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Lund Introduces New Mod-V Renegade Series A high-end Mod-V Fishing Boats For Sale Olx Korea fishing boat, Multi Hull Fishing Boats For Sale Australia complete with Lund�s famous IPS hull for superior performance and stability, Lund Boats introduces the Renegade. This wood-free boat was designed for the angler who . Mod V refers to a one-piece hull with a modified V shape at the bow that transitions to a flatter V Modified V Hull Fishing Boats 50 at the stern. This design, along with a lower profile in the water, . With our signature all-welded hulls and Mod-V construction, these boats are built to overcome the shallowest water so you can find the perfect spot to drop a line. Bass & Crappie boats are perfect for freshwater anglers who value wide open casting platforms and complete control with trolling motors.


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