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A guide to wooden kitchen worktops | These Four Walls
This video look at essential care and maintenance techniques for keeping your wooden kitchen worktops in A1 myboat305 boatplans Most woods are naturally anti-bacterial, drawing water from cells that come in contact with it. But this process only occurs whilst the woods are dynamically dryer than the bacteria we wish it to destroy. As the wood is worn, it becomes more porous, allowing more water to rest in it's crevices, and the anti-bacterial properties are inhibited. Very few (if any) professional kitchens will have wood tables, as stainless steel lacks the porosity that would culture bacteria. views. Related Questions. More Answers Below. Wooden kitchen worktops can add real warmth to a kitchen and are favourable if you�re looking for a neutral material to work in a contemporary or traditional kitchen. It works well combined with other materials like Corian or quartz. There are a variety of woods available that make suitable kitchen worktops. A hardwood, such as teak has a high oil content so is water resistant, which makes it a good option for in and around a sink. Popular timbers like oak, beech and walnut are beautiful but you�ll need to maintain them regularly (and particularly from the outset) to keep the worktop looking i.

You will have no doubt seen that we highly recommend Rustins Danish Oil for wooden surfaces. Once a sufficient coating of food-safe Danish oil has been applied, you will enjoy a natural finish that accentuates the beauty of the timber � whilst being certain that the wood is well protected. Varnish � though a good choice in some situations � is generally not advised for use in a kitchen. Timber varnishes dry to a relatively brittle, plasticky finish, which can be scratched easily by kitchen knives or cracked by heavy items; the finish is also not very resistant to heat damage.

Once damaged, water can get under the varnish, which leads to water staining and blooming lighter patches. Unlike varnish, a well-maintained oiled surface actively repels water. Of course, all wooden surfaces do deteriorate slightly over time, but unlike oiled surfaces which can be lightly sanded and re-oiled to return the timber to its natural lustre, varnished surfaces would need to be fully stripped and refinished, which Wooden Splashbacks For Kitchens With is both very time-consuming and extremely messy.

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