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Hi there! Don't know what kind of boat your're looking for? Maybe I can help. We found some boats that might suit your needs. Find out more from your local dealer. After all, we are boating people ourselves and go all-out to make the kind of boats we would want to. Established inStacer has maintained an industry wide reputation for quality, hand built boats pty ltd and dependability whilst hand built boats pty ltd proudly Australian.

We build fishing and family friendly aluminium boats with practical features that are affordable, easy to handle, economical and are long lasting.

That's why today we enjoy the respect of many satisfied customers that use our products to bring a sense of adventure to their lives. At Stacer, we're dedicated to keeping the customer satisfied.

After 50 years in the industry our boats have established a solid reputation for inherent reliability and longevity. Whether you're an angler, a first time boat buyer, or an experienced fisherman, we want you to enjoy all the benefits of a product built to go the distance.

The superior design of the Revolution Hull is now available on the Rampage, Outlaw and Sea Runner line-ups, making Stacer boats some of the most hand built boats pty ltd on the market. Boat Range. Make An Enquiry. Close Search Stacer. Share on Social Media Facebook.

Find My Stacer Dealer Postcode. Find My Perfect Boat. What activities will you hand built boats pty ltd use your boat for? What is the towing capacity of your vehicle? Sea Runners Sea Runner. Prolines Proline Angler. Sea Masters Sea Master. Our Boat Range. Open Boats. Assault Pros. Sea Masters. Wild Riders.

Sea Runners. Get Into The Adventure. Open Boats Open Boats. Prolines Prolines. Assault Pros Assault Pros. Crossfires Crossfires. Outlaws Outlaws. Sea Masters Sea Masters. Wild Riders Wild Riders. Sea Runners Sea Runners. Plate Plate. Trailers Trailers. View Full Range. Discover the adventure When you decide to invest in a Stacer, you can be certain that you have made the right choice.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to discover the adventure that can be had in a Stacer. Our Latest News. Stacer releases their Revolution Hull, forget everything you know about boating. Read. View All News.


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MODA BOATS - Australian made, Premium Plate Aluminium Catamaran & monohull Boats, custom built to order. New boat builders based in Brisbane Queensland. Since , Australian Master Marine has specialised in manufacturing high quality, innovative, award winning custom plate alloy boats. Every AMM boat is fully accredited to Australian standards. The customisable range of hulls extends from metres to 10 metres and includes a design and build capacity for specialist vessels over 11 metres. Jun 21, �� Rand Leisure 28 Electric Boat Revives Viking Speed �Packed with technical innovation and blistering performance at heart,� the Brabus Shadow is completely hand-built in order to ensure the highest levels of precision and quality. The finish alone requires six weeks of dedicated work to reach the desired quality in paint and finish.

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