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Here we are providing NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi (Kritika, Kshitij,Sanchayan II, Sparsh II) the solutions are latest and updated. You can download Solution for each and every chapters listed below chapter wise. Download Complete NCERT Textbooks PDF for free (Class 1st to 12th). No Signup required, no login required, one single click and your PDF is downloaded. NCERT Solutions for class 10 Hindi Chapter wise Free PDF Download. NCERT Class 10 Hindi Kritika Chapterwise Solutions. Class 10 Hindi Kritika NCERT Solutions - Free PDF. Hindi is wide spoken language in India and most used language in your class room as well as conversation with your teacher and friends. To score good marks in class 10 Hindi you must follow the following strategies.� myboat080 boatplans reading NCERT Kritika make sure you have noted down all important point which you feel will help you in final revision and mark the important lines in your NCERT text book. myboat080 boatplans you understood the Kritika chapter start solving the questions given in the exercise make your own answer and present the answer very clearly must make sense and consist of what is asked din the question for reference you can use entrancei Class 10 Hindi Kritika NCERT Solutions. etc these are the following sites where you will get your answer. New questions in Hindi. pgf-uctr-eoo joi the met pleas e. ?????? ??????? ????? ? ?????? ?? ?? ?????? ??? ???? ??????? ?? ???????? ???? ??? ??????? ?????? ???????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? j0in for fun on G00GLE meetdeo-uskm-gfv. ?????? ?? ????? ???? ???????? ?? ???????.. *.

The report helps in recording the events of importance that occur in our day-to-day life. It attempts to present the firsthand information of an incident or event. A report of an event presents a record of events that took place.

Question 1. Jain School, Ajmer. As Secretary of your School Co-curricular Activities Club, you visited a slum area in your city where the people suffered a great loss of life and property in a massive fire. The students of your school rendered their services and material help to the victims. Write a report in words for your school magazine. Delhi Answer:. Jain School.

A major slum area in Vilas Nagar was gutted by a massive fire on 10th February, 20xx. The fire whose exact cause is still not very clear caused extensive damage to life and property. Ten persons lost their lives, many were injured and about two hundred people were rendered homeless. Our school joined and relief to the victims.

The students of our school got together and collected food packets, old clothes, medicines, utensils, etc. Ten students and three teachers personally visited this slum area to ensure proper and fair distribution of the items that had been collected and thus provided some relief to these unfortunate people in their time of crisis and misery.

Question 2. The main aim of this seminar was to remind us all about the need to save the government and the non-governmental organisations in providing help water as it is a precious source imperative for our survival.

Yashraj, an eminent environmentalist, suggested rain-water harvesting as one of the best ways to conserve water. Using visual aids to highlight his discourse, he suggested that to ensure availability of water for the future generations the withdrawal of fresh water from an ecosystem should not exceed its natural replacement rate.

The seminar concluded on the note that water conservation is the most cost-effective, environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water and so each one of us must do our bit towards improving water management to enhance optimum use of water. Question 3. Your school organised an exhibition-cum-sale of the items prepared under Work Experience Certificate by your school students.

There was an overwhelming response from the public. Prepare a report in words for a local daily. You are the Coordinator, S. All India Answer:. Our school organised an exhibition-cum-sale of items prepared under Work Experience by our students on the 31st of July in the school lawns. It was heartening to see the overwhelming response our endeavour got from not only the parents but also from the general public who showed a lot of interest in the items made by the students. A wide array of items such as candles, greeting cards, jewellery boxes, wooden handicrafts had been prepared by talented students.

The students were really encouraged by the positive feedback they got from everyone present. Our principal too was personally present there all the time interacting with everyone. Our principal also decided that such initiatives would be taken up by our school more frequently to motivate the creative students and to help a noble cause.

Question 4. Your state government has banned the use of plastic bags. Your are Amarjeet, a reporter of The National Herald. Write a report in words on how the ban is being ignored and what damage the indiscriminate use of plastic bags in causing to the environment.

In the year the government had banned the production and use of plastic bags in our country. But unfortunately, these are now being widely used again everywhere. Not only are we using a huge number of polybags daily but we are also discarding them in our drains uncaring about the fact that they will block the flow of drain water.

Polybags are also a threat to our environment. They cause pollution, kill wildlife and are responsible for using up the natural resources of the earth. They are one of the main factors that litter the landscape.

If burnt, they will infuse the surrounding air with toxic fumes. The main problem of plastic bags is that they are non-biodegradable. The decomposition of plastic takes around a thousand years, so with the plastic rubbish produced each day it is likely that this problem will never be solved.

While the government works out ways to lessen the impact of polybags on the environment each one of us too should shoulder some responsibility for this problem that ultimately harms us all. Question 5. Last Monday an inter-school twenty-over cricket match was played on your school ground. Write a report in words on the match. Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh 17th January, 20xx. Last Monday an inter-school twenty over cricket match played in our school grounds between Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sector-4 and Central School, Sector It was one of the most thrilling match that we all had seen as the winner was decided only after the last ball of the match had been bowled.

Kendriya Vidyalaya won the toss and chose to bat. They set a target of runs in twenty overs for the opposition team who beat them in the last ball of the match by hitting a boundary which took their score to runs.

Central School had to make ten runs in the last two balls in order to win. Their star batsman ABC scored a six followed by a fantastic boundary to take his team to victory.

It was a great match with a nail-biting finish and all the spectators present there thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Question 6. A major bus mishap which left several people seriously injured took place at Nicholas Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai. Luckily no life was lost. It resulted in serious injuries to almost twelve of the twenty-five passengers who were on board the bus.

Luckily though, there was no loss of life. An eyewitness accounts how the high speeding bus overturned when it took a sharp turn in an attempt to avert a collision with a truck that was coming in the wrong direction. The authorities have arrested the truck driver for his negligence. The bus driver could not be taken into custody for overspeeding as he is admitted in hospital with grievous injuries. The state government has announced a compensation of?

A state-level inquiry has also been ordered into the mishap. Question 7. Senior Secondary School, Ambur. A week-long Music and Dance festival was organised by your school. Invent the details. It was a great music and dance extravaganza which saw a wide variety of Indian classical music and folklore and western music and dance forms.

During this week-long festival, many competitions and programmes were organised in our school and these were graced by illustrious musicians and reputed dancers. On the concluding day of this festival, a two-hour-long programme displaying a unique fusion of classical and western dance and music was put up. This was a treat and delight for all music and dance lovers and was also the highlight of our festival. Seeing the huge success of this fiesta our principal assured us that attempts would be made to organise it on a regular basis.

Question 8. You were impressed to see that nearly 55 companies from various sectors such as information technology, telecommunication, electronics etc. The fair witnessed an overwhelming response from job seekers and companies from across the region. The two-day event saw 55 companies from various sectors, such as information technology, telecommunication, electronics, etc. Over job seekers walked into seek well-paying jobs with the most renowned companies.

This is surely going to motivate other undergraduates to attend this fair every year. Such employment fairs should be organised as these provide an ideal platform for students who are on the lookout for jobs after having completed their graduate-level education.

Question 9. You witnessed a programme performed by differently-abled persons on Zee TV. You were very much impressed by their performance and were emotionally touched.

Highlighting their talent, the reaction of the judges to their performance etc. On the occasion of Independence Day, Zee TV organized a special programme in which differently-abled persons performed in front of a live audience and were also watched by millions of people across the globe. They displayed their talent in the fields of music and dance. Their performances left the judges, the audience and the viewers enthralled. I am sure it also touched the hearts of many.

It was most touching to see these children performing with such perfection despite their handicaps and their zest and enthusiasm added an extra touch to their performance.

I strongly feel more such shows should be telecast so that more disabled children get an opportunity to showcase their talent. This will give them self-confidence that in spite of their disabilities they too are very much a part of our society. Question You have been asked to cover an incident of daylight robbery on the outskirts of Delhi when the inmates were present in the house. Write a report in words. Four armed robbers entered the house of a retired IAS official in broad daylight at about 4 p.

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