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Specmar inc previously specialty marine contractors is an aluminum boat design, lofting, and kt company. Fishing boat plans aluminium wallet - metal boat kits premium cnc boat kits in aluminum alloy and steel. Boat plans, boat kits to choose from; bruce roberts; boatplans; boat kits; steel boat plans; aluminum boat plans; fiberglass boat plans; plywood boatbuilding.

Fishing boat plans aluminum - barn plans waller x 32 fishing boat plans aluminum pool house with garage plans router plans for beginners. Aluminum fishing boat plans - 2 5 horizontal storage shed aluminum fishing boat plans prefabricated metal storage shed kits pet shed discount.

Posting Komentar. Jon-boat photos from kit builders wooden boat aluminuim Landing craft 20 - aluminum boat manufacturer - thunder jet Fm with trailer Fishing boat fishing boat plans aluminium wallet aluminum - barn plans 24 x 32 fishing boat plans aluminum pool house with garage plans router plans for beginners.

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She's a weekend project because both of us have full time jobs. We can't wait to christen her "Keel Estate". Regards John Dunn. I must say I am more than happy. One thing I am curious about getting though is the patterns on a cad file, I have just noticed this information on the your web site and was hoping you could send me some information on the cost and the style of format e.

New Trailerable Planing hull version with extended cabin. Hi Bruce, Have finally finished and sea trialled our Coastworker It performs and handles extremely well. Regards Peter. Coastworker 28 on its trailer - the trailer boat plans come with the boat plans and many builders do also build there own from our boat plans.

T he plans have all the information you need to build your own boat. Plus you will receive a DETAIL FOLIO showing how to make many of your own boat fittings, lists of materials and equipment, all technical information, numerous construction drawings and written building instructions are all included.

Only available at this price if you order off this page. Over 1, Coastworkers completed and in service world-wide. Thus there may be a tendency to want to apply mass-production techniques to the construction of just a single boat.

But building a single boat yourself is considerably different from one built on a production line, and thus may require certain adjustments and even a revised mind set on the part of the builder. First, there is no one, superior way to build an aluminum boat.

In fact, there can be many suitable approaches and variations. Consider the following. Because production builders are always thinking up ways to cut labor and material costs, and time required to build boats, they evolve specialized methods and materials that help toward these ends even if there is not necessarily any improvement in the boat itself.

For example, they may use special proprietary extrusions to expedite some assembly process such as joining side and bottom plating at the chine see Fig. Alternately, your chines might then be backed with a simple round bar Fig.

None of these methods is necessarily superior, but just different due to circumstances. Also, production builders often make up sophisticated re-usable production jigs over which pre-cut hull panels are assembled and welded first.

These jigs may also rotate to facilitate high-speed welding, with internal members added after the hull is removed from the jig.

In either case, end results are much the same and with comparable boat quality. Using a frame substructure for setting up your hull has several advantages for the do-it-yourselfer typically working alone. First the frame substructure makes it easy to assure hull accuracy that is so important to ultimate performance in a powerboat. Factory production boatbuilders often use specialized forming equipment not always available to amateurs, or use forming services that might be provided by metal suppliers when quantity requirements are high.

Conversely, a design for the do-it-yourself builder would more likely specify internal longitudinal stiffeners i. Either method gets the job done but the latter is easier and cheaper for most building their own boats.

First, a disclaimer. But in reality few do-it-yourselfers want to pay the price for the service. But steel is considerably heavier than aluminum, so boats designed for steel are usually designed for greater displacement. The consequences for a semi- or full-planing powerboat might be so much the better since the lighter aluminum boat will need less power and fuel. But in converting slower displacement-type powerboats from steel to aluminum, you might need to add ballast into such a boat done in aluminum to bring it back down to its original lines.

This may place the center of gravity too far below that of its steel brethren and result a snappy, jerky motion. So instead, you may want to place some of the added weight higher up.

Aluminum is not as strong as steel so some compensations must be made if using it in place of steel. Without getting too technical, with aluminum used for shell plating e. Put another way, to get the same strength as steel in an aluminum hull, it needs to be approximately half the weight of steel. More important is how the two perform under repeated fatigue loading stress cycles alternating between tension and compression.

Tests show that for a similar number of cycles, steel stays above its yield strength threshold. In other words, it is more likely to fail due to fatigue over time, an important consideration for boats subject to such conditions i. But by how much? Converting from steel to aluminum is fairly straight-forward mainly because the members used are much the same in configuration and the methods of design and construction are similar.

And while there are standards-making organizations e. Consider plating thickness. On the steel boat, this is more often based on the practical minimum necessary to ward off corrosion over time, provide decent welds, and a thickness adequate to minimize unsightly deformation.

Thus 10GA. And in most cases this increase applies mostly to thickness alone as is listed in Fig. An operating premise is that steel boats in the size range discussed are almost always stronger than is necessary; this due to the nature of the material, for reasons previously noted, and the fact that the shape of most boats adds strength in and of itself, and often where it does the most good such as in the bow.

So using the example, 10GA. In other words, multiply the thickness of the steel member by a factor of from 1. Tip: Start with 1. The point is, many alternatives can be used to build an aluminum boat with largely the same results in terms of strength, durability, etc. In the above and referring to Fig. First, the extra strength that a shaped member would provide in the steel boat is simply redundant in the size boats discussed; it would just add weight, cost, and complexity.

Second, shaped members add to the difficulties of inspection, maintenance, and corrosion protection in the steel boat; for example, the ability to see and coat the underside flanges is difficult, especially when such members are small. However, in the aluminum boat in Fig. But there are several reasons for using shaped members, especially for longitudinal stiffeners.

First, such members are stronger. Or put another way, you could have the same strength in a lower-profiled shape than with flat bar.

And the added strength in the aluminum boat is a plus. Another benefit might be more usable interior volume. They tend not to be so floppy, and bend more uniformly than flat bar.

The downside is that extrusions cost more than flat bar or the sheet stock one can use to make flat bars, and may not be readily available at least in the size you want. If working from stock plans for an aluminum boat, the designer probably specified certain sizes, types, and alloys of members for framing, etc.

But deviations may be possible. Most designs have some latitude in alternates that can be substituted. Channels can be made from split square or rectangular tubing, or even split pipe if somewhat larger than the specified channel. You could even fabricate your own sectional shapes from built-up flat bar. Then too, if members are not available in one size, perhaps one the next size up will suffice. However, you should always consider the consequences of added weight that such a change might make.

Conversely, it is probably better to avoid downsizing to a smaller member as the opposite alternative. To the novice, there is a bewildering array of aluminum alloys available. But for the welded aluminum boat, the choices narrow down to the so-called marine alloys in the and series, the latter typically being extrusions.

By the end of the voyage Salvation 11 had called at ports, visited 51 countries Aluminium Bass Boat Plans Kit including 34 states of the USA and motored just over , nautical miles in 7, hours at an average speed of 6.

Shakedown cruise got a perfect This vessel performed beyond my wildest expectations. No ballast used. Designers note: We recommend ballast in all our displacement trawlers.

There is not bow spray rail pictured in the plan. This boat throws a lot of bow spray when it pitches into a heavy sea. Fun to watch but very cold on your face when you are on the bridge Robert J. The vessel performs much better in a sea going situation with longer swells. Looking forward to a early reply in this matter Yours faithfully, John McSwan. Hello Bruce, Hope everything is going well. I can se your home page is growing larger by the minute.

My boat building is coming along fine. Everything is fitting nicely as it should. My crew is excellent and they are enjoying building a boat like this regards to restoring old boats. They thought that we have had 10 persons for several months when in fact we have had three for a couple of weeks. The hull and deck plates are in place and the wheelhouse is starting to take shape.

We are estimating that we will start welding everything within a couple of weeks.

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