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���� �������� ���� J70 �� ���������� myboat063 boatplans� �� ������ � ������ myboat063 boatplans, ���� �����!. After countless hours sailing, testing, and competing in the J/70 One Design, North Sails has updated our tuning notes and tips in an effort to get sailors and teams up to race-winning speed quickly with our World Championship Sails! As we learn more about the J/70 or any other One-Design Class, new information regarding setup, tuning, and trimming techniques will be updated online at myboat063 boatplans Also, sign up online for our North Sails e-mail updates and receive Sailing Zatara First Boat 43 all J/70 news and updates directly by e-mail.� Incorporating the Sailing Zatara New Boat Design speed and handling of a top tier sport boat with the stability and reliability of a performance keelboat. The J/70 creates a sailing experience that accommodates all ages, abilities, and sailing appetites. The Sailing World Overall Boat of the Year J/70 has taken the world by storm and future growth for this fantastic boat looks very bright, indeed! These days it is safe to say there is some J/70 event happening on almost any given weekend somewhere around the world! Key J/70 Features. Large comfortable cockpit with open transom. Deck-stepped lightweight carbon mast for easy rigging & stepping. Inexpensive three sail inventory with masthead A-Sail. Vertical lifting keel. Small cabin for storage and personal privacy.


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