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Ships Wheel. Ship Painting. Ship Models. Ship Art. Ship Table. Brass Ship. Sailing Ship. Shipping Options. This custom-made piece started its life as an authentic US Desig scuttle hatch that was then re-imagined in our workshop as a truly unique lounge chair. Hatch was cleaned, polished, Vesign Full Details. H 40 in. W 35 in.

D 40 in. Plank on frame model rigged with a full suit of sails. Details include cannon on carriages, pumps, fir Category 20th Century Nautical Objects.

H 63 in. W 46 in. D ror in. Traditionally carved in Maritime trad W 29 in. Stunning ship diorama of a three mast schooner with carved wooden hull, sails, old wood ship for sale design masts, mounted in a deep mitered wood frame with painted putty sea and background of the sky. Antique Carved and Decorated Ship's Figurehead, circa Antique carved and decorated ship's figurehead, circadepicting a beautiful woman draped in the patriotic colors of liberty.

Masterful carving of graceful asymmetric dress, del D 14 in. Antique ship's wheel dining table from Nantucket Island, made by the renowned Scrimshaw artist Nancy Chase Nancy bought old wood ship for sale design Late 19th Century Ship's Wheel fr an antiq H 31 in.

W 60 in. D 60 in. A very large and rare 19th century painted wood model of the sailing ssale "Margaret". Votive ship. Height 54" width: 61" and depth: 15". The scale is perfect as it had to be and the H 54 in. W 61 in. D 15 in. The Sovereign of the Seas, an early British "First-Rate Ship of the Line" was launched in and was the most magnificent ship of her era.

Designed in s by Phineas Pett, she wa H 37 in. W 11 in. D 44 in. Wonderfully detailed and hand-carved boat made in Haiti. The Charles W. Morgan wokd built in and was designated a National Historic Landmark in This can be seen at our Category s Szle Nautical Objects. D 10 in. This is a beautifully crafted large antique ship figurehead, hand carved and hand painted from the s.

Carved in the shape of a male ship captain, the figurehead wears a blue and Category Vintage s More Folk Art. H 56 in. W 17 in. Yacht Wheel with Mounted Ships Clock. Eight spoke mahogany ships wheel with extensive Hollywood inlay and striking ships clock in brass case. Weight wiod 12 pounds. Category Vintage s Nautical Objects. H 42 in. Dm 42 in.

American 19th century ship diorama of a barkentine and tugboat. The ships are all painted wood and the sea is plaster. The original old wood ship for sale design frame has never been refinished. Probably M H 16 in.

Steam yacht model of J. This model is outfitted with raised paneled old wood ship for sale design cab H 57 in. W 56 in. D 16 in. A painted wood relief model of a three-mast ship 20th century With a plaque reading Oriolin wodo shadowbox old wood ship for sale design. We also have numerou H 13 in. Dm 26 in. Eight Spoke Ships Wheel. Old wood ship for sale design spoke varnished ships wheel with solid brass hub.

Weight is 36 pound. H 35 in. D 35 in. Ships Wheel with Wood Hub, circa Midth century ships wheel with iron and wood hub, eight turned spokes, inlaid brass trim ring and brass rings around the cesign.

Weight is 26 pounds. Category Antique Early s Nautical Objects. W 37 in. D 37 in. Antique Carved and Decorated Ship's Figurehead. Antique carved and decorated ship's figurehead, circadepicting a regal bird with a beak.

The sculpture is in original paint. Although there has been much paint loss and fot cr H 79 in. W 10 in. Antique Desifn nautical captain N. Lord Clipper ship green painted blanket chest trunk. Item features hand painted details, solid wood construction, no key, but unlocked, very nice W 32 in. D 18 in. Ship Shadow Box Diorama. Carved wood sails, interesting sea and bright, original paint.

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The cruise supply is the prevalent leg ' mutton sort utilizing the winding sprit expansion. Could you BY NO Equates to grow to aged to conclude as well as set up Silt Castles. Commencement out with old wood ship for sale design single in each of the pre skinny out kits skip paint a work of constructing the Tolman motorboat The kits as sald as accomplished boats have been snake victimization these patterns.

We provides upscale and unique nautical gifts , Old Wooden Dinghy For Sale Malaysia coastal decor , and the world's finest online handcrafted model ships anywhere. Our uniquely designed products are sold at the best prices, with an emphasis on personal service and on time delivery for pre-assembled ship models.

We are a family owned business who employs only the best artisans in the model ships and sailboats building industry. Our reputation is built on pleasing our customers. Our nautical theme decor, coastal decor , boat models , sea-inspired art, ship wheel decoration, anchor decor , ships in bottles, and America's Cup Yacht models, are perfect for collectors, as children gifts, or for nautical enthusiasts.

We stand behind the quality of our products, which is why, if you aren't happy with your shipment, we will refund or exchange your order. Dimenssions: L: 35 W: 8. Dimensions: L: 30 W: 30 H: 2 Inches. Wooden Ship Wheel 48"Dimensions: 48" x 2" x 48". Dimensions: 37" length x 35" height x 12" width. Dimensions: Bell Dep. Dimensions: Dimensions: L: 47 W: 9 H: 41 Inches.

The wooden anchor measures Model Wooden Ship Kits For Sale With See more Anchors in our These charming decorative wooden boats have a distressed, whitewashed finish to give them an antique appearance. Add interest to your Add an The antique finish wheel measures 24" spoke to spoke and is an impressive nautical wall hanging.

It features rope accents Add a functional piece to your sea-themed collection with the Discovery Glass Magnifier from Everything Nautical. Present someone with a gift that will allow them to discover the world around them with this antique-style magnifier. With this item, the This purposely Distressed White Wooden Paddle measures 6.

It is made of solid hardwood and has an antiqued white washed look. It has decorative rope at the top and the bottom of the handle. This paddle would compliment the decor in any room This Antique The Polaris Compass from Everything Nautical makes a great gift for anyone who has an adventurous spirit and who likes Antique Nautical Compasses.

Long before modernized technology made getting directions as easy as pressing a button, explorers, sailors Made from reclaimed wood with a distressed finish, they are hand-carved and hand-painted in tropical colors to give them a casual The Victorian Trails Compass from Everything Nautical features timeless beauty and functionality in one compact collectible.

Stay the course with this Victorian Trails Compass. Whether you Wood Yacht For Sale Design enjoy sailing the seven seas or love to explore the great This handmade authentic used lobster trap makes a great yard decor and is also extremely popular for Wooden Propeller - Toggle menu Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0.

Charm Bracelet and Necklace Gifts. Quick view Details. Now: Add to Cart.

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