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For beach lovers, Mujeres Island has many attractions and is relatively reasonably priced. You can snorkel with tropical fish in the coral bushes while diving. Or kayaking or a boat, skimming over the blue water. Isla Mujeres is a famous island off Cancun.

There are many hotels and many beautiful beaches on the island. It takes about half an hour by boat to arrive in Cancun. The island is very quiet, the southern area retains this original natural style, very isla mujeres catamaran trip expedia, especially watching the sunset is really beautiful.

Receive tourists from Cancun and head to Isla Mujeres! It takes about 20 minutes to board the island by boat, isla mujeres catamaran trip expedia a golf cart isla mujeres catamaran trip expedia tour around the island, white sand beaches and the azure Caribbean Sea, colorful small houses everywhere, you can also go diving and visit the famous underwater museum! Any shot is the scenery on the postcard!

You can also charter a yacht for a luxurious experience! For more travel needs in Mexico, Central and Isla mujeres catamaran trip expedia America, please contact me. Isla Mujeres, Isla Mujeres, is famous for Isla Mujeres because of the early Spanish discovery of many pottery Mayan goddesses on the island.

Mujeres, the original meaning of the goddess, can be translated into the goddess island. Legend has it that the Spanish captain fell in love with the beautiful women on the island, and the beautiful women neglected the captain, and the captain died of depression; the locals praised the beauty of the chastity, so the island is called the island of Ladies.

Isla Mujeres is one of the must-see attractions in Cancun. The island is not big, and you can make a circle around the island in two hours by renting a golf battery cart. In the peak season, you have to wait a long time to rent a battery car, so you can take a walk. Go in the morning and see the main attractions.

You can return to Cancun in the afternoon. If you can stay overnight on Isla Mujeres, after wandering around the dazzling array of stalls in the evening, drinking beer and fresh juice, watching isla mujeres catamaran trip expedia setting sun set in the evening, and the rising sun in the morning, it is just a pleasant life.

Tao isla mujeres catamaran trip expedia cigarette, drunk a glass of wine, or forget the world, or be moved by the wind? Next, wash your toes and sand waves, or bury your head in your dreams? All are beautiful Jiao You said, Geming brother, I am suddenly fragile and fragile too weak to bear Anyway, carve expectations and thoughts on ceramic tiles and sing the whimper of conch.

The sea water soaks the beach softly. Romance and passion walk past, not tired, just a trace, winding. The highest vacation is to rent a car and board an island.

Unfortunately, in the end We still have to go back to real life and continue to work hard to make money. App Download the App for Free. Top currencies. Search Bookings. Register Sign In. Travel Guides. North America. Quintana Roo. Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeles. Liked by 8. Open all day. Recommended Sightseeing Time: days. What people are saying:. Some reviews may have been translated by Google Translate.

All Reviews from Tripadvisor. What's the isla mujeres catamaran trip expedia attractions near Isla Mujeles? More Questions. The island has stunning scenery, and the stunning white sand beaches and the azure Caribbean are intoxicating. You can also snorkel on the island, or rent a double electric car to go around the island to play, very comfortable.

Show More. Located Nearby. Guadalupe Chapel m away. Crayola House m away. Limoncello 4. Casa Ixchel 4. You Might Also Like. What other similar attractions are recommended in Isla Mujeres? English Languages. About About Trip. Other Isla mujeres catamaran trip expedia Investor Relations Trip.

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All Private and Luxury. Private and Luxury. Shop Tickets And Tours. Catamaran Tour from Cancun to Isla Mujeres. Set sail from Cancun on a triple-decker catamaran for a day full of snorkeling, sightseeing, salsa dancing and shopping!


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