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RGB Light Strips for Deck / Gunnel / Cabin Accent Lighting � Stinger Electronics

This past winter I was catching shad early one morning in the dark. I stepped down off the front deck to grab my iPilot remote. It was pitch black outside and I was in a hurry and I gunnel lights for boats 60 and fell in the front of the boat.

I fell hard gunnel lights for boats 60 that I was banged up, scraped and bruised in multiple areas and it took me a few days to recover. They put off a lot of light but they also have tendency to get in the way and they put a big drain on the batteries but the technology has changed significantly since the last time I installed lights on my catfish boat. After shopping around some I decided I wanted the waterproof LED strip lights instead of a traditional flood light.

I started shopping around looking at different options and got overwhelmed pretty quickly. After doing some research online and talking to a few different anglers about LED lights for boats I made a decision.

The biggest difference between the cheap and expensive options seemed to be the warranty and longevity of the product. After reading some reviews on Amazon I decided to go with some of the inexpensive lights on Amazon instead of the more expensive options available. The decision came down to cost. I reached out to Texas Parks and Wildlife and talked to a couple of my local game wardens as well gunnel lights for boats 60 the legaility behind installing red and green lights.

I ordered these lights through Amazon with free prime shipping and they were on my door step the gunnel lights for boats 60 day. The LED light strip is 16 feet long. This leaves you with two strips, the ends gunnel lights for boats 60 the wires on them go towards the console. Next I secured the light strips along the bottom edge of the gunnels using the adhesive tape that came with the lights.

I cut four pieces of electrical Bowfishing Lights For Boats 30 wire 2 red and 2 blackstripped the ends of the wires and soldered the two electrical wires to the positive and negative wires on the LED light strips and then covered the soldered area with heat shrink tubing. Next I added a couple of electrical connectors and wired the rocker switch into the power wire for the navigation lights.

I installed the same lights in a friends boat a few weeks later. If not, definitely make sure you have some on hand for repairs when the other tape fails. This one strip of lights puts off more than enough light to fish with without ever turning on another light. They make it easy to see everything in the boat and provide more than enough light for making catfish rigsbaiting hooks.

They work well, make things much safer, provide more than enough light for fishing and were a super cheap upgrade to my catfish boat. Chad Ferguson is a pro catfish guide with over gunnel lights for boats 60 years experience fishing professionally for catfish, outdoor writer, photographer and noted authority on catfish fishing.

Get more exclusive catfish fishing tips here by emailmake sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Light up your catfish boat for night fishing with these cheap waterproof LED lights.

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Under gunnel boat lights and LED strip lights provide additional lighting on the inside of your boat in areas that are typically difficult to see. This Navigation Lights For Boats Battery Powered Cap increases your in-boat visibility. You can easily find your cooler when in need of a drink or locate your bait and tackle box when fishing.

LED strip lights also look great and turn Led Docking Lights For Boats 025 heads when you come back to your dock or marina. LED light strips and under gunnel lights are:. The foot strips, which come in four different colors, contain LED lights that can be placed underneath the edge along the side of your boat under the gunnel.

This strip of lights can be cut with scissors to adjust length, making placement easy and allowing you to customize the lights to fit the size of your boat.

The right lights can increase your visibility and even add a little more fun to your adventures. Have questions? A hard copy of the wiring diagram will be shipped with this switch. You can also find it in the product images above, or download a PDF wiring diagram here. This Gunnel Lights illuminated rocker switch is a special Contura V style Led Deck Lights For Boats made to be laser engraved, as pictured above.

It is a similar shape, but different texture and appearance than Contura V switches that are meant to be printed. As you can see in the images there is no lens� the etching actually becomes the lens.

We carry this switch with white incandescent lamps or red or blue LEDs. The illumination only affects the lighting, not the color of the engraving.

Blue is our most bright color, followed by white, then red is the least bright. Eddie Mullen verified owner � June 17, Francisco Gutierrez verified owner � February 8, You must be logged in to post a review.

Rated 5. Gunnel Lights quantity. Switch Features: Stunning readability in the dark Dual lamps � top backlight, bottom indicator light 3 illumination color options : white, blue or red Laser etched � no ink to wear off How does the Backlighting work?

Laser marking the cover allows light to be visible only where we have marked Text and symbol markings illuminate � not the normal ink over a lens Top light is an externally triggered backlight � normally wired to the nav light circuit Bottom light is now the indicator. All our switches are the genuine article.

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