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We have over videos, 6 seasons worth! Be sure to check out our YouTube Sailing Video page to see them by topic and playlist. Let us be the first to show you. For the full story, head to The Start. Delos ice boat sailing videos 60 a 53 foot Amel Super Maramu, and she is one of the finest built cruising sailboats in the world! She was built in La Rochelle France in and has seen what most sailboats dream of seeing. For the full tour, check ice boat sailing videos 60 The Boat page.

This is a popular yet extremely difficult question to answer. It depends on many factors including the type of Ice Boat Sailing Videos 7.0 lifestyle you want to live beer or champagne and whether or not you are capable of doing boat repair work. The numbers below are what we feel is a pretty good estimate for the way we sail on Delos. This covers food costs, a few tasty beverages we have a still onboardgeneral fees and travel expenses, fuel for Delos, and other odds and ends. This does not include boat and maintenance costs because those vary so much depending on the age and type of boat you.

This assumes you buy local foods, provision in bulk when possible, and eat the vast majority of your meals onboard. Our insurance has ranged from 1. This is for liability, basic medical coverage for the crew, and hull, rig, and machinery coverage. Most remote locations often mean higher insurance, for example our insurance crossing the Indian Ocean was higher than in the Caribbean.

The costs for the repair and maintenance of boats can vary a lot depending on the size and complexity of the systems. When I think about boat maintenance I like to break it down into two pieces. We set aside 1. The second part of boat maintenance to consider is the longer term items such as changing your standing rigging, replacing your dodger, new dinghy engine, new sails, haul out and bottom paint.

When we first started Model Boat Sailing Videos 13 sailing this was another 1. The more expensive the boat, ice boat sailing videos 60 the more complicated and therefore the more required to keep her ship-shape. Ice boat sailing videos 60 are a lot of factors when considering the entire cost of cruising. It has some great information on cruising costs.

Especially on long passages, we absolutely devour everything we can! For our full list of books, movies, and more, check out the Cruising Life section! That said, we do take on crew from time to time. And sometimes we run contests to ice boat sailing videos 60 complete strangers to come join us! When we do run contests we always post them on Patreon and give our supporters there a chance to experience the life. Check here for more details!

No worries mate! Just head on over to our FAQ section. We have heaps more frequently asked questions there! We are incredibly thankful for The Tribe. Skip to content. Buy us a Beer! Search for:. Everything made possible by The Delos Tribe.

Thank you! Cart Search. YouTube Sailing Videos. Subscribe to Sailing Vessel Delos. Frequently Asked Questions. Where is Delos, like right now? How did this adventure begin? What kind of sailboat is Delos? How much does it cost to sail and maintain Delos?

Boat Insurance- Our insurance has ranged from 1. Boat Maintenance- The costs for the repair and maintenance of boats can vary a lot depending ice boat sailing videos 60 the size and complexity of the systems.

What cameras do you use for sailing and scuba diving? Can you recommend some good sailing books and sailing movies? Who is crew, and can I join? What now??? Rated 4. Swag Shop. Click HERE for the full shop!

Delos Tribe Beach Towel! Coral Hull Tank Mens Rated 3. Learn About the Tribe. Join the Tribe.

Locations include:. Purchase Lake Access Permit Online. Get Started Iceboating iceboat. Email Address. Enter your email address to subscribe to iceboat. Like this: Like Loading Bill finished 8th at the ISA so therefore, he would not have been filming at that regatta.

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