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While the northern coast is renowned for its lively tourist resorts the south offers tranquil beaches and a slower, more simple pace of yahoi. Rhodes is a major tourist attraction for the seekers of sunny beaches. While many of its beaches are gravel, not sand; the island can boast or more sun days in a year.

Consequently, you will stumble into tourists and hotels and beaches full of deck chairs for rent, into shops and restaurants farnkfurt cater to these tourists. It can be overwhelming at times. If this bothers you, Rhodes is probably not for you. Still, there are some areas where mass tourism has not yet penetrated too.

And there are advantages too, accommodation on Rhodes itself can be purchased for relatively low prices, and most of the locals speak at least English and German and often some other languages, like Swedish, French, Turkish, Italian or even Finnish. Look for bays, beaches frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo by Greeks and areas at or beyond Lindos.

Rhodes has one of the longest and most splendid histories of any place in the world. Inhabited since Neolithic times, the island had important Bronze Age settlements, and at the dawn of the historical era was already famous for its three powerful cities of Lindos, Ialysos, and Kameiros, as mentioned in Crruise.

Rhodes yahhoo frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo island played a vigorous role in subsequent ancient Greek and Roman history, its most memorable episode doubtless being the prolonged siege of the city by Demetrios Poliokertes in BCE.

In Hellenistic times Rhodes became extremely prosperous through trade and was one of the most influential cultural centers of the Greek world. Rhodes later became part of the Byzantine Empire and from the 7th century on fell under the general eclipse of the Dark Ages.

Greek is the native language of the people of Rhodes. However, due to the high level of tourism English, and to a lesser extent German, is likely to be spoken by most people the traveler comes into contact. Many words used by Rodites Rhodians will not be readily understood by mainland Greeks. The airport is situated on the west coast about 14 km from Rhodes Town.

There are regular flights to and from AthensFrankfurt sightseeing cruise yahooand Crete. Cruisf from Crete Heraklion there are daily flights by Sky Express. All public bus lines radiate from Rhodes town and reach almost every relevant place throughout the island. Buses run by both frankfurg stop there, but ticket booths, frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo well as timetables and prices, are distinct.

Rhodes town lines are run by Roda, but have a separate stop, along Mandraki sea promenade, across the street from the new market. Tickets can also be bought in the bus from a cashier or directly from the driver. Keep your ticket until the end of your voyage. The price of a bus ticket will depend on the destination. Bus stops on the road are marked by a sign, but cruisr not hesitate to signal a bus driver that you wish to board.

The buses are often very full and so remember to be actively moving backwards in the buses. Sometimes the driver frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo out and peeks in from the middle door to urge tourists to move backwards. Only part of the bus stops have the timetables displayed, and the buses are often late.

Also, note that most villages frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo resorts have more than one line passing through and stopping in different places.

For example Faliraki has got three, one along the main street, one at the town center, and one right along the sea promenade. Taxis on Rhodes are dark blue with white roofs. There is a list of expected taxi charges you can obtain from the tourist information office. Never let the driver turn off the meter. Between midnight and you will have to pay twice the normal rates. You can book ahead to avoid delays at high traffic times such as weekends.

Within Rhodes city limits, sightseekng rates are frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo. It is not worth the hassle to bring your own car to the island, although it is in theory possible. You can rent a car at the airport or via any hotel and at many local dealers. Asphalt highways will allow you to reach the entire island, although roads in the interior � especially the south � may turn out to be little more than dirt paths.

Motorbikes and mopeds are popular alternatives to cars. Especially mopeds are frequently used by local frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo and can go to many places that cars frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo go � for example the twisted narrow streets of Rhodes city.

If you start a day-trip frsnkfurt a moped, make sure you do so on a full tank, as gas stations are sightweeing hard to. An extra stop at a gas station can save a lot of nerves. When renting a moped, check if the profile of the tyres is ok and if the brakes work properly. If it is the last vehicle in store, be suspicious � it could be the one that needs a repair badly. No trip to Rhodes is complete without at least briefly seeing the walled fortress of medieval Rhodes.

A UNESCO World Heritage site and one frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo the best preserved medieval walled towns in Europe, the crusading knights were based here for a while before the city was captured by the Ottomans.

Impressive on the outside, the Palace of the Grand Masters is not worth the entry frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo, so head to the Archaeological Museum and then explore the back streets on foot. LindosKastellos and Monolithos all have castles. There are medieval remains at Filerimos Hill including a frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo and a chapel, and good views over the north of the island.

There is a good variety of beaches on Rhodes. The east side of the island has almost continuous sandy beaches with calm waters. Beaches on the west are mostly more stony. The wind mostly comes in from the west and also the sea tends to be somewhat rougher to the west so that side of the island is better suited to surfing or kite boarding. Some beaches frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo Rhodes are also unofficial nudist beaches.

The tap water is drinkable and restaurants will serve glasses of ice water upon request. Local drinks include Mythos beer and Ouzo. Local wine is cheap and excellent. Bars and restaurant listings can be found in the articles covering the different towns and regions of Rhodes. See individual towns for more accommodation options. For budget travellers, there is no longer a sighteeing on the island but there is a youth hostel in Rhodes Old Town. Rhodes is generally, quite safe, however vigilance is required in Frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo, infamous for the lewd behavior frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo young, drunk, mainly British partiers attracted to the cheap alcohol and large numbers of small nightclubs.

A string of crimes committed by these young tourists against locals, as well as against other tourists, gained national attention in the summer of ; they ranged from vandalism to serious acts of violence. Following this the local Police increased their presence to successfully crack down on such behavior � zero tolerance of bad behaviour is now in place. Expect a night in the cells and some heavy handed handling from the commando trained officers.

For families with young children the best times to visit would be daytime even up to local time when the clubbers tend to come out en masse.

Former founder of Asiarooms. Born near Cologne but lived in Berlin during my cduise teenage years. Now based on Mallorca, Spain. Named after Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athens is the oldest, and maybe liveliest, capital in Europe.

GreeceConfirmed 0 Confirmed 24h 8, Deaths 0 Deaths 24h 3. Athens is often considered as an one-day stop-over, before starting island hopping; however, while summers in Athens can be a nightmare due to the combination of high temperatures, air pollution and severe lack of greenery, it is still worth a few days on its.

Balancing between European elegance and Balkan temperament, the Greek capital reveals its true self sightseekng lazy walks among ancient ruins, people watching during a typical Athenian half-day-long coffee and endless bar hopping until dawn. The first pre-historic settlements were constructed in BC around the hill of Acropolis. According to legend the King of Athens, Theseus, unified the ten tribes of early Athens into one kingdom in around BC.

This process of synoikismos � bringing together in one home � created the largest and wealthiest state on the Greek mainland, but it also created a larger class of people excluded from political life by the nobility. When this failed, they appointed Solon, with a mandate to create a new constitution This was the great beginning frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo a new sightseenig revolution, which was the result of the democracy under Clisthenes In the 5th century BCE, Athens reached the peak of its fame.

It was the most powerful Greek city-state, and the center of Greek cultural life, hosting perhaps the greatest cultural advances in all of human history.

Later on, Athens became part of the Macedonian empire under Alexander, and still later part of the Roman empire. Athens was thriving and prosperous frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo the Crusades, actually benefiting from the Italian trade during this period, however this fruitful period was frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo, as Greece suffered badly under the Ottoman Empire, only to recover in the 19th century as the capital of independent Greece.

In modern times, the Athens urban area has frankfurt sightseeing cruise yahoo to a population of 3 million. Athens has turned into a large and bustling city, but as a result it also suffers from congestion, pollution, and poverty. Athens hosted the Summer Olympic Games. While most of the sporting venues were outside of the city � in various locations throughout Attica- the entire urban area of Athens underwent ywhoo lasting changes that have improved the quality of life for visitors and residents alike.

It is a lengthy day trip from Athens to visit Olympia, but quite interesting. Athens was just a small provincial village when it was chosen in the s to serve as the national capital of the modern Greek State. The 20th century however, marked the rapid development of Athens.

The city suffered minor cruiae during WWII, and suffered extensive urban planning in the decades that followed, as the nation rapidly industrialized and urbanized. In the s and s, many 19th century neoclassical buildings, often small and crankfurt, were demolished to make way for office buildings, often designed by great Sighyseeing architects. The city also expanded outward through rash development, particularly towards the west, as its population grew by absorbing job-seekers from the provinces.

Athens today is ever evolving, forging a brand new identity for the 21st century. Spring and late autumn are the best times to visit Athens. Summer can be extremely hot and dry during heatwaves, but this rarely happens. Winter is definitely low season, with the occasional rainy or snowy day, but also an ideal time to save money while enjoying the city yahko countless other tourists. Whilst peak traffic hour can be a bit smoggy on the main roads, on most sunny days the skies are azure blue.


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