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Oct 26, �� A great deck boat you can get for under $50, is the Hurricane SunDeck DC OB that costs between $35, and $45, depending on the features it has. This deck boat manufactured by Tahoe deserves a place on the top 3 best deck boats list. This deck boat is known for it�s all around the board satisfactory. Whether you�re planning on fishing on gentle waters or participating in heart racing water sports, the Tahoe will serve you exceptionally well. As far as high-end deck boats go, it doesn�t get any better than the Hurricane SunDeck OB. This ft. 4-in.-long yacht-certified deck boat offers an unmatched level of convenience and versatility. It has a center-deck bi-fold door that you can use to provide added protection against the elements or keep your kids and pets safe.

The Least Expensive Pontoon Boats 09 cockpit comes with a least expensive deck boats quality array of gauges, CD player, and ice chest. With over units built, the Tartan 37 is one of the most popular sailboats with blue water capabilities. Here are some of the most affordable starter boats to keep in mind when you begin dreaming, listed in order of boat type from A to Z. Privacy Policy. The port has an L-shaped galley with a refrigerator-freezer and a Corian counter. Perry Design Review: Beneteau First

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