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The full fabric floor with the aluminum cross boards will hold any electric batteries, fishing tackle, tackle boxes or fishing lures you may have, even if you drop them! UWe love our boat. After shopping extensively, we chose the fold cat over all others. It fits our 5th wheel RVing style and fishing style perfectly. Easy to set up and take down and light enough and mobile enough for retirees like us to handle easily. That was a priority for us. Bought it online. Have had "0" issues from start to finish.

Have landed tons of fish. Here's a couple of pics for your enjoyment. I bought this boat along with my brother in law. We've gone lake fishing for trout for the past 3 years. We enjoy the portability of the boat instead of inflating it everytime we go fishing, we do it once in the spring and periodically check the pressure.

We have small suv's with roof racks, we can easily manoeuver the boat onto the roof and secure it with fasteners. This is quite practical since we only have to untie it once we arrive at the lake and put it in the water. The only issues we have is with the oare system and the elevated seat supports. The oars have to be positionned in their brackets and they tend to get in the way when fishing, expecially fly fishing.

We designed a system to attach them to the top of the pontoons, while better that the brackets, they are still in the way. As for the elevated seat supports, some of the screws that hold the top plate came off and gave me a nice tumble off the seat! We secured it with new srews. After using my pontoon for fishing for two years now, I am very happy with the performance.

The hulls are very well made and withstand normal abuse launching and retrieving. The seats are sturdy and comfortable. I do wish there was some type of floor as it can be tricky moving about when stepping among the slats. I use the 30 electric trolling motor and it is plenty powerful. Switching to a small gas motor is my next step, as I would like more range. Overall the quality of the boat, aluminum pieces, rod mounts, etc. I did experience a very rough water ride with a large man in the front seat, me in the rear on a lake full of high powered boats zooming about.

We encountered several large wakes, which the boat handled most excellently. Only casualty was a spilled beverage. My FoldCat is a very nice fishing platform. Light enough to be loaded into my pickup, to be assembled at a lake and to be maneuvered on our state's small lakes - even for me in my late 70's.

Equipped with an electric trolling motor for the days when wind is a problem when rowing, this boat gets me to where I wish to be. The lack of fish in the boat should not be a reflection of the boat's worth.

I have had this boat for about 5 years, and at the end of the first season, when exiting a lake at a very rough, rocky boat landing, one pontoon was abraided badly. The patching material supplied with the boat was applied and has held since that time. A very good investment. The great feature of our patented folding frame system is that it creates a spacious rigid fishing platform for one or two anglers without the need of nuts and bolts.

In just 5 minutes you have a rock solid pontoon fishing boat! Best of all deflation and take down is equally fast and simple. Release the one-way air valves, pull out the underbars and roll it up! It's just that simple! The wide stance of the pontoons combined with the structural strength of the platform makes for a truly stable and secure fishing space. You can have it with one swivel seat and use the available space for standing and casting.

You can use the swivel seat with or without the pedestal for a higher or lower seating position, as you prefer. You can outfit it with 2 swivel seats and 2 pedestals for you and your buddy. You can add a Casting Bar. You can add a canopy to protect yourself against sun, rain and high temperatures. The FoldCat is a two person fishing boat that will fit into a car trunk. It's light weight and can be launched anywhere. Variety of Options. Though not for everyone, it's a great choice for novices and enthusiasts who like to spend time on lakes and slow-moving water.

Also consider. Great for Everyday Use. Affordable, portable alternative to plastic, although a few upgrades would make it even better. Great for Fishing. This rugged vessel is perfect for avid fisherman seeking a portable option for catching fish. Get it as soon as Tue, Apr 6. FREE Shipping. MOOCY 15ft. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 9.

Best Seller in Inflatable Rafts. Intex Explorer Inflatable Boat Series. Related searches. Need help? Visit the help section or contact us. Go back to filtering menu. Skip to main search results. Eligible for Free Shipping. Customer Review. From Our Brands. A bit on the expensive side, but well worth the cost when you consider the versatility and capabilities of these vessels!

This one-man inflatable is brilliant for sneaking into those hard to access fishing holes, stretches of stream, and alpine lakes to name a few applications. Even once this boat is set up, you can pull it out of the water and re-attach the backpack straps enabling you to easily portage this inflatable around high-class rapids, or just switch fishing spots! Particularly large fishermen might find it a bit tight in there, but regular-sized anglers will have plenty of space. Two zippered side pockets for stashing gear with built-in cup holders are present, as well as two integrated rod holders for storing and organizing your essentials.

Two inch fish rulers on either side of the boat are Pontoon Boat With Fishing Seats Network also present for measuring your catch! Unfortunately, you cannot attach a motor to this option, and securing an anchor will take a bit of creativity. Molded oar locks and carry handles ensure longterm durability of this boat, and the hull material itself is remarkably abrasion and puncture resistant for an inflatable.

Four tracking runners on the hull furthermore aid in steering and stabilization while on the water while also creating an extra line of defense against wear and tear when pulling this boat up on dry land. This makes the Commander a particularly brilliant choice for fishermen who want to cover large stretches of river without having to step out and hike between fishy holes and bends.

You can hike up river a few miles, set this boat up and then float back to where you set out from � truly a game-changing tactic depending on where you fish. Stillwater anglers will also love the ability to cover lots of water and then drop their legs and stand when targeting fish in the shallows or while casting out over dropoffs � especially on windy days when it feels impossible to hold on your anchor.

The open cockpit design furthermore makes this boat compatible with fins if you want to kick this boat around like you would a float tube. This may seem a bit counter-intuitive considering the hull is more like a kayak, but having the ability to keep yourself in place and on a fixed bearing with your fins while keeping your hands free to fish is drastically underrated! The Commander truly offers the best of all worlds when it comes to kick boats, inflatable pontoons, and kayaks.

IGS sleeves are integrated on both sides of the boat in order to attach pockets and rod holder mounts, and there is additional storage space behind the seat. The Commander packs into a compact carry bag for go-anywhere portability, so this is truly one of the most versatile inflatable fishing boats when you go ahead and consider its ability to be put in virtually anywhere.

All in all, a brilliant inflatable boat design that all sorts of anglers will find unique and specialized applications for. Find more Outcast Commander Boat information and reviews here. This personal vessel is 8 feet long and 4. You can choose to row this personal vessel, or kick using fins like a float tube depending on the angling context, and the stern platform can even accommodate up to a pound anchor or alternative gear for those that want to be able to stay put on the water. A removable stripping basket is also present for fly fishermen, and the height of the seat is suitable for effective casting.

Outcast has integrated the IGSystem which utilizes PVC sleeves with a movable base � able to accept cargo pockets, rod holders, anchors, and more. Despite this boats minimalist appearance, it can be extensively outfitted for virtually any angling style. The storage potential of this unassuming inflatable even makes it suitable for overnight river trips, impressive to say the least! Outcast has once again outdone themselves with another highly versatile, durable, and capable inflatable fishing boat that will prove itself to be an invaluable companion for most style fishermen.

The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak is an impressive tandem inflatable option for angling pairs that you can believe it or not, stand up and fish from! Those seeking a tandem boat that can move fast, provide comfortable seating for both passengers, and also offer a standing platform for actively fishing will love this exceptionally versatile option from Elkton Outdors. This unit offers the best of both worlds when it comes to stand up paddleboards and kayaks � enabling fast paddling speeds in order to cover lots of water, as well as the space and stability to stand up and cast!

This vessel is Integrated paddle mounts furthermore provide you with a place to rest your paddle when you want your hands free to fish. You can really set this boat up for angling with just a little bit of effort and creativity. Self-bailing drains are built into the design of this boat in order to keep the kayak from taking on water. The Steelhead Fishing Kayak is rated for up to class III rapids depending on your paddling experience so you can brave some whitewater on the way to the fishing grounds.

This kayaks impressive capabilities on moving water make it a killer option for ultralight, minimalist expeditions into the backcountry and less explored fishing destinations. Firm plastic nose cones are present on both the bow and stern, while the D reinforced layered PVC construction adds even greater durability. You can really beat up on this one without concern of abrasion or puncture � the nose cones being a truly brilliant design addition.

The solid drop stitch floor is also best utilized for standing on flat water, rather than moving water conditions. Those in the market for an inflatable fishing kayak will be wise to set this boat as the standard and go from there! The Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Fishing Kayak is a killer tandem option for angling pairs that features a tough, 3-chamber design for enduring abrasive environments and high customization potential for its inherent design.

Two integrated fishing rod holders, removable seats, bow and stern storage, as well as external D-rings for additional gear attachment total to a fairly equipped boat. The laminate PVC design with a polyester core is tough against abrasions and puncture while the I-beam construction creates a structurally sound, rigid-feeling deck. Intex includes paddles, a high output pump, pressure gauge and a carry bag with this purchase, so you and a friend are ready to hit the water as soon as you un-box this bad boy!

A simple Blow Up Fishing Boat With Motor Air boat for simple fishing applications, the Intex Excursion is a stellar affordable option for all sorts of angling contexts.

This neat little boat has a total weight of 44 pounds and max load capacity of pounds � easily able to accommodate two anglers. The entire boat furthermore breaks down into a carry bag that can be worn as a backpack, allowing you to hike into more difficult to access fishing locations, and have a deployable boat when you get there! The good news is, the expansive and open mm thick aluminum floor is great to fish off of on its own, so bringing along the included accessories is by no means a must.

In fact, AQOUS even offers a bare-bones option of this boat without the bow-mounted trolling motor, grab bar and swivel seat at a lower price point, so you can save some cash if you like the idea of an open deck vs. The four pontoon design is exceptionally stable, so having another angler or passenger on board is no issue at all. This is a great choice for fishing friends who enjoy guiding each other � one angler can pole or paddle the boat while sighting for fish, and the other can actively cast and target fish from the bow!

Unfortunately, there are no real oar locks with this option forcing you to paddle it rather than row it so covering a lot of water without the use of the trolling motor will be difficult. This option will excel above and beyond your expectations depending on the angling context more than anything.

Solo anglers or fishing pairs poling or trolling around low energy tidal flats, estuaries, and lakes will love the stability, space and portability of this vessel while those trying to tackle moving water will likely find it too cumbersome and awkward to effectively navigate.

Good news is, the price is right! The cost of this unique inflatable fishing boat is excellent even before you consider the included accessories, so budget buyers should absolutely look into this one! The Colorado Small Fishing Boats With Motor 2018 XTS Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat by Classic Accessories is a killer choice for gear-heavy anglers seeking a highly capable personal vessel for more intensive days of fishing. This bad boy is great for leisurely days fishing on still water and is also suitable for running rivers in place of a raft or drift boat depending on your paddling experience.

There is also a trolling motor mount and a designated battery platform for those that enjoy utilizing some propulsion. Classic Accessories has included all the bells and whistles with this one � extensive storage and organization potential, a padded swivel seat, a two-position built-in anchor system, integrated cup holders and fly patches, integrated stripping basket, and more!

The removable side pockets can even be used as a portable gear bag when detached, Classic Accessories has really thought this one through! Perhaps best of all, there is a stowable transport wheel that enables the solo fishermen to easily put their pontoon boat in, and pull it out of the water for transport with ease � a massively underrated feature when you consider the difficulties of moving a lightweight, but cumbersome one-man boat design such as this.

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