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Strip building of boats has been around for a long time. In the past large boats were carvel planked with heavy boards attached to solid ribs using sturdy fasteners or wood dowels. Caulking of tar and fibers was driven between the planks and when the boat was launched the boards swelled, came closely together and formed a mostly watertight hull. As the boat was sailed the planks worked and moved with the . The hull and deck planks are the same 1/8�x1/2� and full length. This means 39� to 80� for the 36R-class to X-class. The deck planks all have a couple of coats of varnish on the underside the hull planks are bare. Cut all the planks out as ?�x2� pieces on a table saw and the final 1/8�x1/2� on the band myboat218 boatplans Size: 2MB. Oct 06, �� Also, why do gussets always have to be ply or metal? Wouldn't a piece of plank with the grain running along the diagonal, screwed and glued in, be stronger? I am not finding any answers in any of the usual texts, Glen-L is closest but the boats are too small. Has anyone written anything about modern day ply/frame/stringer construction.

Boat Reviews. Strip planking is very time consuming, but can use inferior grade lumber. While it is plank on frame boat construction industries to cut, aluminium is difficult to weld, and also requires heat treatments such as precipitation strengthening for most applications. DCockeyMar 16, Cleats View All. This Free Boat Plan teams up plywood and fiberglass to produce a tough, scrape-proof canoe you can build in one-tenth the time it would take you to turn out a conventional canoe. Help with strip planking foam core jazzmdJun 22,in forum: Boatbuilding.

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