like a barge with some name stickers on it!" Anonymous. Hollow-hull construction is difficult and therefore avoided by many model ship builders.� To avoid the strenuous process of a plank-on-frame construction, many model ship makers choose to carve ship hulls from wood log. In this video, fast forward to for the section in which the instructor uses visual cues for planing. A hull's unique curves cannot be accurately duplicated by visual estimates like that.� The proprietary method can be applied to some small hulls of commercial ships and motor boats. No matter how hard we tried, the newfound method couldn't pass our high accuracy standard on larger hulls. Unless otherwise specified, construction is traditional plank on frame. Most of the flat-bottom boats can easily be converted to plywood planking. V-bottoms with straight sections may look like plywood will wrap easily around them, but but in reality, V-bottoms not specifically designed for sheet plywood may be very difficult, or impossible, to plank with plywood sheets. A new fully illustrated page Catalog with more than Atkin designs is available for $25 in the United States and Canada ($32 US for overseas orders).

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